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Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but for the most part, their intentions are the same: to brighten up someone’s day and express how much you value them. In a world where 42% of employees don’t feel cared for by their employers, gifts are a great way to go the extra mile when it comes to recognition.

Fortunately, there are impactful employee gifts to fit any budget. Whether you’re looking to make an employee feel appreciated on their birthday or send out your next round of holiday presents, we’ve compiled a list of 72 winning employee gift ideas to set you up for success. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Thoughtful employee gifts can go a long way toward improving your company culture and encouraging your top talent to stick around year after year. Ready to check gift-giving off your to-do list? Let’s get started.

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72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 22

Anyone who’s ever given a gift knows that it can be a complicated process. After all, you have to consider factors such as the recipient’s interests, your budget, and the gift occasion. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these most popular employee gift ideas that will delight any recipient:

1. eCards

Ideal for: Anyone, including virtual and hybrid employees

eCards are low-cost and convenient gifts that your company can send to any employee for any occasion. Using eCard software, you can effortlessly produce branded (even animated!) designs that you can personalize for each recipient. All you have to do is select a theme and customize it to your liking or start from scratch with the help of a drag-and-drop tool. Then, you’re all set to send your eCards for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Wishing an employee a happy birthday. Regardless of how many employees you have at your company, eCards make it easy to remember and celebrate every one of them on their birthday. Doing so allows you to show employees that you value them beyond just their contributions at work, keeping them motivated at your company long-term.
  • Celebrating a holiday. Are your employees excited about St. Patrick’s Day or eagerly counting down to the New Year? Design different eCards to send around the office on special days of the year.
  • Recognizing exceptional performance. Thanks to the versatility of eCards, you don’t have to limit their usage to specific holidays or occasions. Leverage them regularly as part of your employee recognition program and send them to acknowledge employees for a job well done. You can even add personal messages that outline the exact accomplishments of your employees and thank them for their hard work.
  • Reinforcing company values. Your company’s values create a sense of unity and cohesion among your teams, inspiring everyone to hold themselves to higher standards. Whenever an employee upholds one of your core values in their work, be sure to celebrate them. For quick and easy sending, design an eCard for each company value.

With eCards, there’s no need to worry about delays or delivery. Your employees will receive them in just a matter of seconds! Additionally, eCards are perfect to send alongside other gifts to add a more personal touch. For example, you can add a link to a digital gift card in your message.

Several example eCards that your company can create as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 23

To get a better idea of how eCards can fit into your company’s employee gift strategy, check out our short recognition eCards video:

As the video explains, you can even allow your employees to send eCards for peer-to-peer recognition. Through this opportunity, employees can develop closer relationships with their colleagues and find a stronger sense of community at the workplace. Go even further with eCards by creating designs to strengthen your connections with customers, business partners, and more.

Click through to explore real examples of engaging eCards and get inspired for your employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 24

2. Gift Cards

Ideal for: Employees who appreciate more freedom with their spending

Gift cards are classic yet effective gifts since they allow your employees to purchase an item from their wishlist without having to directly ask for it. Plus, you can choose gift cards with more or less spending flexibility depending on the employee or occasion, including:

  • Restaurant gift cards, like Starbucks
  • Entertainment gift cards, like Netflix or Spotify
  • Online marketplace gift cards, like Amazon or eBay
  • Retail store gift cards, like Target or Walmart
  • Bookstore gift cards, like Barnes & Noble

Consider gifting a prepaid card to offer the ultimate flexibility to your employees, or encourage them to explore their local community by sending gift cards to local businesses. Since there are many virtual gift card options available, this type of gift is an excellent choice for remote employees, too.

3. Gift Basket

Ideal for: Employees who enjoy a bit of variety

Gift baskets are tried-and-true employee gifts that you can send for many occasions, from work anniversaries to holidays like Administrative Professionals Day. Some of the most popular types of gift baskets contain assortments of:

  • Coffee or tea
  • Fruit
  • Wine and cheese
  • Baked treats
  • Self-care items

Depending on the occasion, you can send themed gift baskets for holidays such as Christmas. To make the gift unique to your company, you can even assemble all the basket items yourself.

4. Company Apparel

Ideal for: New and long-time employees at your company

Gift your employees a new addition to their wardrobe by sending them branded company apparel. For example, you could send:

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Socks

Regardless of the type of apparel you choose, tastefully incorporate your company’s logo and colors to ensure that it becomes part of your employee’s new favorite outfit. Wearing your branded clothing will boost their sense of belonging and pride in your company.

5. Branded Merchandise

Ideal for: New, long-time, and remote employees

Similar to company apparel, branded merchandise is a reliable corporate gift that will bring employees closer to your company and build a more collective identity in the workplace. You can incorporate your branding into various items, including:

  • Water bottles
  • Mugs
  • Keychains
  • Magnets
  • Tote bags

Feel free to get creative with your branded merchandise gifts. For instance, if you’re sending them during the holidays, consider creating ornaments or candles with your company’s colors that employees can use to decorate their homes.

6. Potted Plants

Ideal for: Employees who would appreciate a little extra decoration for their workspace or homes

Add a bit of greenery to your employees’ lives by gifting them potted plants. There are countless options that you can select from based on your employees’ preferences, such as:

  • Orchids
  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Basil plants
  • Mint
  • Ferns

The majority of these plants are low maintenance, requiring just a bit of sunlight and occasional watering to thrive. If any of your employees have cats or dogs at home, however, do your research to find plants that are pet-friendly.

7. Printed Artwork

Ideal for: Employees with too much blank wall space

Printed artwork is a wonderful way to demonstrate how much you know about your employees and their interests. Did they recently adopt a kitten that they adore? Send them a pop art portrait of their new furry friend. Are they an avid traveler? Gift them a snapshot of their most memorable vacation spot.

This employee gift will serve as a personal, ever-lasting token of appreciation from your company that employees can either put up in their workspace or take home with them. 

8. Lunch Box

Ideal for: Employees who always bring their lunch from home

Lunch boxes and bags are highly useful gifts that will make your employees’ work days go smoother. You can even personalize them by adding each employee’s name to the lunch box and sending them in your company’s colors. Opt for lunch boxes that are easy to clean and made out of sustainable materials, such as bamboo, glass, or stainless steel.

Furthermore, consider including ice packs and a set of reusable utensils to ensure that employees have everything they need to start using their new lunch box.

9. Office Essentials

Ideal for: Employees who are looking to improve their office space

According to a recent Qualtrics report on employee experience trends, employees with productivity-enhancing workspaces reported 92% engagement rates while only 23% of employees without such spaces felt engaged in their roles. As you plan your employee gifts, take this opportunity to provide them with the tools to enhance their performance at work.

Illustrated office essentials that companies can send as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 25

Some popular gifts they’ll appreciate include:

  • Laptop cooling pad
  • Wireless mouse
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Desk mat
  • Extra monitor

Consider each employee’s role and how they go about their daily tasks to gain insight into which gifts will mean the most to them.

10. Personal or Professional Development Resources

Ideal for: Employees who love setting New Year’s resolutions

Demonstrate to your employees that you’re invested in their growth and development by providing them with the resources to achieve their goals. These employee gifts can take many forms, such as:

  • Books or audiobooks
  • Online courses
  • Conference tickets
  • Financial workshops
  • Association membership
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

Use your understanding of each employee’s aspirations to choose the most suitable resources. Whether they’re hoping to improve their leadership skills or learn a new hobby, they’ll be grateful for your support in their journey.

11. Sustainable Gift

Ideal for: Eco-conscious employees

Gallup has found that 44% of Americans are worried “a great deal” about the environment and 27% are worried “a fair amount.” If your employees are concerned about their environmental impact, help them make a difference by sending them sustainable gifts, including:

  • Reusable water bottles
  • Recycled or reusable notebooks
  • Solar chargers
  • Indoor compost bins

Sustainable employee gifts allow you to position your company as a thoughtful corporate citizen committed to leaving a meaningful impact on society.

12. Company Activities

Ideal for: Employees who love to make after-work plans with their colleagues

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t tangible items that your employees can hold in their hands. By hosting company activities, such as a birthday celebration or holiday outing, you’ll present them with memorable experiences that they can fondly look back on.

There are plenty of company activities that can boost employee morale and build a stronger workplace culture, such as:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Escape rooms
  • Trivia contests
  • Board games

Additionally, consider hosting corporate volunteering events to support causes that are close to your employees’ hearts. You’ll be providing them with opportunities to bond and make a difference in their community,

Food and Drink Employee Gifts

Do you have any foodies among your employees? Do any of them like to start every workday with a cup of coffee or tea? In any case, edible gifts are enjoyable and clutter-free options to consider as employee gifts.

13. Chocolate

Ideal for: Employees who will never be too old for Halloween

Chocolate is a treat that your employees can enjoy around the year, from holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween to the everyday snack break. Since 90% of Americans consider chocolate to be their most preferred candy, a decadent box of chocolates can go a long way toward winning the hearts of your employees.

You don’t have to settle for traditional chocolate bars, either. Consider chocolate-covered fruits, liquor-infused bites, truffles, hot chocolate bombs, and chocolate-dipped pretzels to make a special impression on your recipients.

14. Coffee or Tea Sampler

Ideal for: Employees who appreciate a caffeine boost at work

For those of your employees who need a little caffeine to start their day, encourage them to savor the richness and quality of gourmet coffee or tea by sending them a sampler. They’ll be able to try delicious blends from around the world and enjoy common health benefits such as an enhanced immune system and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Take this employee gift to the next level by pairing it with other meaningful items, such as a branded mug or chocolates.

15. Baked Sweets

Ideal for: Employees who have a sweet tooth

Delight your employees by sending them a box of baked sweets that they can appreciate both in the office and at home. Thanks to the sheer variety of pastries you can choose from, you can send this type of employee gift year after year and still manage to surprise them with something new. Beyond traditional cookies, consider options such as:

Illustrated baked sweets, like brownies and donuts, that companies can send as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 26
  • Brownies
  • Macarons
  • Donuts
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Muffins
  • Baklava

Be mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies and look into options that are vegan or gluten-free to ensure that all of your employees can relish your gift.

16. Charcuterie Board

Ideal for: Employees who love socializing over food

Charcuterie boards are wooden or stone slabs on which people serve an artistic array of meats and cheeses. For employees who take pleasure in bringing their loved ones together over a shared meal, a high-quality or even personalized charcuterie board can become a cherished addition to their homes. Some of the finest boards are made of maple wood, cherry wood, or bamboo.

Consider including a prime selection of meats, cheeses, and crackers alongside your gift so employees can start using their charcuterie boards right away. For those of your employees who are vegan or vegetarian, you can curate a medley of vegetables and vegan bread for them to enjoy.

17. Fresh Fruit

Ideal for: Health-conscious employees in need of a sweet snack

A fresh basket of fruit can be a beautiful and delicious employee gift. Many fruit delivery services will even allow you to include your company’s logo on the basket. As you research your options, be sure to look into the fruit quality and consider employee preferences to select the right assortment.

In addition to fruit, you can find baskets that include other healthy snacks with a longer shelf life, such as nuts and jams, that employees don’t have to eat in a hurry.

18. Wine

Ideal for: Employees who prefer to unwind with a refreshing beverage after work

A fancy bottle of wine is an ideal gift that employees can appreciate in a variety of ways:

  • They can drink it on its own, use it to enhance a meal, or share it with others.
  • It can be a visually appealing piece of home decor.
  • There’s no rush to consume or finish the wine.

Of course, it’s important to understand your employees’ tastes before gifting a bottle of wine to them. For those who do not drink, sparkling cider is a suitable alternative. You can even include a wine-based cocktail recipe book for employees who’d like to get a little creative with their drinking. For the holidays, California Wine Cocktails offers a free digital recipe book alongside its animated eCards:

An eCard by California Wine Cocktail that demonstrates how you can use eCards to share a cocktail recipe book alongside your employee gift.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 27

19. Gourmet Popcorn

Ideal for: Employees who always watch their movies with a bucket of popcorn

Popcorn is a popular snack that employees can devour on their own or share with others. Enhance their next at-home movie experience by sending a tin with gourmet flavors, such as:

  • Butter
  • Cheddar
  • Caramel
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • Jalapeno

If your company hosts movie nights for special occasions like Employee Appreciation Day, a tin of delicious popcorn can be the ideal gift to send out beforehand, along with some toppings like chocolate syrup and cinnamon powder.

20. Spices and Sauces

Ideal for: Employees who can’t get enough of cooking

A set of flavorful spices and sauces will unlock new takes on your employees’ recipes and delight their taste buds. If your employees love getting creative in the kitchen, send them an assortment of spreads, barbecue sauce, and other condiments. Aim to include a variety of flavors in your gift set, from spicy to sour to sweet.

Illustrated spices and sauces that are appealing gift ideas for employees.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 28

Keep your employees’ preferences in mind as you choose which spices and sauces will be the most welcome addition to their pantries. Someone who regularly snacks on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos might appreciate a collection of hot sauces—but if you’re not sure, it’s better to select milder options to be safe.

21. Olive Oil and Vinegar Set

Ideal for: Employees who love tasty, healthy eating

A set of high-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar is another employee gift that is practical, versatile, and sophisticated. Employees can use these bottles to enhance a variety of food items, from bread to salad dressing, while maintaining a healthy diet.

In fact, olive oil and vinegar come with a host of health benefits, from improved blood flow and reduced inflammation. This type of gift can be especially welcome during the year-end holidays, when chocolates, eggnog, and other indulgent treats abound.

22. Soup Mixes

Ideal for: Busy employees in need of easy, delicious meals

A warm bowl of soup rarely goes unappreciated. Since soup is often a go-to choice when someone’s feeling ill or recovering from a bad day, sending jars of easy soup mixes to your employees is a powerful way to bring them comfort and show them that you care. Plus, there are so many delectable options to choose from, including:

  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Corn chowder soup
  • French onion soup
  • Broccoli cheddar soup

You can either order these soup mixes premade or put them together yourself by layering all the ingredients in a jar. There are plenty of recipes online that will make this process simple and convenient.

23. Holiday Treats

Ideal for: Employees who think the holiday season starts after Halloween

There are some foods and drinks that we exclusively associate with the year-end holiday season, such as:

  • Eggnog
  • Fruit cake
  • Peppermint bark
  • Gingerbread
  • Candy canes

Send these as employee gifts to help them start their celebrations off right! Or, stir up some excitement by gifting them an advent calendar.

24. Sushi Making Kit

Ideal for: Employees who enjoy making food and making it look good

Send your employees a more interactive gift by presenting them with a sushi-making kit. There are plenty of options suited for beginners that provide all the basic tools they’ll need to start rolling their own sushi. Some essentials to look for in a kit include:

  • Sushi mats
  • Japanese rice
  • Sushi vinegar
  • Nori seaweed
  • Soy sauce
  • Chopsticks

You can even turn this gift into a team-building activity by having everyone gather and try their hand at making sushi together.

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72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 29

Wellness Gift Ideas for Employees

Burnout among employees is at an all-time high around the world, with 42% of the workforce reporting some level of burnout. Because of this, more companies are beginning to prioritize employee wellness. When your employees are physically and emotionally healthy, they’re more likely to be engaged, productive, and innovative in their roles.

Beyond creating a comprehensive employee wellness program, you can support their well-being by sending gifts such as:

25. Candles

Ideal for: Employees who love to cozy up with a good book or podcast

Candles are cost-effective yet meaningful gifts for your employees. They’re beautiful additions to any home decor and many scents come with aromatherapy benefits, including:

  • Lavender, which can reduce anxiety and depression
  • Jasmine, which can boost happiness and confidence
  • Peppermint, which can alleviate mental fatigue and headaches
  • Sandalwood, which can reduce depression and promote relaxation
Illustrated candles, which can be thoughtful gift ideas for employees.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 30

A familiar scent can evoke nostalgic memories within your employees and help alleviate their stress. This employee gift will have them returning to the office feeling refreshed and at the top of their game.

26. Salt Lamp

Ideal for: Employees who are all about yoga and mindfulness

Like candles, Himalayan salt lamps provide a soothing orange light that can elevate the appearance of any room. Plus, many people swear by their health benefits, such as:

  • Better air quality
  • Improved sleep
  • Higher energy levels
  • Enhanced mood and concentration

Regardless of whether your employees are interested in these supposed benefits, these lamps will create a calm and comforting ambiance in any home.

27. Light Therapy Lamp

Ideal for: Employees who live in areas with reduced sunlight at certain times of the year

Exposure to sunlight is important for an individual’s mood, appetite, and quality of sleep. Light therapy lamps mimic sunlight for those who live in areas with fewer daylight hours at certain times of the year, so they don’t miss out on all the benefits. If you have remote employees located around the world, some of them will likely appreciate this type of employee gift.

Furthermore, if your office has few windows or insufficient lighting, consider investing in a set of light therapy lamps to improve their focus and productivity in the workplace.

28. Sleep Mask

Ideal for: Employees who have trouble falling asleep at night

According to research by Casper and Gallup, poor sleep among employees results in an estimated $44.6 billion in lost productivity every year. Keep your employees sharp and focused by gifting them a sleep mask. There are several options to choose from:

  • Cloth
  • Gel
  • Weighted
  • Heated

The perfect sleep mask will depend on the recipient’s preferences. For instance, gel masks can reduce irritation and dark under-eye circles while heated masks can soothe dry eyes.

29. Coloring Book for Adults

Ideal for: Employees who doodle on their notes

Awaken the artist within your employees by sending them an adult coloring book. Coloring is no longer just a children’s activity, thanks to its benefits:

  • Improved brain focus
  • Increased relaxation
  • Enhanced motor skills
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lower stress levels

This employee gift idea is a creative way for your company to show them that you care about their health and well-being.

30. Puzzles

Ideal for: Detail-oriented employees who love problem-solving

Puzzles are long-lasting and enjoyable gifts that will promote relaxation and reduce stress among your employees. You can even encourage them to complete their puzzles as a team and hang them up in the office afterward.

As for the puzzle design, you can’t go wrong with a picturesque landscape. However, to truly make your employees feel valued, choose a design that appeals to their interests. There are even custom options that allow you to turn any picture into a personalized puzzle.

31. Blankets

Ideal for: Employees who love to bundle up in the office or at home

A high-quality, luxurious blanket is an employee gift that anyone can appreciate, especially during the colder months of the year. Plus, you can select different blankets to appeal to different employees, such as:

  • Quilts
  • Weighted blankets
  • Plush throw blankets
  • Knitted blankets

As with puzzles, you can even go the extra mile by creating a custom blanket with your company’s logo or a collection of the employee’s beloved pet photos. And if you want to get a little more creative, you can gift a blanket robe so employees can carry the comfort around wherever they go.

32. Exercise Equipment

Ideal for: Employees who prefer to exercise at home

Encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among your employees by gifting them exercise equipment that they can easily make use of at home. Many types of equipment could be useful additions to their fitness arsenal, including:

  • Yoga mats
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Jump ropes
Various types of illustrated exercise equipment to consider sending as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 31

Consider each employee’s living space and exercise preferences when deciding which pieces of equipment will make for the best gift.

33. Gym Membership

Ideal for: Employees who want to stay active but have limited home space

Many companies already offer employee gym memberships as part of their benefits package, so why not make it an employee gift? Send your employees a gift card or voucher to your local gym or sign them up for classes that they’ve previously expressed interest in. You can even enroll entire teams into the same class to strengthen their connections with one another and encourage team-building.

If you think that some of your employees would prefer not to commute to a local gym, consider enrolling them in an online fitness program so they can access classes and videos from wherever they choose.

34. Massage Certificate

Ideal for: Employees who need a bit more rest and relaxation after work

Your employees put significant work and effort into their everyday roles. By gifting them a massage certificate, you’ll encourage them to unwind and take some time to pamper themselves. Since this type of gift usually comes in the form of a certificate or gift card, you can send an engaging eCard alongside it to spruce it up.

For those of your employees who would prefer to de-stress at home, consider opting for self-massage products such as massager pillows and rollers instead.

Click through to learn how one company, Modivcare, uses eCards as employee gifts to enhance its company culture and boost employee satisfaction.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 32

35. Skincare Set

Ideal for: Employees who never skip their skincare routine

In today’s fast-paced society, it can be challenging to find the time to take care of yourself. A skincare set is an easy way to encourage employees to practice more self-care. There are so many types of products out there that there is something for everyone. Some popular items to look for include:

  • Sheet masks
  • Moisturizers
  • Hand cream
  • Eye cream
  • Facial cleansers
  • Serums

You can either assemble these items yourself, based on what you know about each employee’s preferences, or purchase existing sets online.

36. Activity Tracker

Ideal for: Employees who love counting their steps or calories

Do your employees indulge in long walks during their lunch breaks or after work? Do they have health goals that they’re enthusiastic about achieving? An activity tracker is a practical and powerful employee gift that can allow recipients to keep an eye on their:

  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep time
  • Heart rate

Some activity trackers even have social features that allow the wearer to share their progress with others. With this functionality, you can encourage employees to create an exercise group to keep one another motivated about their physical health.

Employee Gift Ideas for the Office

If your employees spend much of their time in the office, make their daily lives easier by gifting them tools that will increase their productivity and enhance their overall experience. Explore these highly useful employee gifts for the office:

37. Desktop Organizer

Ideal for: Employees who have too much clutter on their desks

A clean, orderly workspace can go a long way toward improving focus and productivity. If your employees have a lot of pens, papers, sticky notes, and paperclips to keep track of, send them a desktop organizer to use in the office or at home. With dedicated compartments to store all of their office essentials, they’ll be less likely to get distracted during the hunt for a document or a working pen.

Consider factors such as the desktop organizer’s size and material. It should ideally fit well in the employee’s space and match the visual aesthetic of their desk.

38. Cable Management Box

Ideal for: Employees who love technology but not the cables that come with it

Are your employees losing precious minutes de-tanging their cords and cables at the end of every workday? A cable management box is a practical employee gift that improves your workplace safety and productivity. If your employees have pets and work from home, these boxes are an office essential that keeps curious dogs or cats from chewing on exposed cords.

When shopping for a cable management box, look for high-quality products made out of wood rather than plastic, since they are more durable, visually appealing, and sustainable.

39. Blue Light Glasses

Ideal for: Employees who spend much of their day staring at a computer screen

recent AT&T study predicts that the future of work is hybrid, estimating that the hybrid workplace model will grow to 81% in 2024. As employees spend more of their time in Zoom meetings and other communication platforms, blue light glasses have become a more appealing employee gift option than ever before.

Blue light glasses can reduce eye strain by blocking the blue light emitted by digital screens and reducing the harmful effects that come with it. However, since employees will have differing style preferences and some might wear prescription glasses, you might consider presenting them with a gift card to pick out their blue light glasses.

40. Calendar

Ideal for: Employees who like to plan everything in advance

Calendars can be useful and even humorous employee gifts. There are themes for almost every interest under the sun, from muscle cars to travel destinations.

Consider customizing calendars to highlight company holidays, anniversaries, and employee birthdays. Additionally, for each month, you can include a meaningful or amusing picture that can brighten up your employee’s day. For example, if someone snapped a funny photo of an office manager at a Christmas party, you can feature it on the calendar’s December page.

41. Personalized Notebook

Ideal for: Employees who prefer handwriting their notes and reminders

A personalized notebook is a practical, professional, and meaningful employee gift that can enhance their daily work experience. Add the employee’s name or initials alongside your logo and incorporate their favorite colors into the design. Depending on their needs, you can opt for a personalized planner or a portfolio notebook that allows them to store documents and other office supplies.

A graphic depicting personalized notebooks, which companies can send as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 33

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting gift option, there are reusable notebooks with dry-erase pages that will ensure that your employees never run out of writing space!

42. Office Footrest

Ideal for: Employees who spend a lot of time sitting in the office

On average, U.S. adults spend 9.5 hours sitting every day. With so much modern activity taking place on computer screens, chances are that your employees spend a lot of their time seated at their desks. Without proper posture, however, sitting for prolonged periods can lead to back pain, headaches, and fatigue.

Support your employees’ health and productivity by gifting them an under-desk footrest. A footrest can support their feet and promote better posture. When evaluating your options, consider features such as adjustable height, portability, and a non-slip surface.

43. Ergonomic Office Chair

Ideal for: Employees who can’t help slouching in their chairs

Beyond purchasing an under-desk footrest, you can equip your employees with everything they need for a comfortable work experience by gifting them an ergonomic office chair. If you have a hybrid workplace, this employee gift can ensure that your employees are just as productive in their home offices as they are in the company office.

An ergonomic chair reduces slouching and even minimizes the risk of developing muscle strain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Your employees should be able to adjust the chair’s height, backrest, armrests, and headrest to their liking.

44. Laptop Bag

Ideal for: Employees who commute or go on business trips

Laptops are an employee’s best friend, allowing them to check their emails, attend meetings, and access important files all on a single screen. Help your employees take care of their laptops by giving them a stylish, durable laptop bag. Laptop bags vary widely in price and design, so you’re bound to find a perfect fit for your budget and employee preferences.

As you shop for the ideal laptop bag, look for ones that have enough padding to protect your employee’s laptop and sufficient pockets to store their other work essentials. Consider adding their initials or your company’s logo for a more personal touch.

45. Portable Laptop Stand

Ideal for: Employees who don’t like to work in one spot all day

If you have hybrid or remote employees, many of them likely enjoy the flexibility of working from wherever they want. Whether they’re in a cafe or out in a public park, ensure that they’re able to be just as productive by sending them a portable laptop stand that they can put on their laps. They can even use the stand outside of work, from reading in bed to using a tablet on their couch.

Many laptop stands have additional features that offer even more convenience to your employees, such as USB ports to cable organizers.

46. Standing Desk Converter

Ideal for: Employees who get a little restless at their desks

It’s no secret that sitting for an extended period is detrimental to your health. Research indicates that a highly sedentary lifestyle can lead to a slower metabolism, reduce blood flow, and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Because of this, standing desk converters make for excellent employee gifts. They’re easy to set up and many of them are portable.

A graphic representing a standing desk converter, which can be a helpful gift for employees.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 34

If your employees use multiple monitors, some options can accommodate this need for additional space. Consider your employee needs as you evaluate other features such as keyboard trays and phone holders.

47. Desktop Vacuum

Ideal for: Employees who are always snacking at their desks

Encourage your employees to keep their workspace tidy by gifting them a hand-held desktop vacuum. With these little devices, they’ll be able to clean up crumbs, eraser shavings, and other bits of unwanted debris from their desks. Ideally, you should select a desktop vacuum with USB charging instead of batteries to maximize convenience and utility for your employees.

If you’re concerned about potential noise disturbances in the office, look for “low noise” options to gift to your employees.

48. Mini Whiteboard

Ideal for: Employees who love to leave reminders for themselves

Your company’s employees have a lot to keep track of during their workday, from meetings to project deadlines. By gifting them a mini whiteboard, you’ll make it easy for them to create quick, impossible-to-miss reminders for themselves. Additionally, this erasable space is perfect for jotting down basic notes or working out problems without wasting unnecessary sheets of scratch paper.

Keep your employees’ desk space in mind as you shop for mini whiteboard options. To avoid cluttering their work area, you can even consider purchasing ones that they can attach to the wall beside their desks.

Subscription Employee Gifts

Subscriptions have become popular gift options for people of all ages, with 63% of consumers indicating that they would consider giving them as a gift and 70% reporting that they’re interested in receiving subscriptions as gifts. If your company has Millennial or Gen Z employees, they may find the following employee gifts particularly appealing:

49. Assorted Snacks

Ideal for: Employees who consider snacking a hobby

Why gift your employees just one box of cookies when you can surprise them with an assortment of delicious snacks over several months? With subscription snack boxes, you can ensure that they always have a new treat to try when they find themselves getting hungry at work. Plus, you’ll give them something exciting to look forward to every month.

Consider each employee’s snacking preferences to choose a subscription snack box that suits their tastes. For instance, you can send a selection of international goodies from around the world. Or, if they’re known to have a sweet tooth, send them a box of unique candies to satisfy their cravings.

50. Specialty Coffee or Tea

Ideal for: Employees who need a cup of caffeine to start their day

For those of your employees who start every day with a cup of coffee or tea, it can start to become more of a chore than a treat after a while. Encourage them to spice up their routine by sending them subscription boxes of specialty coffee or tea. This way, they’ll be able to try rich new flavors and get their daily boost of energy.

A graphic representing a tea subscription box that companies can give to employees as gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 35

Many of these subscription boxes allow you to input specific preferences to ensure that the recipient appreciates every selection to the fullest. Some even include other interesting add-ons, like mugs or popular novels for recipients to read while enjoying their drink.

51. Cooking/Baking Kits

Ideal for: Employees who spend their lunch break watching cooking tutorials

Many people take pleasure in cooking and baking at home. However, it can be a hassle to hunt down all the ingredients you need to start making your next meal. Cooking and baking subscription kits make the perfect employee gift for those in your company who are looking for easy ways to get creative in the kitchen. They’ll provide recipients with everything they need to produce chef-worthy meals at home.

There are so many of these subscription box options to fit different tastes, from healthy eating to global meal kits.

52. Books

Ideal for: Employees who always think the book is better than the movie

Do you have employees who can burn through a novel in a single day? Book subscription boxes are thoughtful, personalized employee gifts that ensure that your recipients never run out of something to curl up with and read at home. These subscriptions are tailored to the reader’s preferences, so they’ll always send curated novels that fit their interests.

Unlike snacks and drinks, your employees can enjoy their books again and again. Whether they adore chilling mysteries or light romance novels, you’ll be sending them gifts that will last a lifetime.

53. Audiobooks

Ideal for: Employees who like to multitask

Audiobooks are gaining in popularity, with 53% of U.S. adults reporting that they listened to an audiobook in the last year. After all, they’re a wonderful way to pass the time while on a long commute, doing chores around the house, or exercising. Plus, audiobooks can transport your employees to fictional places or teach them a new skill.

There are multiple options for giving audiobook subscriptions as employee gifts. For instance, with an Audible gift membership, they’ll receive a credit to redeem for an audiobook every month.

54. Office Supplies

Ideal for: Employees who are constantly losing their pens

Ensure that your employees never run out of the tools to succeed at their roles by sending them office supply subscription boxes. These boxes are sure to upgrade your employees’ workspaces with high-quality items like:

  • Pens
  • Sticky notes
  • Paper clips
  • Staplers
  • Highlighters

You can even choose specific themes that appeal to your employees’ interests, from vintage to modern office supplies.

55. Entertainment

Ideal for: Employees who are always looking for the next big show to watch

According to Forbes, 78% of all U.S. households subscribe to at least one or more streaming services. Encourage your employees to unwind with their favorite movie or TV show by gifting them an entertainment subscription. As of now, the most popular streaming services are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • YoutubeTV

If you’re not sure which subscription your employee would prefer, consider allowing them to choose from several top options.

56. Music

Ideal for: Employees who don’t go anywhere without their headphones

89% of Americans report that they feel more productive at work when listening to music and 84% indicate that music makes them look forward to work more. By sending music streaming subscriptions as employee gifts, you’ll help your company’s employees feel more focused and motivated in the workplace. While many music streaming services offer free versions, these often come with distracting ads.

If your employees are more old-fashioned when it comes to listening to music, there are even gift subscriptions that send CDs or vinyl records every month.

57. Pet Treats and Toys

Ideal for: Employees with furry friends

Did one of your employees recently welcome a puppy into their family? Or are they always sharing pictures of their house cat’s hilarious antics? Help them pamper their beloved pets by sending them subscription boxes of treats and toys. Most of these subscription services tailor every box based on factors such as the pet’s age, weight, allergies, and breed.

A graphic representing various pet treats and toys that could be included in an employee gift subscription box.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 36

These employee gifts don’t have to be limited to only employees with cats or dogs. With a little searching, you can find subscription boxes for birds and even bearded dragons, too!

58. Wellness Apps

Ideal for: Employees who love listening to guided meditations

There are many different types of wellness app subscriptions that make for thoughtful employee gifts. Whether your employees are trying to improve their mindfulness or engage in more outdoor activity, these apps can provide access to:

  • Guided meditation and breathing exercises
  • Healthy recipes and cooking tutorials
  • Exercise tracking
  • Sleep tracking

These subscriptions are perfect for showing your employees that you’re committed to their health and emotional well-being.

59. Flowers

Ideal for: Employees who never forget to stop to smell the roses

Flowers are beautiful, traditional, yet fleeting gifts. Floral subscriptions, however, can ensure that your employees always have charming bouquets to display in their homes. If your employees have a favorite flower or color, you can even personalize their bouquets to reflect their preferences.

Studies have shown that flowers can reduce anxiety and fatigue. This means that having fresh flowers delivered monthly can not only brighten up your employee’s day, but it can also bring them added mental and emotional benefits.

60. Arts & Crafts Boxes

Ideal for: Employees who are always knee-deep in a creative project

Engaging in arts and crafts is a wonderful way to reduce stress, improve creativity, and develop new skills to take pride in. For your employees in search of their next creative outlet, you can send subscription boxes that will have them working on all sorts of projects, from soap to tote bags to baskets.

Keep your employees’ individual preferences in mind as you choose which subscription boxes to gift. For instance, if they’re a painter, you might opt for sending monthly art supplies like palettes and acrylic paints.

Creative Employee Gift Ideas

Are you looking for employee gifts that are a little more out of the box? Make a lasting impression with these ideas:

61. Donation

Ideal for: Any employee with a charitable cause close to their hearts

Making charitable contributions in honor of your employees can be a meaningful way to appreciate them. If they support a nonprofit or commit to regular volunteer work, they likely feel passionate about the organization’s mission. Make a tribute gift to your employee’s preferred charity. Then, send a donation eCard that lets them know you donated in their honor.

To more deeply incorporate charitable giving into your company’s culture, consider establishing a corporate giving program to contribute to causes close to your employees’ hearts. The two most popular types of giving your program might offer are:

  • Matching gifts. Match your employees’ monetary gifts to a nonprofit with a donation from the company.
  • Volunteer grants. Donate to the nonprofits with which your employees regularly volunteer.

Just as people choose to organize birthday fundraisers to celebrate their special day, charitable contributions can be especially meaningful from your company when given in honor of your employees. Not only do they demonstrate that you pay attention to your employees and the causes they care about, but they can also help them see that your company shares similar values.

62. Virtual Class

Ideal for: Employees who love picking up new hobbies

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to learn and access information. Support your employees’ interests and hobbies by gifting them a virtual class. There are countless options to choose from, including:

  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Mixology
  • Painting
  • Music

By tailoring these gifts to each employee, you’ll make them feel individually supported and recognized by your company.

63. Online Experience

Ideal for: Remote and hybrid employees in need of some team bonding

53% of remote workers agree that working from home hurts their ability to feel connected with their coworkers. Whether you have a remote, hybrid, or in-person policy, take this opportunity to build a stronger sense of community among your employees by gifting them a shared online experience. There are many entertaining virtual activities you can organize, such as a:

  • Murder mystery
  • Wine tasting
  • Movie night
  • Bingo game

This employee gift doubles as an effective remote employee retention tool, especially if you plan one of these experiences regularly.

64. Bluetooth Tracker

Ideal for: Employees who are always looking for their phone

A Bluetooth tracker is a universally appreciated gift because everyone owns an item or two that they can’t live without. These little gadgets can attach nearly anything, from a wallet to a suitcase to even a pet collar. If your employee often misplaces their phone or car keys, all they would have to do is use the tracker’s app to find the last known location of their item.

Note the type of phone your employee uses before deciding which type of tracker to purchase. For instance, some have apps that are only designed for Apple users.

65. Travel Voucher

Ideal for: Employees who can’t stop adding new places to their bucket list

Travel vouchers are thoughtful employee gifts that promote work-life balance and provide your employees with unforgettable experiences they’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, you can personalize them based on each employee’s interests.

A graphic representing the travel experience that companies could provide employees by gifting travel vouchers.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 37

For instance, if you know one of your employees loves an adrenaline rush, you can gift them outdoor adventure experiences that involve ziplining or whitewater rafting. Or, you might encourage a hardworking employee to relax and unwind at a spa retreat. Reach out to travel agencies to find any bulk discounts and consider the level of flexibility you want to offer employees on how they spend their vouchers.

66. Travel Kit

Ideal for: Employees who travel for business or pleasure

Do you have employees who are always on the go, whether they’re heading out on another business trip or taking a flight to their next vacation destination? Help them prepare for their next adventure by gifting them a travel kit. Some kit essentials to consider include:

  • Travel pillow
  • Portable charger
  • Sleep mask
  • TSA-compliant toiletry containers

You can either purchase these travel kits online or assemble them yourself.

67. Recipe Book

Ideal for: Employees who read through recipes like they’re novels

If your employees enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, send them a recipe book that they can keep and cherish for decades. You can even jot down a personalized note on the front page and have their colleagues sign it. Or, consider compiling all of your employees’ favorite recipes and publishing a company cookbook. This is a wonderful way to learn about everyone’s backgrounds and bring them closer together.

If you have remote or hybrid employees, you can create or gift online cookbooks as well. Then, add a personalized message in an eCard to accompany it.

68. Gardening Kit

Ideal for: Employees who have a green thumb

Fresh herbs and vegetables can liven up any meal. If your employees have an interest in gardening, there are plenty of gardening kits you can order for any experience level. From indoor herb to mushroom kits, you can select whatever will appeal most to your employees. There are even options for mini terrariums, moss, and bonsai trees.

Check to ensure that your employee has everything they need to use their gardening kit. If they’re new to gardening, it’s best to start with a small indoor kit that they can get started with straight out of the box.

69. Photography Session

Ideal for: Employees who love to capture memories with photos

Do your employees need to update their LinkedIn profile picture? Or, perhaps they’re looking to snap a family photo for the holidays. Help them preserve a cherished memory by sending them a gift certificate for a photography session. You can either include it with a physical card or, if the certificate is virtual, send it alongside an eCard.

Note if your employees have any preferred photographers or reach out to local professionals in the area to find the perfect fit.

70. City or Food Tasting Tour

Ideal for: Employees with adventurous taste buds

Invite your employees to explore their city by gifting them a city sightseeing or food tour. Depending on where they live, there may be many options that could suit their interests. For instance, you might book them a tour focused on:

  • Cocktails
  • Public art
  • History
  • Local ghost stories

If you’re not sure which types of tours your employees will appreciate most, consider opting for a gift certificate that they can use to book their tour of choice online.

71. Concert or Theater Tickets

Ideal for: Employees who sing in the shower

If you know your employee’s favorite singer or band is coming to town, surprise them with tickets to see them perform. Or, you might encourage employees to check out a local play or musical by gifting them theater tickets. There are many engaging ways you can present this gift to employees, from wrapping it up in a related t-shirt to placing it at the end of a scavenger hunt.

A graphic representing concert or theater tickets as employee gift ideas.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 38

If the tickets are virtual, you can spruce it up by sending it alongside a personalized eCard.

72. Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

Ideal for: Tech-savvy employees who know about all the latest gadgets

Make your tech-savvy employees’ eyes light up by presenting them with virtual reality (VR) headsets. IKEA took this route several years ago by gifting 14,000 employees with these headsets for Christmas. This cutting-edge technology will allow your employees to explore immersive and interactive worlds right in their living rooms.

However, VR headsets are rather expensive. Depending on your budget, you might opt instead to gift a VR experience at a nearby location and turn it into a team-building activity for the entire company.

FAQs: How to Choose the Best Employee Gifts

An effective employee engagement strategy incorporates gifts to make employees feel appreciated and create an enjoyable work environment. While there are countless employee gift options to choose from, the right gift will ultimately depend on your company’s budget and employee preferences. Let’s cover some frequently asked questions to guide your efforts.

How Much Should I Spend on Employee Gifts?

When budgeting for employee gifts, it’s essential to find affordable gifts at appropriate values. For example, a large company might have a lot of employees and therefore many gifts to purchase. In this situation, the company might look for more inexpensive gifts that every employee can receive. Many corporate gifting companies simplify giving for your company so you can send both convenient and impactful gifts to employees.

For company-wide gifts, it’s important to spend the same amount on everyone to ensure that each employee feels equally valued. Set a gift budget for the year and divide that amount by the number of employees you have. This will give you the amount you can spend on each employee.

Additionally, you might set price ranges for different occasions. For example:

Example employee gift price ranges to consider setting for different occasions, listed below.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 39
  • $0 – $50: Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or cakes for celebrations
  • $50 – $100: Classes, tickets, or experiential gifts
  • $100+: Party catering or end-of-the-year bonuses

However, you don’t have to buy the same gift for every employee. By setting a price for each git, you can buy something unique for everyone. Doing so makes your gifts seem more thoughtful while still staying within a reasonable budget.

When Should I Give Employee Gifts?

Your employee gifting strategy should include everyone at your company. Larger businesses might delegate gifting responsibilities to managers or team leaders to ensure that everyone is accounted for.

Some common occasions for sending employee gifts include:

Four types of occasions for sending employee gifts, detailed below.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 40
  • Holidays. Present everyone with a small gift for the holidays.
  • Birthdays. Create a communal calendar for employee birthdays so no birthday goes missed. At the very least, plan a birthday cake and lunch break party to celebrate each employee.
  • Work-related achievements. Recognize employees as they meet certain work-related goals. For example, you might reward a team for accomplishing a goal for the month or single out an employee for going above and beyond. With these gifts, it’s important to prioritize fairness and apply the same standards to all team members.
  • Work anniversaries. Spotlight employees who have reached significant milestones at your company, such as one-year, five-year, and ten-year anniversaries.

Establish a strategy for these employee gifts to ensure that you send out fair and well-budgeted gifts every year.

How Should I Regularly Appreciate Employees?

A solid recognition plan goes beyond birthday and holiday celebrations to consistently make employees feel appreciated in their roles. For example, Circa Logica Group has created a handful of eCards that make it easy to recognize employees for their day-to-day accomplishments:

An example eCard created by Circa Logica Group to give as employee gifts.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 41

Additional occasions that might prompt an eCard or another recognition gift include:

  • Meeting quarterly goals
  • Finishing tasks early
  • Going above and beyond with a project

You can even create employee awards like “Employee of the Month” or “Innovation Pioneer” to give out regularly.

The more thoughtful the recognition, the more likely your employees will be to stay invested in their roles. In fact, employees who receive great recognition are 20 times more likely to be engaged than employees who receive poor recognition.

Wrapping Up: Improving Your Workplace With Employee Gifts

Employee gifts can go a long way toward boosting morale and productivity in the workplace. While there are dozens of options to peruse, the key to success is understanding your employees and their interests. Take the time to gather their feedback frequently and refine your gifting strategy for better results year after year.

For more ways to engage both your employees and your customers, check out these additional resources:

Click through to explore how your company can create eCards as convenient, heartfelt employee gifts with our easy eCard solution.
72 Excellent Employee Gift Ideas To Win Their Hearts in 2024 42