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Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday of March each year and is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for your team in style.

If you’re looking for fun appreciation ideas, Employee Appreciation Day eCards elevate the traditional thank-you card. Think of them as digital greeting cards employers send to express gratitude on this special day.

Boosting your team’s morale has never been easier (or more fun)! Let’s explore how to make the most of Employee Appreciation Day and discover how creative eCards can transform your usual thank-you messages into something truly memorable.

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Employee Appreciation Day eCard FAQ

Why should my organization send Employee Appreciation Day eCards?

Millions of people use eCards instead of traditional greeting cards for friends and colleagues. The global greeting cards market size is projected to reach $20.66 billion by 2030, and now, organizations are joining the trend. Employee appreciation eCards are a simple yet memorable way to acknowledge individuals’ efforts in the workplace for these reasons:

A summary of the benefits of sending Employee Appreciation Day eCards, listed below
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 13
  • Boosted Morale: Sending eCards on Employee Appreciation Day can make employees feel valued. Our employee recognition guide shares that 80% of employees are motivated to work harder when they’re recognized by superiors.
  • Improved Employee Retention: Recognition establishes a sense of loyalty and belonging among staff. According to the same resource, turnover rates decrease by 31% when effective employee recognition programs are in place.
  • Better Company Culture and Collaboration: Celebrating employees with personalized eCards can reinforce a positive company culture that values each individual and encourages a cooperative and supportive work environment.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: When employees feel appreciated, they’re more likely to engage positively with customers, leading to better customer service and company reputation. In fact, companies with a strong culture achieve over four times higher revenue growth.

By giving recipients a tangible reminder of appreciation, your employees will have a fun keepsake in their inbox to look back on when they need inspiration.

What do you include in your employee appreciation card messages?

When crafting employee appreciation card messages, personalize the content to reflect the individual’s unique contributions and characteristics. Express genuine gratitude and acknowledge the employee’s specific achievements or qualities that have positively impacted the team or company.

Then, end on a forward-looking statement that reinforces their value to your organization. You can even include fun employee gifts like a virtual gift certificate.

Can I schedule my Employee Appreciation Day eCards?

eCardWidget’s eCard platform allows you to schedule your digital greeting cards in advance. Create your designs, write sentiments to individual contributors, and then schedule your cards to send on Employee Appreciation Day!

What delivery methods can I use for Employee Appreciation Day eCards?

This all depends on the eCard website you use. At eCardWidget, we provide plenty of delivery options, including email and text messages. You can print them out for hand delivery or even post them on social media for a public approach!

Post your Employee Appreciation Day eCards on social media to call out your hardworking team members.
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When else can I use employee appreciation eCards?

Employee Appreciation Day is a natural time to send thoughtful eCards, but there are plenty of other opportunities to show gratitude and enhance company culture. Here are the best times to send employee appreciation eCards:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions
  • Daily achievements like project completions
  • Professional development milestones like earning a certification
  • Retirements
  • Express condolences when an employee experiences a personal loss

For the best results, incorporate eCards into your organization’s culture by making them a part of daily workflows. Whether you want to recognize remote, in-person, or hybrid team members, you can use eCards to connect with employees for any occasion wherever they are.

Examples of Employee Appreciation Day eCards

If you need inspiration for your Employee Appreciation Day eCard designs, we’ve got plenty of real-world examples pulled directly from our clients. As you explore these greeting cards, notice how each organization adds its own flare and infuses its brand.


With employees spread across multiple locations, Modivcare needs a unified platform for employee recognition to reach even remote team members. That’s why they turned to eCardWidget to power their remote employee recognition efforts.

With eCardWidget, they created eCards that leadership could send employees for:

  • Everyday accomplishments tied to company values like compassion and respect
  • Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations
Modivcare's Employee Appreciation Day eCards that emphasize company values and celebrate special occasions
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 15

They even enabled employees to send personalized eCards to one another for going above and beyond, fostering a culture of peer-to-peer recognition.

Takeaway: When designing your Employee Appreciation Day eCards, consider how you can emulate Modivcare’s impeccable branding and emphasize company values.

Read about Modivcare's journey with our employee appreciation eCards.
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 16

Double the Donation

Double the Donation offers matching gift software. With the company’s place in the nonprofit sector, its team knows the value of expressing appreciation to donors and applies the same principles to its employees.

With eCardWidget, Double the Donation created employee appreciation eCards that highlight specific company values, such as staying open to new ideas and treating clients with respect.

Three of Double the Donation's employee appreciation eCards that highlight company values, like best-in-class responsiveness
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 17

When someone exemplifies one of these values, employees can select the relevant eCard design, and add a custom note of appreciation. These eCards are automatically sent to company leadership, and the best ones are shared on a virtual “Bravo Board” during the team’s monthly All Hands meeting.

Takeaway: When creating your Employee Appreciation Day eCards, consider how to maintain visual consistency and bring the eCards to life with animations. You may even also make the cards available to all employees, so they can reach out to one another on this special day!


Fexco provides various financial services, like payment solutions and secure global bank-to-bank transfers. The company brings fresh thinking to its clients and employees alike, which is why it joined the trend of digital greeting cards!

Company leadership and employees can choose from four eCard designs to highlight exceptional professionalism, teamwork, progression, and reliability. The fun yet professional graphics against bold backgrounds make for engaging cards. Each design includes the company’s logo and a line that says, “Boom! You’ve been noticed.”

Fexco's employee appreciation eCards that emphasize professionalism, progression, and reliability
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 18

Takeaway: Consider limiting the text on your eCards’ designs, making your greeting cards more versatile. That way, you can reuse them every day instead of just on Employee Appreciation Day. Don’t be afraid to throw some color in your design either!

Harbor Vet

Similar to The Ottawa Hospital, Harbor Vet encouraged beneficiaries to show appreciation for the veterinary professionals in their lives by sending WAVEs (AKA eCards).

The campaign page explains how vets often don’t always realize the impact they have on their communities. That’s why Harbor Vet launched the campaign: to show gratitude and remind veterinarians of why they got into the field. They even donate to organizations that support mental health in the veterinary industry for every eCard sent.

Harbor vet encouraged people to send employee appreciation card messages to their veterinarians.
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 19

Notice how the eCards pair photos of real animals with fun graphics! This brings the designs to life and emphasizes the purpose of the organization.

Takeaway: Consider featuring your own images and graphics on your Employee Appreciation Day eCards. Easily upload your own photos and pair them with fun graphics and animations to make your design one-of-a-kind.

The Ottawa Hospital

Located in Canada, The Ottawa Hospital wanted to enable patients to express gratitude to staff members. Healthcare professionals experience high levels of burnout, stress, depression, and anxiety, and several studies indicate that gratitude can lower the brain’s stress responses, enhance resilience, and even enhance people’s capacity for empathy and social bonding.

Using eCardWidget, The Ottawa Hospital created 12 eCards to enhance gratitude and community spirit at the hospital.

Three of The Ottawa Hopsital's employee appreciation eCards that patients can send to staff members
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 20

You’ll notice these eCards feature stock photos and keep designs simple. If you’re not artistically inclined or lack access to a graphic designer, that’s okay! eCardWidget offers dozens of templates and stock photos, so you can get your Employee Appreciation Day eCards ready to go in no time.

Takeaway: If you work at a hospital or nonprofit, consider enabling beneficiaries to send eCards with custom notes on Employee Appreciation Day. This adds a level of personalization, making your greeting cards much more meaningful.

Girl Scouts of Maine

Any organization can show appreciation for employees, including nonprofits! The Girl Scouts of Maine created a series of eCards empowering Girl Scouts to show appreciation to their troops’ volunteers.

Scouts were encouraged to fill out a card with a short volunteer appreciation note and hand it directly to their favorite volunteers. The page gives a great example of how volunteers impact their troops and why some Scouts may want to express their gratitude: “Maybe the troop cookie parent was super helpful or one of the troop co-leaders made your Girl Scout feel confident enough to try something new.”

Volunteer appreciation eCards from the Girl Scouts of Maine that feature cartoon designs
Showing Gratitude: 18 Best Employee Appreciation Day eCards 21

These fun designs feature cartoon graphics, short appreciation messages, and recognizable symbols like the Girl Scout hand sign.

Takeaway: If you work at a nonprofit and rely heavily on volunteers, consider showing them appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day. After all, you couldn’t pursue your mission without them!

How eCardWidget Can Power Your Employee Appreciation Day eCards

To create and send Employee Appreciation Day eCards, you need a dedicated eCard platform. We’ve got you covered with our user-friendly recognition platform that puts the power in your hands. With eCardWidget, you can infuse recognition into your workplace culture with these powerful features:

  • Drag-and-drop eCard designer. Kickstart your design with a template or or create a design from scratch. You’ll have complete control over your eCard’s colors and fonts and can bring your designs to life with animations.
  • Easy sending and scheduling. Upload the eCards to your employee portal or intranet for easy sending. Then, users can schedule their eCards to be sent later, so they can rest assured their Employee Appreciation Day card messages will be delivered on time.
  • Sender and recipient tracking. Track the email addresses of your senders and recipients to see what messages are sent using your cards.

If you want to learn more about eCardWidget, here’s a virtual tour of our platform:

We’ve helped more than 5,600 organizations create 18,000 eCards for various occasions, and we can’t wait to help you elevate your employee appreciation with Employee Appreciation Day, too!

Next Steps

Why settle for generic thank-yous on Employee Appreciation Day? Stand out and show genuine gratitude with eCards that reflect your company’s unique spirit. Whether you want eCards to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day or everyday accomplishments, eCardWidget is the solution for you. Our tools let you choose how to represent your brand and boost employee morale.

As you explore eCard platforms and refine your team member recognition approach, check out these additional resources:

Learn how you can use eCardWidget to design your Employee Appreciation Day eCards.
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