Boost Your Business with eCards

Create customizable eCards to impress your audience! Choose a design, add your logo and message, and let your audience share them with their friends.

Spread Love and Raise Funds with eCards

Show your supporters how much you appreciate them with our heartfelt eCards. Our platform allows you to collect donations directly through the eCard, making fundraising easy and effective.

Celebrate Your Employees with eCards

Empower peer-to-peer recognition with customizable eCards that enable employees to appreciate and recognize each other’s hard work. Foster a culture of appreciation.

Thank Your Donors with eCards

Recognize and thank your donors with heartfelt eCards that also streamline the giving process by collecting donations directly through the eCard. Show your gratitude and make a meaningful impact with our convenient solution.

Other Popular Use-Cases :   Customer AcquisitionEvent InvitationsCelebrate HolidaysRecognition eCardsGreeting Card SoftwareCelebrate Team-Member Anniversaries And more

Referral Program eCards for Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers and enhance your brand reputation with custom eCard referrals.

Get customers talking about your brand with a referral program. Add a unique twist to your program by designing custom eCards that showcase your business’ products or services. Then, enable your current customers to send them to their friends, family, and colleagues. Promise rewards or discounts for new customers who sign up through the referral. Soon enough, you can watch an influx of new customers pour in!

Create custom eCards for your business’ referral program.

Why Use eCards For A Referral Program?

Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding into new markets, a referral program can generate buzz and maximize brand exposure. Plus, you’ll be relying on your committed customers to do the legwork for you, reducing marketing costs and maximizing brand loyalty. Using eye-catching eCards with unique rewards attached, you’ll start increasing sales and growing your customer base in no time.

Create a new customer acquisition channel by leveraging those who already love your brand.

Boost customer retention by relying on existing supporters to advocate for your company.

Recruit more qualified leads since current customers understand your company’s products and services.

Our eCard creation tools add a unique twist to referral programs.

How Our eCard Creation Tools Amplify Referral Programs

Our powerful eCard creation tools make the process of designing customer referral programs a breeze. Make your brand memorable by showcasing images of your products, or kickstart your design with one of our captivating templates. Our user-friendly design platform offers an array of fonts, colors, and graphics, so your design will perfectly capture your brand. Be sure to include reward details in the messages that will accompany your eCards!

Once you’re ready to go, launch your customer referral program by embedding the widget into your site and sharing the page with your customers. Thanks to seamless integrations with some of your favorite tools, you can launch your campaigns within minutes and empower customers to spread the word about your products and services — all while ensuring your brand shines through.

Making eCards For Your Referral Program

Create eCards for your customer referral program in an instant by following these three easy steps:

  1. Customize our templates with your company’s branding, or design from scratch with your own photos for a unique look.
  2. Sort your designs into different campaigns (such as by different rewards or discounts) to keep everything organized.
  3. Embed your customer referral eCards into your landing page or microsite, so users can send their favorites to friends and family!

When To Use Customer Referral Programs

Product or Service Launches

Generate buzz around new products or services.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Increase sales and expand into new markets with customer referrals.

Customer Loyalty Efforts

Reward loyal customers and inspire them to stick around.

Seasonal Promotional Campaigns

Increase sales during holidays, like Black Friday or Valentine’s Day.

Why Use eCardWidget?

We’re trusted! Our eCard software has a proven track record of success. We’ve enabled thousands of organizations to acquire new customers, increase loyalty with existing customers, and generate more revenue.


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Successful Customer Referral Program Examples

We’ve empowered all sorts of companies and organizations to bolster brand awareness and connect with new prospects. To inspire your referral program’s design, here are some of our favorite examples.

The Irish Examiner used our customer referral program software to bring attention to their publication.
Mathmos launched its eCard referral program to promote its lava lamp products.
Raising Cane's used our eCard referral program tools to have customers spread brand awareness.
Using our eCards, California Wines launched a customer referral program to boost email newsletter signups.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's company used eCardWidget to launch a referral program and encourage customers to promote the brand's name.
Worx entered anyone into a drawing as long as they sent one of their eCards from their referral program.

Easy Integrations

Our widget works seamlessly with all the platforms you’re currently using, making it easy to feature your customer referral eCards on your core website or a separate microsite.

eCardWidget's integrations make it easy to launch your customer referral program.

What Customers Say About Our eCard Referral Software

Our eCard creation platform is a fantastic way to bolster brand recognition and increase customer referrals. Don’t just take our word for it, though! Hear what our happy customers have to say about eCardWidget.

Happy customer! I am very impressed by this plugin as it is absolutely user-friendly. I really love the ease of adding cards and how they will be automatically formatted to the perfect layout on my website. The after-sale support surpassed my expectation as I received all the help I needed promptly and effectively. I am truly a happy and satisfied customer. Five stars from me.

Lynn Tan

Nuts About Arts

Very easy way to embed your eCards in your website. The support is also great: fast, helpful and focused on solving your question. Usually I get a response within the hour. And also nice to see that you are helped quickly, regardless of the type of account you have. The easiest way for me to offer eCards!

Jorrit Spruijt

Spruijt & Co.

Perfect app for adding E-cards to your website! I wanted to use my own designs as I am an artist and this option was very easy to use. It didn’t take much time at all to upload them and Tim helped me with a specific feature I needed for my website too. Excellent customer service and easy to use app. Highly recommend!


Owner, Emily Shepherd Art

Good feature set and great support! The image uploading and editing process for the cards is nice and simple, and sending works well without getting to Spam folders. I had an issue with the front-end texts not being available Brazilian Portuguese, but with a quick exchange with the developer, the translations were added and the problem’s solved.


Yuri Fideli

Wagalume Marketing

Well-Featured, Hassle-Free, Flexible! eCardWidget is a well-featured eCard sender enabling your users to send all kinds of eCards from your site. It’s an easy way to add site functionality as well as generate potential eyeballs from the recipients of the cards. From our experience, this plugin is well set up and comes with good service. Anyone with technical capabilities above those of a blethering idiot could install and operate it. If you want to send eCards and invitations from your site, you are not likely to be disappointed with either the product or the support.

Toby Doyle


Launch eCards for Your Referral Program with eCardWidget

At eCardWidget, we enable businesses to spread brand awareness with our customizable eCards.

Easy – Register and create beautiful referral eCards using our easy-to-customize templates and design tools.

Personal – Showcase your brand by changing colors, uploading your images, and adding your logo to your designs.

Fast – Empower customers to send referral eCards in seconds via email, social media, and text.