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Corporate gifting is a rapidly growing industry and for good reason. Companies everywhere are realizing that they need to invest more in employee engagement and customer relations, and gifts are a convenient way to fulfill both needs. Gifts from businesses strengthen relationships and make people feel valued.

However, creating or choosing gifts for all of your employees or a large number of customers can get overwhelming. That’s where corporate gifting companies come in. Corporate gifting companies provide services or software that simplify the gifting process. Their services range from gift curation and selection to branding and shipping items.

These companies aim to make your employee and customer retention efforts a breeze! However, each one features different products, pricing models, and more. That can make it difficult to narrow down your choices. To help you choose the best corporate gifting companies for your business’s needs, we’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations:

  1. eCardWidget
  3. SwagUp
  4. Marigold & Grey
  5. Tinggly
  6. Lula’s Garden
  7. Alyce
  8. Giftpack AI
  9. Knack
  10. Gifts for Good
  11. Loop & Tie
  12. Gourmet Luxe
  14. Xperience Days
  15. Caroo
  16. Uncommon Goods
  17. Teak & Twine
  18. SnackMagic

We’ll walk you through the most important features and services each company offers, and we’ll show you an example of a great gift from each one to make sure it aligns with your business’s gifting goals. But first, we’ll walk through the basics of these types of platforms, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

Start designing eCards with our corporate gift platform.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 44
This section covers the basics of corporate gifting companies.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 45

What To Know About Corporate Gifting Companies

Before investing your company’s money in a corporate gifting solution, you’ll need to know what you’re purchasing. Let’s explore the basics of corporate gifting and the companies that streamline this process.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of businesses sending gifts to their employees, customers, prospects, members, partners, and other stakeholders. The goal is to express employee appreciation and build stakeholder loyalty. Gifts can be physical items such as gift baskets and branded merchandise, or they can be non-physical presents like digital gift cards and experiences.

What Are Corporate Gifting Companies?

To distribute gifts to employees and stakeholders, company leaders can leverage a third-party platform or service. These platforms help create and deliver rewards to stakeholders, either digitally or via direct mail.

Those that send gifts via direct mail offer automated systems for selecting, storing, packing, and shipping rewards to employees, partners, customers, and prospects. To ensure the gifts are successfully delivered, the service will typically track shipping, receipts, and responses for you. Digital corporate gifting companies will track deliverability and responses as well.

Why Should We Use A Third-Party Corporate Gifting Platform?

Sending gifts to loyal customers, partners, and employees is a fantastic way to boost retention and recruitment. It strengthens the connection between the recipient and sender, helping to create positive associations with the brand. This practice has been used for decades as a way to strengthen brand loyalty.

Leveraging a third-party platform can reduce the time and stress associated with sending packages and handing out rewards. These companies often offer curated selections, allow personalization, and simplify the sending process. Depending on your service, you can also access unique gift items from around the world, which is perfect for engaging remote employees and reducing international shipping costs.

When Should I Use A Corporate Gifting Company For Work?

The best part of corporate gifting solutions is their versatility. They can help strengthen relationships year-round and enhance any area of your business that’s faltering. Here are some common opportunities for cashing in on the value of these platforms:

  • Celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.
  • Boost employee morale by establishing a reward program.
  • Increase customer acquisition by launching a referral program and sending rewards to participants.
  • Create a peer recognition program for your employees.
  • Send welcome gifts to new clients and employees.

Get creative with how you’ll leverage your corporate gifting solution to grow your business! Whether employee retention or customer acquisition is low, the right company can help substantially.

What Should I Look For In A Corporate Gifting Platform?

Corporate gifting platforms are your catch-all solution for employee, customer, and partner loyalty. However, you need to choose one that supports your business’s objectives and budget. 

As you kickstart your search for the best corporate gifting platform, keep these areas in mind:

Be on the look out for these important aspects of corporate gifting solutions.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 46
  • Service coverage. Do you want to send physical gifts via direct mail, or would you prefer digital gifts like online gift certificates? Would you prefer to select the gifts yourself or allow recipients to choose their rewards? What types of gifts do you want to offer? Do you need help sourcing products? Companies offer several different gifting models, so determine your specific requirements.
  • Shipping and pricing. Look for services that meet your budget, so you can eliminate the ones that are too pricy for gifting. Note that shipping will likely tack on extra costs, in which case you may want to choose a virtual platform to eliminate the need for shipping.
  • Scalability. Make sure the platform can support the number of gifts you’ll send. For example, larger companies will need to send hundreds or maybe even thousands of gifts at once to customers, employees, or partners.
  • Personalization. Corporate gifts tend to be more meaningful if you customize them. The best way to stand out from other companies is to send something unique to the recipient. Be sure to incorporate your company’s branding, too. For example, send a custom greeting card that sports your logo and colors alongside your gift to let the individual know how much you value them. 

Defining the criteria your corporate gifting service must meet will simplify your search. That way, you’ll find a solution that supports your goals without breaking the bank.

In this section, read about why eCardWidget is our top recommendation for quality corporate gifting platforms.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 47

1. The Best Corporate Gifting Platform: eCardWidget

eCardWidget is a unique, highly versatile corporate gifting platform that allows your company to add interactive, peer-to-peer eCard functionality to your website. Your company designs a few branded eCards, then lets its employees or customers send them as gifts to each other. Anyone can choose an eCard, write a personal message, and send it directly to someone else’s inbox as a gift.

This platform works especially well for recognizing employees and showing them your appreciation. Create cards for different company values, achievements, or special occasions that any manager or employee can send to someone else at the company. Consider attaching an additional gift to the eCard in certain instances, such as a gift card.


  • Completely customizable, branded eCards
  • A convenient eCard sending widget that integrates with your website or company portal
  • Unique peer-to-peer recognition capabilities
  • Templates to kickstart the design process
  • User-friendly design tools with dozens of fonts, colors, and graphics to perfect your cards

Employee Gift Example

Fexco used our corporate gifting platform to send eCards to employees.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 48

Curious how you can incorporate eCards into your everyday employee retention efforts? Design a handful that employees and managers can send to congratulate others for their outstanding performance.

The example above shows how one company designed branded eCard gift options for their employees. Each card highlights specific company values and shows clearly that the sender appreciates the recipient employee’s hard work.

Watch the video to learn more about how eCardWidget can supercharge your employee engagement gifts:

Customer Gift Example

eCard corporate gifting companies allow businesses to create branded eCards like these and attach other gifts to them.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 49

You’re not limited to employee appreciation with this corporate gifting solution. You can also use it for customer rewards, too! In this example, California Wines let its customers unlock a gift by sending a Christmas eCard to a friend or family member. Any customer who sent a holiday card through their widget received a downloadable cocktail recipe book.

Click here to learn more about using our eCard software to send meaningful corporate gifts.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 50
Learn about, our recommendation for the corporate gifting company with the largest selection.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 51

2. Corporate Gifting Company with the Largest Selection

If you’re looking for more traditional corporate gifts, offers a wide selection of items. Its website features an extensive collection of branded gifts, gift baskets, clothes, food, and more. This corporate gifting company also offers gift management software called CG Elite, where you can create a virtual swag closet that approved users can order items from.


  • Automated gift triggers for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Employee onboarding kits and work-from-home care packages
  • Ability to send eGifts to customers via email directly from your CRM

Example Gift

Check out this example gift from, a top corporate gifting company.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 52

This work-from-home survival kit is a popular gift for hybrid and remote employees. It includes a desk yoga guide, earplugs, and a webcam cover. The gift set itself isn’t customizable, but you can add your own message to a greeting card for no extra charge.

Of the corporate gifting companies that sell branded merchandise, we recommend SwagUp. Read more about their features in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 53

3. SwagUp: Top Corporate Gifting Company for Branded Merchandise Gifts

SwagUp is one of many corporate gifting companies that focuses specifically on branded merchandise. They sell swag boxes full of various items with your branding, such as t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, and stickers. These boxes work well for both employee and customer appreciation, providing your company with additional marketing opportunities at the same time.


  • The ability to create custom gift boxes of branded merchandise or choose from preset packs
  • Free design services to align all items with your company’s branding
  • Tracking and inventory dashboard

Example Gift

As a corporate gifting company, SwagUp offers branded swag packs like this New Years box. It includes various items we describe in more detail below. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 54

With SwagUp, your company can create its own custom box or choose from preset swag boxes like this one. This example is a New Year’s swag box for your employees, and it includes a branded notebook, pen, t-shirt, and water bottle. These items aim to bring your team together to start off the new year on the same page.

Looking for corporate gifting companies with artisan options? Learn about Marigold & Grey’s curated gift boxes in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 55

4. Marigold & Grey: Artisan Corporate Gifting Company

For classier gift boxes that don’t include your company’s branding on every item, consider Marigold & Grey. This corporate gifting company curates gift boxes full of items made by local artisan businesses. Along with their standard boxes, they offer full design services for a higher price. These gifts are thoughtfully designed and feel more personal than generic branded gifts, but they will use more of your budget than other options.


  • Ready-to-ship, semi-custom, and fully custom gifts
  • Custom corporate event gift boxes including customized welcome letters
  • Six-step design process for corporate event and client appreciation gifts

Example Gift

This is an example gift box from the corporate gifting company Marigold & Grey, featuring handmade artisan bath items. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 56

This Relax & Recharge box is one of Marigold & Grey’s ready-to-ship options. Priced at $149 each, these boxes include candles, handmade soap, rose water, bath bombs, and a custom notecard message.

Some corporate gifting companies offer experiences instead of item gifts. Learn about Tinggly’s experience gifts in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 57

5. Tinggly: Top Corporate Gifting Company for Experiences

Tinggly specializes in experiential gifts, following the belief that experiences are more meaningful than physical gifts. Instead of sending items, you can offer your employees and customers the choice of a one-time experience. Experience options include everything from bungee jumping to two-night hotel stays to international tours.


  • Hundreds of experience and getaway options to choose from with no expiration date
  • Custom gift box with your branding
  • The option to give gift cards for recipients to choose their own box of experiences

Example Gift

Corporate gifting company Tinggly’s Buckletlist box includes thousands of experiences to choose from. We discuss specific examples below. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 58

This Bucketlist box includes more than 1,000 experience options, including ziplining, snorkeling with turtles, and hiking in Antigua. Recipients can book the experience of their choosing at any time.

Lula’s Garden is one of the most unique corporate gifting companies on our list. Read about their succulent gifts in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 59

6. Lula’s Garden: Most Unique Corporate Gifting Company

One of the most unique corporate gifting companies is Lula’s Garden, a self-proclaimed “eco-friendly succulent gifting company.” Lula’s Garden isn’t designed only to offer corporate gifts, but their small plants work very well as unique employee appreciation and customer gifts. Each gift also supports in providing universal access to safe water.


  • Plenty of succulents and custom packaging options, including a personalized note with your company’s branding
  • Sustainable gift boxes that serve as creative planters
  • The option between single plants and small “gardens” comprised of multiple succulents

Example Gift

These are examples of succulent gifts from the corporate gifting company Lula’s Garden. The classic collection includes Bliss and Zebra plants.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 60

These Bliss and Zebra succulents come from Lula’s Garden’s classic collection. Customize the planter with your company’s logo, and let employees showcase their plants on their desks or at home.

Some corporate gifting platforms use AI to power gift personalization. Learn how Alyce uses AI to choose gifts in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 61

7. Alyce: AI-Powered Corporate Gifting Platform

Looking for corporate gifting platforms that can ramp up the personalization of your gifts? Try Alyce, a solution that uses AI to suggest gifts for each recipient based on their individual “5 to 9” interests. Gift choices include standard items, gift boxes, gift cards, and swag.


  • AI-powered personal interest research
  • The option for recipients to accept, exchange, or donate gifts
  • The ability to set up required actions to take before accepting gifts

Example Gift

This example of a personalized gift is from Alyce, an AI-powered corporate gifting platform. Read more about it below.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 62

This example shows an AI-chosen gift and the options the recipient gets. They can accept the Patriots duffel bag, choose another gift, or donate their gift instead. This example also includes a personalized message to thank the customer for leaving a review.

For another corporate gifting platform that uses AI, consider Giftpack AI. Read about their automated gifting solution in this section.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 63

8. Giftpack AI: Best Automated Corporate Gifting Platform

Similar to Alyce, Giftpack AI is a corporate gifting platform that uses AI to choose personalized gifts for each recipient. Howeer, Giftpack AI offers a fully automated experience. Using a two-minute survey, their AI “analyzes the digital footprint of any individual” to suggest five gift options. Recipients can also choose any gift or donate instead.


  • Gifting CRM to track gifts, engagement, and ROI
  • Automated birthday and anniversary reminders
  • Custom automation to trigger gifts post-survey completion, during employee onboarding, and more

Example Gift

Giftpack AI’s corporate gifting platform chooses from physical products, eVouchers, and experiences to send personalized gifts. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 64

Giftpack AI only offers AI-selected gifts, so it doesn’t have a catalog of example gifts to explore. However, the AI can choose from millions of gifts, including physical items, gift cards, and experiences.

Knack is one of the many corporate gifting companies that offer sustainable gifts. Read about their process in this section. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 65

9. Knack: Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Knack offers a variety of corporate gift options, but our favorite is their sustainable collection. When you send sustainable products through their corporate gifting platform, Knack partners with One Tree Planted to donate planted trees with each gift.


  • Gifts from categories like BIPOC-owned, women-owned, and sustainable
  • The option to either send recipients specific items or a collection to choose from
  • Branded gifts, packaging, and gift landing pages

Example Gift

In this gift example, your company can create a custom Knack gift box made up of items from sustainable brands. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 66

Knack allows your company to create its own custom sustainable gift box from the choices listed here. Create a collection of spa items, home goods, and gourmet snacks. Then, add any other items from its catalog.

Gifts for Good is a corporate gifting company that allows your employees or customers to support social good with their gifts.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 67

10. Gifts for Good: Socially-Conscious Corporate Gifting Company

Infuse social responsibility into your employee or customer appreciation gifts by using corporate gifting companies that make a positive social impact. Gifts for Good features products made by nonprofits and “social enterprise makers” that support the issues your audience cares about, like economic development, children in need, animal welfare, environmental issues, and healthcare.


  • The option for recipients to choose a gift from pre-made collections or donate the value to any nonprofit
  • Custom glass etching and embroidery options to brand gifts to your company
  • Social impact story cards included with each gift
  • A branded social impact report of the total impact of all your company’s gifts

Example Gift

This ethically sourced tote bag is an example of a socially-conscious gift from the corporate gifting company Gifts for Good.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 68

Each time you gift this tote bag from Gifts for Good, your company and its customers or employees will be supporting jobs for women at risk of human trafficking.

Loop & Tie is a corporate gifting company that supports small businesses with every gift. Learn more in this section. 
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 69

11. Loop & Tie: Top Corporate Gifting Company for Supporting Small Businesses

We’ve covered options for corporate gifting companies that support social causes, sustainability, and women-owned businesses. In the same vein, Loop & Tie focuses on using gifts to support the small businesses they work with, 59% of which are women-owned or BIPOC-owned. On top of that, their gifts remain budget friendly for companies.


  • Products made by small businesses and artisan craft makers
  • The option to create your own custom collection of items for recipients to choose from
  • The ability to add gift redemption requirements, like take a survey or subscribe

Example Gift

This collection of gifts from corporate gifting company Loop & Tie includes items like candles and books from small businesses.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 70

This is a pre-made collection of items from small businesses from Loop & Tie. Your company can let employees or customers choose an item from the small business collection or design your own collection.

Gourmet Luxe is a corporate gifting companies that specializes in bespoke gourmet food packages.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 71

12. Gourmet Luxe: Top Corporate Gifting Company for Gourmet Food

As one of the best corporate gifting companies, Gourmet Luxe provides unique food gifts to thank clients, reward employees, and encourage customer referrals. For those who prefer different gifts, they also offer electronic gadgets, designer fashion items, and luxury homewares. 

Their goal is to remove the time-intensive process of corporate gifting from your shoulders by handling strategy, sourcing, curation, and shipping. When you get started, they’ll have you complete a questionnaire and present you with a mood board of ideas and gift design concepts. From celebrating milestone moments to sending supportive surprises, this corporate gifting solution helps deliver a special gifting experience.


  • Hand-picked artisan products catered to your preferences
  • Custom handwritten gift cards with each gift
  • Shipping to your office, event venue, or the recipient

Example Gift

This shows an example of this corporate gifting platform’s food packages.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 72

With Gourmet Luxe, send gourmet food packages to loyal customers, employees, and partners. The example above is one of their pre-curated options. It’s a Christmas-themed gift package, designed to provide warmth during the cold winter months. is a corporate gifting platform that enables you to create branded apparel, accessories, and technology.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 73

13. Best Corporate Gifting Solution for Fully-Branded Swag

If you’re looking for a corporate gifting solution that specializes in branded merchandise, might be the best choice for you. Choose from a wide range of apparel, accessories, and technology to customize with your branding. Whether you want to create custom mugs, headphones, or office supplies, you’ve got plenty of options with Select your products, upload custom graphics, and adjust the products’ colors to match your branding.


  • The option to buy items in bulk or create individual customized boxes
  • An online swag distribution platform that allows you to store items and send gifts right when you need them
  • A giveaway feature that allows recipients to choose their own gifts

Example Gift

This corporate gift example shows how you can create custom water bottles on
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 74

Browse’s catalog to find the product you want. Then, use the editing tools to adjust the product’s colors and upload your custom artwork like your logo. The example above shows how easy it is to create custom designs branded to your company.

With Xperience Days’ corporate gifting solutions, you can provide recipients with memorable experiential rewards.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 75

14. Xperience Days: Top Corporate Gifting Company for Unique Experiential Gifts

Sometimes, a product doesn’t communicate your full appreciation. Go above and beyond with your corporate gifts by offering experiences instead. Xperience Days is a corporate gifting service that offers a range of unique presents. From gourmet food-tasting tours to thrilling skydiving adventures, you can offer your loyal customers, employees, and partners with unforgettable experiential gifts.


  • A wide range of experiences including everything from NASCAR stock car rides to Lake Eerie sunset sails
  • Instant deliverability via email
  • No expiration dates — after 12 months post-purchase, the recipient is responsible for any price increases

Example Gift

This screenshot shows how you can use this corporate gifting platform to deliver unique experiences like NASCAR rides.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 76

Whether the recipient is a thrill-seeker or enjoys casual walking tours, you have plenty of experiential gifts to choose from on Xperience Days. This example shows how you can gift someone a ride in a real NASCAR stock car at the Texas Motor Speedway.

Caroo is a corporate gifting platform that offers hand-curated presents from small businesses.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 77

15. Caroo: Top Corporate Gifting Product for Artisanal Product Boxes

Send curated gift boxes designed to delight recipients. With a focus on artisanal products, Caroo provides memorable gifting experiences for companies and recipients alike. They source products from small businesses and local artisans, ensuring each gift is unique and high-quality.

Your business can either choose from pre-curated gift boxes or create your own by choosing individual items. Not sure what your recipient wants? You can set your budget and let the recipient choose their perfect gift instead!


  • A range of gift options ranging from gourmet food to wellness products
  • Automated recognition tools to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire welcomes
  • A donation to Feeding America with each purchase

Example Gift

This example shows an example of a blanket you can send with Caroo’s corporate gifting solution.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 78

Browse Caroo’s catalog and choose gifts that match your budget. In the example above, you can see a cozy blanket created by a woman-founded, eco-friendly company.

Uncommon Goods is a corporate gifting platform that offers unique presents you won’t find other places.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 79

16. Uncommon Goods: Best Corporate Gifting Platform for Unique Products

If you’re looking for unique gifts, check out Uncommon Goods. This platform offers products you probably won’t find anywhere else. What originally started as a website to sell craft show finds has transformed into a pretty unique selection of products.

Use their corporate gifting services to get personalized recommendations for your constituents. You can even ask them to regionally source items. As they fulfill your orders, they can include inserted flyers, individual letters, and personalized gift messages.


  • Box sets and custom collections based on the theme you provide their gifting experts
  • 2,500+ original items sourced from individual artists and small businesses
  • Delivery via USPS and FedEx, allowing you to ship almost anywhere in the world

Example Gift

Uncommon Goods’ corporate gifting solution enables you to pick unique presents your employees and customers will remember.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 80

Whether the recipient is a tea lover or an avid gardener, you can send unique gift boxes and individual presents that match their interests. The example above shows a gift box designed for pizza lovers, so they can make handmade pizza right at home!

Teak & Twine is a corporate gifting company that helps deliver professional gift boxes.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 81

17. Teak & Twine: Best Corporate Gifting Company for Custom Gifts

Teak & Twine is a corporate gifting company that’s all about customization. Their team of gifting superstars will work with you one-on-one to source the ideal gifts for your company. You can even get branded packaging for a polished end product delivered directly to your recipients’ doors. With a heavy focus on sustainability, they’ll deliver your gifts in recyclable packing to limit your environmental impact, too.


  • Optional custom packaging elements like a branded closure sticker or card insert
  • A streamlined process from start to finish, including inventory, assembly, and shipping
  • The ability to send individual gifts or deliver gifts on a larger scale

Example Gift

This corporate gift example shows a work-themed gift box you can send to employees with Teak & Twine
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 82

Choose from 40+ corporate gift boxes like the one above where you can either order in bulk or work with their team to send fully custom gifts. Note this one’s theme centers around celebrating a work anniversary, making it great for loyal employees. Your account manager will work with you to make sure you have the perfect gift boxes for employees, clients, and anyone else you want to impress.

SnackMagic is the perfect corporate gifting company for snackers.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 83

18. SnackMagic: Top Corporate Gifting Platform for Snack Boxes

SnackMagic is a craft-your-own-snack company that makes it easy to deliver the best snacks and sips to your constituents. They carry everything from granola to nutrient-infused sparkling water to cold brew.

For those who aren’t big snackers, SnackMagic also offers office knick-knacks and custom swag. If the recipient doesn’t spend the full amount you give them, any credits will be sent back to your team. That way, you’re not wasting any money.


  • 1,000+ types of snacks, beverages, and swag items to choose from
  • International shipping options, making the platform perfect for remote employees
  • Easy sharing tools that allow recipients to enter their own shipping information

Example Gift

Send irresistible snacks to your recipients using this corporate gifting company.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 84

Send snacks that fit each recipient’s taste buds with SnackMagic. The example above shows a delicious mix of crunchy cereal, salty pretzels, miniature Reese’s Cups, and M&Ms dusted in powdered sugar.

Check out our additional resources to learn more about choosing the right gifts to appreciate customers and recognize employees.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 85

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all about our top recommendations for corporate gifting platforms, evaluate your priorities to determine which one is best for you. Choose a company that offers plenty of customization and unique gift options. Then, you’ll be ready to jump into choosing the best gifts for your audience!

Remember, eCards are an incredibly versatile gift for employees, customers, partners, and any other stakeholders. No matter where someone is in the world, they’ll feel connected to your company when they receive a custom greeting card for special occasions or “just because.” Not to mention, you can even link to custom rewards like gift cards when you use eCardWidget!

For more information on all things gifting, read up on these additional resources:

Start designing engaging eCards with eCardWidget, the best corporate gifting platform.
18 Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Impress Constituents 86