Boost Your Business with eCards

Create customizable eCards to impress your audience! Choose a design, add your logo and message, and let your audience share them with their friends.

Spread Love and Raise Funds with eCards

Show your supporters how much you appreciate them with our heartfelt eCards. Our platform allows you to collect donations directly through the eCard, making fundraising easy and effective.

Celebrate Your Employees with eCards

Empower peer-to-peer recognition with customizable eCards that enable employees to appreciate and recognize each other’s hard work. Foster a culture of appreciation.

Thank Your Donors with eCards

Recognize and thank your donors with heartfelt eCards that also streamline the giving process by collecting donations directly through the eCard. Show your gratitude and make a meaningful impact with our convenient solution.

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Creative Ways To Use Our Online Greeting Card Software

Spread the word about your events and product launches with custom online invitations.

Online greeting cards are one of the most versatile tools your organization can have in its back pocket. With a bit of creativity, you’ll boost constituent engagement, raise more money, spread brand awareness, or accomplish whatever goals you’re aspiring to reach with your digital greeting cards.

Learn about all the creative uses for our online greeting card software.

Ways To Use Online Greeting Cards

Fundraise For Your Cause

Thank Donors and Volunteers

Digitize Customer Engagement

Announce Upcoming Events and Products

Celebrate Holidays in Style

Boost Customer Referrals

Recognize Your Employees

Encourage Professional Networking

Fundraise For Your Cause

There’s never been a more creative way to fundraise! Sell online greeting cards to your donors, create digital cards they can send to challenge others to give, or enable tribute donations to honor loved ones.

Not to mention, giving to your cause can replace the need to buy a gift for special occasions, like birthdays or gift-giving holidays. With creative designs, you’ll provide an instant give-back for every donation.


Digitize Customer Engagement

Foster connections with your customers by designing custom online greeting cards. Send them directly to your customers to build meaningful relationships, whether you want to celebrate a milestone like an anniversary or wish them a happy birthday. Alternatively, encourage customers to send cards to their friends to amplify your brand or celebrate special occasions.

Hint: Nonprofits can use the same approach to foster relationships with supporters.


Celebrate Holidays in Style

Enable your site visitors to spread some cheer throughout the year by sending digital holiday cards. From Valentine’s Day to Hanukkah, there are so many exciting days to celebrate. Not to mention, nonprofits can sell their most creative designs for gift-giving occasions, making it the perfect holiday fundraiser!

From celebrating birthdays to wishing someone a merry Christmas, there’s no better way to say “Happy Holidays” than by sending personalized digital cards.


Recognize Your Employees

Congratulate your hard-working employees for a job well done. Instead of simply saying “thanks,” give them a virtual pat on the back with a creative online greeting card.

Boosting morale starts with acknowledging employees’ accomplishments, so enable managers and employees to send shout-outs to their colleagues in a unique and memorable way! The eCards will be delivered directly to recipients’ inboxes, providing a fun email to brighten their day.


Announce Upcoming Events and Products

Amplify your latest events, webinars, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and products with custom invitations. Create engaging invitations featuring photos of your products or go with an illustrative design using our intuitive tools. Then, enable your website visitors to send your branded invitations to their friends, families, and colleagues.

Whether you’re launching a new product or hosting a 5K, online invitations are a reliable way to spread the word.


Thank Donors and Volunteers

Your supporters power your cause. Without showing appreciation, you risk losing them to another nonprofit that makes them feel valued.

Try using our digital greeting cards as a recognition tool. You can personalize the designs to fit your nonprofit’s voice and brand. Then, send them to volunteers, donors, advocates, and anyone else who makes your mission possible.


Boost Customer Referrals

Offer perks alongside your eCards to boost customer referrals and increase retention. With complete control of your designs, you can feature images of your products or kickstart your design with a customizable template.

Our easy-to-use design tools offer a range of fonts, colors, and graphics, so you can make designs fully branded to your business. Just remember to include reward details in the messages that will accompany your eCards!


Encourage Professional Networking

Build relationships with colleagues and external business partners with custom digital cards. Work eCards are ideal for congratulating people on promotions, proposing business collaborations, applauding someone for completing a project, thanking someone for a business opportunity, and so much more.

With unique designs, you can go above and beyond a generic email. When used strategically, you can strengthen professional relationships in no time.


Loved by over 4,000 organizations

For-profits and nonprofits alike use our online greeting card software to supercharge constituent engagement, boost revenue, and strengthen their brand identities. Don’t forget to check out our example showcase page to see other creative ways they put our digital cards to use.

Raising Cane’s designed digital cards for Valentine’s Day as a way to boost customer engagement.
Habitat for Humanity created online greeting cards to boost tribute donations.
Mathmos created digital cards to show off their products and boost customer referrals.
Project sleep designed digital cards to spread awareness for narcolepsy.
The Comfort Company uses our eCard platform to help people reach out with condolence cards.
Vineyard Church of North Phoenix uses our online greeting card software to create service invitations for congregants.

Launch Your Online Greeting Cards

At eCardWidget, we provide the digital card creation tools you need to strengthen your brand in unique ways. With a bit of creativity, you’ll design online greeting cards that resonate with your constituents and make a difference for your organization.

Easy – Register and instantly create beautiful eCards using our customizable templates and design tools.

Personal – Make sure your brand shines through by changing colors, uploading your images, and adding your logo to your cards’ designs.

Fast – Enable your team, donors, customers, and anyone else to send eCards in seconds via email, social media, and text.