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Click here to discover how digital greeting cards can serve as powerful customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 22

We all know the feeling of opening up a perfect gift. You feel seen, honored, and happily surprised. Maybe you even see the sender in a new light, as someone who understands and values you. Your mind races through the possibilities of what you’ll do with the gift, of where and how it’ll fit into your life. You now have a tangible reminder of the sender and their appreciation for you.

This is exactly how you want your customers to feel about your business. By thoughtfully choosing and sending the best customer appreciation gifts, you can deepen relationships and boost customer loyalty.

Corporate gifts are a fantastic way to make customers feel valued. If you need ideas that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. Explore the following sections to make sure you can make the most of your customer appreciation gifts:

You don’t have to settle for generic gifts. Instead, choose meaningful ideas that communicate your genuine appreciation for your customers. Let’s get started by looking at gifts as a customer appreciation strategy and breaking down the benefits for your business. 

The Fundamentals of Customer Appreciation Gifts

To choose the perfect gifts for your customers, you need to understand why you’re choosing this appreciation strategy and how it’ll fit into your company’s workflow. Let’s take a look at the essentials before diving into our favorite customer appreciation gift ideas.

Why You Should Send Customer Appreciation Gifts

Much like you want to motivate employees to stick around, you need to do the same for customers. Customer retention is vital for your business’ sustainability and growth, so you need to show them you care!

While there are a variety of creative ways to show customers you value them, one of the most successful strategies is to periodically send customer appreciation gifts. Customer appreciation has grown from sending ‘Thank You’ emails to full-blown loyalty programs, discounts, and exclusive perks. You might ask, “Why?” These days, great service isn’t enough —  it’s the baseline expectation. Tangible gifts go above and beyond those expectations.

Thoughtful gifts can lead to:

  • Strengthened Loyalty: Customers feel valued and are more likely to stick with your brand.
  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals: Delighted customers often share their positive experiences with others.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Gifts can elevate your brand’s reputation for thoughtfulness.
  • Higher Lifetime Value: Satisfied customers often spend more over time.
  • Reduced Churn: Appreciated customers are less likely to switch to competitors.
  • Deeper Emotional Connection: Personalized gifts can foster a closer bond between customers and the brand.

Overall, well-chosen gifts offer a tangible reminder of your business, helping to forge positive relationships that’ll stand the test of time. In fact, one customer loyalty study found that 83% of customers felt closer to businesses after receiving a customer appreciation gift. The truth is in the numbers — you don’t want to overlook this customer appreciation strategy!

Choosing The Timing of Your Customer Appreciation Gifts

How do you tap into the power of these gifts? Start by determining the best times to send them to select customers. Some ideal times include the following:

  • After a customer makes a major purchase
  • When customers reach important milestones, such as being a customer for 2 years or sharing 5 products on social media
  • On customers’ birthdays, major holidays, and other special occasions
  • When promoting a specific new product or campaign

Along with these natural times to send gifts, don’t underestimate the power of surprise. Occasionally sending surprise gifts without a clear reason can actually increase the gifts’ impact. This way, customers will know they can receive a gift at any time just for being a customer, making them more likely to stay loyal to your brand. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Customer Appreciation Gifts

Increased retention rates and improved customer relations are just the beginning. When customers like your gifts, they’ll be sure to talk about them, generating interest and attracting new customers for your business. Overall, you can enhance your company’s culture by infusing recognition into your everyday workflow.

To access these benefits, your gifts need to resonate with customers and make sense for your business. Follow these tips for choosing meaningful customer appreciation gifts that make an impact:

  • Tailor gifts to your audience: Use all available data to choose gifts that you know your customers will like. Evaluate customer demographics, feedback, and social media engagement to determine their interests and appeal to them. 
  • Make sure they make sense: Gifts have to be relevant to your company in some way in order for customers to positively associate the gift with your business. Choose gifts that align with your industry, offerings, and company values. 
  • Customize and personalize: Generic gifts don’t have the same appeal or create as strong of an association with your brand as customized gifts do. Customize your gifts by including your branding, writing personalized thank-you notes, and customizing the gifts themselves to reflect your brand. 
  • Find inexpensive options: To get a high return on your investment, be conscious of your budget, and don’t go overboard. Instead, search for inexpensive, unique gift options that still make a big impression on customers. 

As you choose customer appreciation gifts, make sure there’s variety in your approach. Ideally, sending these gifts won’t be a one-off campaign, so you should select plenty of different ideas for gifts to send in the future. 

Start with our recommended customer appreciation gift ideas, then use these tips to refine your choices. Let’s dive into our top recommendation for gifts that are both inexpensive and impactful.

The Best Customer Appreciation Gift: eCards

Best for: Anyone!

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: eCardWidget

eCards combine all the best elements of more expensive customer appreciation gifts into one unique, heartfelt gift. They’re simple, creative, fully customizable, and budget-friendly. The best part is there are unlimited possibilities for using eCards for both marketing and customer appreciation. 

Using the eCardWidget platform, you can create branded customer appreciation gifts that are interactive and engaging. Here’s an overview that shows just how easy it is to create your greeting cards:

  1. Your business designs a set of eCards. Either create your own designs with our drag-and-drop tools or choose a template to jumpstart the design process.
  2. Once your cards are ready, integrate the widget into your website.
  3. From here, anyone can send eCards with custom messages from your website!

We’ve designed the platform to be incredibly versatile, making it perfect for all your customer and employee appreciation needs. You can use the eCards themselves as gifts or let customers unlock a separate gift (like a discount code, digital download, or entry into a raffle) by sending an eCard to someone else. Either way, customers receive your thanks, and your business reaches a wider audience. 

Why eCards Work

Whether you send eCards directly to customers or allow them to send eCards to loved ones, eCards work extremely well as customer appreciation gifts. 

When you offer your greeting cards to customers, you’ll let them take the lead and share their own appreciation. By launching an eCard marketing campaign, you’re not only giving a gift to your customers. You’re also letting your customers send gifts to the people they care about at the same time. This makes for a distinct, shareable experience that’ll stick in the minds of your customers and their friends.

On top of this major benefit, eCards have a track record of driving engagement, with an impressive 95% open rate. eCards are also:

  • Surprising and unexpected
  • Completely customizable for your brand and audience
  • Personal for both customers and their loved ones
  • Easy to pair with holidays or specific marketing campaigns
  • Trackable for your business to quickly gain engagement insights

Peer-to-peer marketing is powerful, and customer appreciation eCards are the perfect way to lean into the possibilities. Don’t take our word for it, though. Let’s explore how some of our happy customers leverage the platform to boost customer engagement.

Customer Appreciation eCard Examples

eCardWidget’s customization features allow companies to tailor their gifts for their audiences in creative ways. Take a look at a few impactful examples that show how businesses can use eCards to share appreciation for customers:

California Wines let customers unlock their customer appreciation gifts by sending their own eCards.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 23

These eCards were created by California Wines as part of a holiday customer appreciation campaign. In their campaign, customers chose to send one of two wine-themed eCard options, then received their gift: a virtual recipe book filled with holiday cocktail recipes.

Raising Cane’s created branded Valentine’s Day eCards as customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 24

As part of a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, Raising Cane’s offered customers the gift of free Valentine’s Day cards. They paired pictures of their food with silly phrases like ‘Bow-chicken-wow-wow. Let’s get saucy!” Anyone could add their own personal message and send their loved ones these creative Valentines.

This eCard customer appreciation gift example lets customers thank veterans for their service.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 25

This example shows how your business can use eCard gifts to let your customers share their own appreciation. American Patriots Unsung Network is a monthly magazine designed to honor those who have served in uniform. The organization launched an eCard campaign in which customers send personal thanks to veterans and service members.

Explore our greeting card tools and learn how eCards make great customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 26

“Welcome” Gifts for New Customers

Welcoming new customers with thoughtful gifts sets a positive tone for the relationship and encourages them to become loyal, long-term clients. Kick things off on the right food by ensuring your welcome gifts align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience.

Branded Welcome Kit

“Extend a warm welcome”

Best for: New customers

Price: $$$

Where to find it: SwagUp

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a box full of branded swag. These expertly curated gift boxes come with a blend of products, all customized to reflect your brand’s identity. Choose your products, change the colors, and add your logo. Depending on the company you choose to create your kit, you can fill your pack with custom water bottles, mugs, apparel, umbrellas, pens, and anything else you can think of!

Collection of Free Samples

“Get a taste of our products.”

Best for: New customers

Price: $

Where to find it: Your stockroom

If you have a variety of overstock items, another good option if you have a variety of overstock items is to combine a few into free sample collections. These make great customer appreciation gifts because they give customers a taste of several products at once.

Discount Coupons

“Saving big to say thanks”

Best for: New customers, loyal customers

Price: Free

Where to find it: Your stockroom or platform

Discount coupons are classic customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 27

Offer special discounts on future purchases or services, promoting continued engagement. As a classic customer appreciation gift idea, emailing a coupon or discount is an easy, inexpensive way to give a small gift to select customers. You can personalize these gifts by sending discount codes for products you know an individual customer likes based on their purchase history. 

Make it clear in the email that this is a gift and specify the reason you’re sending it. To make it even more valuable for the customer, don’t give the coupon an expiration date.

Branded Water Bottle

“Hydrate with style and purpose!”

Best for: Eco-conscious customers

Price: $$

Where to find it:

Send a reusable, eco-friendly bottle that features your company’s logo. Ideal for eco-conscious individuals, this customer appreciation gift shows off your commitment to sustainability since it can be reused. With your logo plastered on the front, the water bottle will remind users of your company as they stay hydrated.

Several corporate swag companies produce logo water bottles. To get started, check out The site offers a range of aluminum, hard plastic, and glass bottles from dozens of reputable companies like Contigo and H2Go. You provide them with your artwork or logo, and they’ll bring your design to life via screen printing or laser engraving.

Custom Illustration or Print

“Artistry tailored to our story”

Best for: Eco-conscious customers

Price: $$$

Where to find it: A local artist

Collaborate with an artist to create artwork or prints that reflect your brand ethos, offering a unique decorative item for customers. Unlike generic vouchers, custom illustrations are tailored to the recipient, reflecting their interests, personality, or their relationship with your company. 

Your illustration or print can depict a memorable event, a portrait, or an inside joke. This customization makes the recipient feel deeply valued and recognized on a personal level. Moreover, a well-executed custom illustration can serve as a lasting keepsake, something to be cherished, constantly reminding the customer of the special bond they share with your business.

Personalized Bookmark

“Mark moments and bring joy into your reading!”

Best for: Avid readers

Price: $

Where to find it: VistaPrint or Etsy

Personalized bookmarks as a customer appreciation gift offer a thoughtful blend of functionality and sentimentality. These slender placeholders bear unique designs. They not only serve the practical purpose of marking one’s place in a book but also bring a pop of color into one’s reading experience.

Especially relevant for businesses in the literary field, a bookmark is a thoughtful, inexpensive keepsake. Customize your bookmark with:

  • An inspiring quote
  • The customer’s name
  • A design connected to your business

Since reading is a cherished activity, a personalized bookmark will consistently remind the recipient of your company’s appreciation every time they delve into their favorite book. To pursue this gift idea, you might browse Etsy to support small artists or leverage a company that regularly handles bulk orders.

Premium Subscription Upgrades

“Unlock more, free of charge!”

Best for: New or loyal customers

Price: Free

Where to find it: On your platform

If you offer a service or platform, upgrade their subscription level for a limited time, giving them access to premium features or content. Not only is this a great way to say “thanks,” but it can also get them hooked on the premium version of your services. They’ll see you put time into optimizing the customer experience on your platform and can offer advice for enhancing it further, too.

While it can be fun to think outside the box, sometimes it’s easier to try out some classic gifts. Let’s dive into some tried-and-true customer appreciation gift ideas that’ll make a lasting impression.

Branded Apparel

“Showcase your loyalty in style”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: $$

Where to find it: Custom Ink

Custom t-shirts, hats, and other apparel are great customer appreciation gift ideas.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 28

Branded merchandise, commonly referred to as “swag,” is another traditional customer appreciation gift that works well as a tangible reminder of your business. Apparel works especially well since recipients will likely wear theirs out and about. That means any items with your brand name on them serve as easy advertising. You might create:

  • Customized t-shirts featuring company logos or special designs
  • Branded hats that are suitable for outdoor events or casual wear
  • Embroidered polo shirts that offer a more professional look
  • Personalized hoodies which are comfortable, trendy, and ideal for cooler climates
  • Custom socks that boast fun designs and showcase brand identity
  • Jackets for both casual and semi-formal settings

Level up this gift by sending limited edition items available only to top customers or during special promotions, creating a sense of exclusivity. Be careful not to rely solely on branded merchandise gifts, however, as they can seem less genuine if they’re all a customer receives from you.

Gourmet snack box

“Take your snacking game to the next level.”

Best for: Any customer, especially snack enthusiasts

Price: $$

Where to find it: Gourmet Gift Baskets

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic customer appreciation gift. Gourmet snack boxes offer a delightful way to express gratitude by appealing to one’s taste buds and love for fine foods. These curated collections features a diverse range of artisanal snacks that go beyond the typical snacking experience. You have plenty of options, such as:

  • Gourmet cheeses including small wedges or spreads of aged cheddar, brie, or blue cheese
  • Exotic nuts such as macadamias, candied pecans, or truffle-flavored almonds
  • Handmade cookies or other baked treats like shortbread and macarons
  • Gourmet popcorn that range in flavors from caramel to sea salt
  • Specialty crackers including those infused with herbs, seeds, or gourmet ingredients

Because food universally resonates with people, a gourmet snack box can convey warmth while subtly reinforcing your brand’s association with quality and thoughtfulness. Just be sure to double-check to ensure the recipient doesn’t have food allergies.

Chocolate Gift Set

“Decadence in every bite”

Best for: Any customer, especially chocolate lovers

Price: $$

Where to find it: Harry & David

If any of your customers are chocolate lovers, we’ve got the ultimate customer appreciation gift for you: a deluxe chocolate gift box. Filled with delectable sweets, these sets are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Our recommendation? The Deluxe Chest of Chocolates from Harry and David. It’s filled with Moose Munch premium popcorn, an assortment of chocolate truffles, malt bars, and many other chocolatey treats.

Gift Cards

“Curated choices await”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: $

Where to find it: Your stockroom

Similar to coupons, gift cards are easy to send out and are often a customer favorite. After all, if the customer is loyal enough that you’re sending them an appreciation gift, they’ll be excited to buy more from your catalog using a gift card.

Plus, when customers buy items with a gift card, they’re likely to spend at least a little bit more than the card’s worth. Gift cards quickly and clearly lead to more spending, making them one of the most effective customer appreciation gifts in the short term. If you want to send it digitally, present it in a fun format by sending the redemption code through your eCard site!

Dining Experiences

“Enjoy dinner on us”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: A local restaurant

Everyone deserves an upscale dinner every once in a while. Unlike tangible items, this customer appreciation gift offers an event – an experience of flavors, ambiance, and service. Depending on the restaurant, customers can relish gourmet meals, exotic cuisines, or local specialties, often in settings ranging from intimate and cozy to grand and luxurious. 

Whether you join them or send them a certificate to enjoy with a loved one, you can celebrate your customers with good food and conversation. It’ll serve as a potent reminder of the brand’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding loyalty.

Engraved Decanter

“Elevate your home barware collection”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: $$

Where to find it: Grain+Oak

A branded decanter as a customer appreciation gift offers an elegant and lasting token of gratitude, blending both function and aesthetics. Traditionally used to hold and aerate liquor, decanters are not just utilitarian but also serve as decorative pieces. They can elevate the recipient’s home or office bar.

When etched or engraved with a company’s logo or a special message, the decanter transforms into a personalized memento. Each time the recipient uses or glimpses at this gift, they’ll be reminded of the company’s appreciation and the value placed on their relationship. 

Branded Mug

“Sip, savor, and smile”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $

Where to find it: Zazzle

Branded mugs are useful customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 29

A branded mug as a customer appreciation gift is a classic and enduring way for companies to express their gratitude while ensuring lasting brand visibility. These mugs are often emblazoned with the company’s logo, its slogan, an illustration, or a special message of appreciation. 

They offer a daily utility that seamlessly integrates into the recipient’s routine. Every morning coffee or evening tea becomes a subtle reminder of the company’s appreciation and the shared relationship.

Beyond its functional use, a well-designed branded mug can also serve as a conversation starter, enabling organic word-of-mouth promotion. Depending on which corporate gifting website you use, you’ll likely just customize your design and pick your colors, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Leather Portfolio

“Crafted Elegance, Professional Excellence”

Best for: Any customer who works in a professional environment

Price: $$

Where to find it: Etsy

Combine luxury, functionality, and professionalism with this customer appreciation gift idea. Crafted from high-quality leather, a leather portfolio is an elegant accessory that will carry the recipient through countless business meetings, interviews, and professional endeavors.

These durable portfolios offer a place to organize documents, business cards, and writing tools. Its practicality ensures it’ll be frequently used. By giving people a leather portfolio, your company can support its customers’ aspirations. Plus, you can also customize it with your logo or the recipient’s initials to add a layer of personalization.

Inexpensive Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas

Working on a budget? Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive customer appreciation gifts out there. Align each choice with your business’s budget and audience preferences, and remember, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a meaningful gift!

Thank-You Cards

“Gratitude in a classic way”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: eCardWidget

Send thank-you cards as heartfelt yet inexpensive customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 30

General thank-you cards may be a basic option, but they can still make a difference to customers. We recommend eCards for their quick sending and eco-friendliness. However, you can always send thank-you cards through email or direct mail. Handwritten, mailed thank-you messages are one of the most personal customer appreciation gifts you can send.

Virtual Recipe Books

“Savor bytes of culinary delight.”

Best for: Any customer who enjoys cooking

Price: Free or Low-Cost

Where to find it: Create My Cookbook

Remember our earlier example where Californa Wines gifted cocktail recipe books to customers who sent each other eCards? This idea can work well for any business related to food, drink, or health. Virtual recipe books are budget-friendly and encourage sharing, making it easy to expand the customer appreciation gift’s reach.


“Stick with us”

Best for: Younger customers

Price: $

Where to find it: Canva

Send branded stickers as gifts or consider partnering with an artist to send out their sticker designs as gifts. Stickers are small and inexpensive, but they’re highly popular, especially with younger audiences. 

With the Canva Sticker Maker tool, you can easily create personalized and meaningful sticker gifts that are sure to delight the recipients. Let your creativity flow and have fun designing!

Present your sticker gifts to your friends, family, or loved ones on special occasions or just to brighten their day. Customize your sticker by adding text, graphics, and illustrations, or uploading your own images, and use Canva’s extensive library of elements, icons, and illustrations to embellish your sticker design.

Social Media Shoutouts

“Valuing customer loyalty, one post at a time”

Best for: Loyal and younger customers

Price: Free

Where to find it: Your company’s social media

Social media shoutouts may not be as tangible as other gift options, but they can still effectively show your appreciation and benefit your customers. These tend to work best for clothing and jewelry brands that can easily feature customers wearing their products on the business’s account.

Exclusive Access

“Early access just for you”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: Free

Where to find it: Your stockroom or platform

Everyone loves an exclusive opportunity! For your business, this gift could look like:

  • Early access to new products
  • Pre-sales for tickets
  • Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content

When giving this customer appreciation gift, be sure to let customers know they’re receiving this access as a gift for being a loyal customer. That way, they’ll feel like a VIP!

Overstock Items

“Undiscovered treasures we think you’ll love”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Free

Where to find it: Your stockroom

If you have an item that’s not selling as well and needs added promotion, consider sending some as gifts. This will alleviate some of your surpluses, promote the product, and encourage customers to buy more items when they receive their gift.


“Winning moments and rewards”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Free or low-cost

Where to find it: Your stockroom

Traditional giveaways are an inexpensive opportunity to promote a product and show your appreciation for customers. Give customers the opportunity to participate in a giveaway for a few new items. Then, give the lucky winners the gifts.

Did you know you can combine two quality customer appreciation gifts by using eCards as a way to enter the giveaway? This example from Worx shows one creative way to do so:

This is an example of a customer appreciation gift giveaway created using eCards.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 31

Branded Coasters

“Sip in style, guard your table”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: Crestline

Coasters are simple, practical items that remind customers of your brand each time they enjoy a refreshing beverage. With this customer appreciation gift idea, you’ll offer a blend of practicality and brand visibility since the item will be functional in any space.

Typically made of materials like cork, leather, or ceramic, these coasters are adorned with your company’s logo, slogan, or a unique design.

Beyond individual use, coasters can often be conversation starters, especially when they boast a unique design or message. This means that when guests or clients visit the customer’s home or office, your brand gets additional exposure. 

Scented Sachets

“Freshen up any space”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: Fresh Scents

Scented sachets are bags filled with calming or refreshing scents like lavender or eucalyptus. Ideal for drawers or wardrobes, these sachets can transform the recipient’s home or office space. Since these gifts are smaller, try adding them to a larger relaxation gift set.

Lip Balm

“Sealed with care, just for you”

Best for: Customers who live in cold or hot climates

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: Burt’s Bees

A universally appreciated item, lip balm serves as a thoughtful, functional token of gratitude. Especially in extreme environments where lips can dry out, lip balm provides relief and protection. If you opt for organic or specialty flavors, you can elevate this customer appreciation gift into something even more meaningful. Some corporate gifting companies even allow you to brand the label.

We recommend going with the reputable company Burt’s Bees. Known for its high-quality, Burt’s Bees allows you to choose your preferred flavor, customize the label with a message, and order in bulk.

Mini Flashlights

“Lighting the path to stronger partnerships”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: 4imprint

When sent as a customer appreciation gift, mini flashlights symbolize practicality and preparedness, providing recipients with a handy tool for a variety of situations. Their compact size makes them perfect for tucking into purses, glove compartments, or toolboxes, ensuring that a source of light is always within reach. Easily attach them to keychains, too.

Whether the individual is searching for lost items in the dark, navigating power outages, or setting up camp during a nighttime adventure, mini flashlights can be invaluable. Some companies even enable you to add your logo or a note of appreciation.

Company Wristbands

“Wear your loyalty; share our story.”

Best for: Younger customers

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: Wristband Resources

Create silicone or cloth company wristbands as a wearable token of customer loyalty. These simple, colorful bands align with your brand colors and can be customized with your logo or tagline. When worn, this customer appreciation gift serves as a visible declaration of a customer’s association with your brand. Not to mention, wristbands foster a sense of unity among customers since those sporting the bracelets can identify fellow brand enthusiasts.

Creative Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas That Stand Out

Want to break out of the confines of traditional gifts? We’ve pulled together several creative customer appreciation gift ideas your clients won’t soon forget!

Specialty Tea

“Foster warmth with every steeped cup.”

Best for: Customers who are tea lovers

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: Art of Tea

Send a card like this alongside a tea set, resulting in a thoughtful customer appreciation gift for tea lovers.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 32

Specialty tea is one of the best customer appreciation gifts for tea lovers. Unlike mass-produced teas, specialty teas boast unique flavor profiles, artisanal blending, and distinct regional origins, making them a treat for both the seasoned tea enthusiast and the curious novice.

When gifted, these teas offer the recipient a moment of relaxation, an exploration of taste, and a journey to areas where these leaves were carefully curated. This thoughtful gift not only warms the recipient’s palate but also their heart.

Gourmet Coffee

“Brewed bonds that’ll stand the test of time”

Best for: Customers who are coffee enthusiasts

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: Bean Box

Gourmet coffee is an enjoyable customer appreciation gift for coffee lovers.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 33

Why settle for a generic gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts when you can deliver gourmet coffee to their doorstep? As the ideal customer appreciation gift for coffee lovers, gourmet coffee invites the recipient to savor richness and unparalleled quality. Gourmet coffee typically stems from selected regions. Each bean tells a story of its origin and cultivation, inviting customers to immerse themselves in rich flavors and aromatic fragrances. 

Beyond its engaging sensory experience, this gift symbolizes warmth. Each morning, they’ll brew a cup (possibly in one of your company’s branded mugs). In turn, you’ll integrate your company into the customer’s everyday routine.

Themed Gift Basket

“Curated collections crafted with gratitude”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: Canterbury Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a gift basket, as long as it aligns with your business and audience preferences. Make your gift basket more cohesive by choosing a theme, such as:

  • Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or another major holiday
  • Pet lovers
  • Spa day
  • Different seasons

You can also align gift basket themes with any of your current marketing campaigns. For example, if you’re promoting a new blackberry wine, send out berry-themed baskets and include a coupon for the new wine. 

Self-Care Box

“Recharge, reflect, revel in self-care”

Best for: Any customer who enjoys relaxation

Price: $$

Where to find it: CrateJoy

This is an obvious gift for businesses that sell health and wellness items, but they can work well for any company. Everyone needs a little self-care in their busy lives, and your customers will appreciate you supporting their well-being. Order curated self-care boxes from a gifting company, or create your own by combining items like candles, bath supplies, and books.

Virtual Cooking Class

“Sizzle online, feast in reality.”

Best for: Customers who are home chefs

Price: $$

Where to find it: Elevent

Virtual classes work well as inexpensive customer appreciation gifts. Consider sending eCard invitations like this one to a breadmaking class.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 34

Invite your customers to exclusive virtual classes for an experience gift that’s still cost-effective. Cooking classes are the most common option, but you could also send invites for painting classes or any other skill that would resonate with your audience. With branded eCard invitations like the example above, you can even let select customers invite their friends. 

Donations in Their Honor

“Generosity inspired by your loyalty”

Best for: Charitable customers

Price: Varies

Where to find it: Any nonprofit

Your customers are likely philanthropic and want to make a difference in causes they care about. You can use customer appreciation gifts to help them back that difference by donating in their honor. As explained in our employee gifts guide, you’ll want to ask them about any charities they support or volunteer work they do. That way, you can recommend a handful of organizations they’d like you to donate to on their behalf.

To let customers know about the donation you made, send an eCard like the example below from Harbor’s vet appreciation campaign

This customer appreciation eCard is an example of letting customers know you made a donation in their honor.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 35

Potted Plant

“Grow and flourish together.”

Best for: Any customer with a green thumb

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: A local garden center

A potted plant or bonsai symbolizes growth, partnership, and enduring appreciation. It’s a wonderful way to bring a touch of nature into any space. Plus, it’s much more than a decorative item; it’s a living entity that grows and thrives with time. This customer appreciation gift communicates that the plant needs nurturing and care, much like the relationship between your company and its valued customers.

As the plant flourishes, it’ll serve as a constant reminder of the appreciation your company has for its customers. Not to mention, it can align with your organization’s sustainability values, emphasizing your commitment to the environment.

Items From Local Businesses

“Cherishing community, discovering local treasures”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $

Where to find it: Local businesses

Support local businesses and boost your own business at the same time. Reach out to a relevant business and ask if they’d be willing to partner with you. They’ll donate items or coupons, you’ll send them to your customers, and both of your businesses will benefit. Plus, your customers will appreciate being introduced to a new local brand.

Personal Massage

“Relax, renew, and rejuvenate: just for you”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$$

Where to find it: A local spa

Say thanks for being an incredible client or customer with some hands-on TLC. A massage as a customer appreciation gift is a luxurious token of appreciation that encourages relaxation. In today’s fast-paced world, many of your customers encounter stress amid the constant flurry of activities. Offering a professional massage shows your team’s genuine concern for the client’s physical and mental well-being.

Self-Heating Smart Mug

“Sip smartly”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: $$$

Where to find it: Ember

Perfect for the home or office, a Smart Mug enables the user to keep their coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage warm. This unique customer appreciation gift elevates the experience of consuming a warm beverage.

Ember offers some pretty reliable smart mugs. Their products allow you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your beverage is never too hot or too cold! While Ember is one of the most popular brands for this gift, you can find plenty of budget-friendly versions.


“A beautiful friendship is blossoming.”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: Harry and David or a local florist

Anyone would love receiving flowers as customer appreciation gifts.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 36

Everyone loves receiving bouquets of flowers. Timelessly popular, flowers are a universal gesture that transcends cultural and language barriers. In a business context, gifting flowers suggests the relationship is valued and cherished, not just in a professional capacity but on a more personal, human level as well. 

You can either rely on an online gifting company to handle curation and shipping or support local florists by choosing one in the recipient’s community to deliver a bouquet to them.

Engraved Cutting Boards

“Carved with care for an enjoyable culinary experience”

Best for: Customers who are home chefs

Price: $$

Where to find it: Kustom Products

Add a personal touch to anyone’s kitchen with a recipe engraved cutting board. This unique gift lends itself especially well to restaurants and other food-centric businesses.

You can have a cutting board engraved with the recipient’s initials or name. Alternatively, put a unique twist on this customer appreciation gift by having a recipe engraved on it. The company Kustom Products will trace the handwriting of the recipe you send and engrave it directly into your cutting board. Engraved in-house with Epilog lasters, these cutting boards break barriers and go beyond being generic.

Personalized Hometown Map Glass Set

“Cheers to hometown memories!”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: Uncommon Goods

Memories will fill every sip when customers drink from this customizable barware set.

You choose the specific town you’d like etched into the glass and can even add a custom message of appreciation. Recipients can reminisce about their roots or significant places in their lives every time they take a sip.

This custom touch demonstrates extra care and attention, suggesting that your business values its customers for their patronage and their individual journeys.

Cheerful Christmas Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas

The last few weeks of the year are filled with plenty of gift-giving holidays, making it the perfect time to let your customers know you’re thinking of them. Bring some cheer to the end of the year with these thoughtful customer appreciation gift ideas.

Holiday Cards

“Season’s greetings!”

Best for: Anyone who celebrates year-end holidays

Price: Low-Cost

Where to find it: eCardWidget

Nothing shows someone you’re thinking of them quite like a personal greeting card. Either mail them a handcrafted card or create a digital greeting card. You can send unique, artist-designed cards with a heartfelt note of appreciation. You may even consider adding a digital component to traditional cards, such as a QR code that leads to a special holiday message or video.

Alternatively, you can offer up holiday cards for your customers to send to loved ones — free of charge! Take the following for example:

This screenshot shows an example eCard one organization used as a customer appreciation gift for the holidays.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 37

Formerly known as It’s Christmas Keep It Real, the organization Real Christmas Tree Board offered custom holiday eCards via eCardWidget. As part of their ‘Tree-Mail’ campaign, customers could pick their favorite eCards and send them to family and friends. Each card was a gif, which added an extra layer of interactivity to each design, too!

Click here to explore our holiday eCards, which make great customer appreciation gifts!
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 38


“Piece together our gratitude.”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $

Where to find it: Shutterfly

Offer jigsaw puzzles featuring winter or holiday scenes that families can enjoy together during the season. Alternatively, you might choose relevant images that will keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds while they complete them. 

For example, if you’re promoting your boutique travel agency that specializes in curated trips to picturesque destinations, turn a stunning photograph of a unique destination into a puzzle.

Whichever picture you choose, this customer appreciation gift conveys a message of relaxation and challenge, urging the recipient to take a break and immerse themselves. You can find plenty of companies online that’ll turn your pictures into puzzles!

64 GB Apple iPad

“Teching the time to say thank you”

Best for: Tech-savvy customers

Price: $$$

Where to find it: Apple

This sleek customer appreciation gift is ideal for tech-savvy nomads. Customers are sure to love the ample storage space. Go for a neutral color like silver, or be bold by picking pink, blue, or yellow. Add a personal touch by engraving it free of charge. Plus, you can pair it with accessories like a custom iPad case or an Apple Pencil. 

Every time the customer uses the iPad, they’ll be reminded of your company’s generosity, reinforcing a positive association with the brand.

Holiday Gift Box

“Boxed seasonal delights overflowing with our thanks”

Best for: Anyone who celebrates year-end holidays

Price: $$

Where to find it: The Basketry

Holiday gift boxes are a festive way to convey gratitude to customers during the season of giving. These boxes come adorned with seasonal designs and are typically filled with a selection of handpicked items that either align with the holiday spirit or resonate with the recipient’s preferences. For example, you may find boxes filled with:

  • Holiday treats like cookies
  • Hot chocolate or seasonal coffee flavors
  • Festive candles with holiday scents like pine or cinnamon
  • Cozy apparel like socks or gloves

When sent as customer appreciation gifts, holiday gift boxes can vary based on your company’s industry, budget, and the recipient. Thankfully, you have plenty of options and can browse different selections online.

Customized Ornaments

“Festive keepsakes of our thanks”

Best for: Customers who celebrate Christmas

Price: $

Where to find it: Etsy or Zazzle

Custom ornaments are thoughtful customer appreciation gifts during the holiday season.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 39

Send personalized ornaments with the customer’s name or your company logo. Perfect for the holiday season, custom ornaments are a heartfelt way to express gratitude for several reasons:

  • They make a long-lasting impression. Unlike consumable gifts, ornaments have longevity. As the customer decorates their tree each year, they’ll be reminded of their relationship with your brand.
  • Ornaments offer a subtle branding opportunity. Subtly incorporate company colors, logos, or other brand identifiers into each ornament, ensuring that the brand remains top-of-mind in a non-intrusive way.
  • They can be customized to match any stylistic preferences. Ornaments are versatile in design, ranging from traditional shapes to intricate, modern designs. That enables your brand to choose a style that aligns best with its identity and the message you wish to convey.

Ornament’s seasonal relevance makes them especially meaningful during the holidays. As customer appreciation gifts, they emphasize the season’s spirit of giving. When customers unbox their beautifully-packaged custom ornaments, they’ll be delighted your company thought of them!

Holiday Snacks

“Baskets of joy overflowing with our thanks

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: Gourmet Gift Boxes

Holiday snacks provide a festive treat, allowing customers to indulge in seasonal flavors, fostering joy and gratitude. Find hand-curated baskets with gourmet treats like chocolates, spiced nuts, and specialty teas or coffees, all presented in festive packaging.

Warm Winter Accessories

“Warm thanks for your loyalty!”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $

Where to find it: Local retailers

Envelop customers in cozy comfort during the chillier months. You can send warm apparel to use throughout the season, such as:

  • Scarves
  • Beanies
  • Ear muffs
  • Mittens

Sending these items as customer appreciation gifts will symbolize your company’s care for customers’ well-being. For a touch of personalization, you might embroider your company’s logo or slogan on the apparel, too.

Desk Calendars

“Marking days and valuing your loyalty”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: VistaPrint

Some of your customers are probably counting down the days til the new year. Help them celebrate by creating a beautifully designed calendar for the upcoming year. Be sure to showcase high-quality images, inspirational quotes, or insights about your business. This customer appreciation gift idea enables recipients to mark days with a touch of design, and it’ll serve as a year-long reminder of a company’s appreciation.

Plenty of reputable companies online allow you to create these calendars, starting at around $10. Using a company like Shutterfly or VistaPrint, you have plenty of customization options. Simply choose a template, upload personal photos, and adjust the design to your liking!

Scented Candles

“Igniting gratitude one flame at a time”

Best for: Any customer

Price: Low-cost

Where to find it: Local retailers

Offer candles in holiday scents like pine, cinnamon, or cranberry to help customers get into the festive spirit. The gentle glow and aromatic embrace of scented candles will create a soothing atmosphere, symbolizing warmth and gratitude. Every time they light their candle and fill the air with the comforting scent, they’ll think of your company!

Wine or Sparkling Cider

“Sip, celebrate, cherish”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $$

Where to find it: 

Gift a bottle of good wine or sparkling cider adorned with a custom label thanking the customer for their loyalty. Gifting wine or sparkling cider elevates moments of celebration, signifying a toast to the customer’s continued loyalty. Be sure to double-check whether this is an acceptable customer appreciation gift idea with the recipient beforehand. You’ll want to be mindful of anyone who abstains from drinking for personal or religious reasons.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags

“Carry gratitude, reduce your carbon footprint”

Best for: Any customer, especially eco-conscious ones

Price: $

Where to find it: Local retailers

Offer reusable shopping bags as an inexpensive customer appreciation gift for eco-conscious individuals.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 40

Especially when boasting winter designs, reusable tote bags can be handy for customers during their holiday shopping. Not to mention, this customer appreciation gift idea will underscore your company’s commitment to sustainability. You’ll be able to reflect your values while also expressing your gratitude.

Holiday Cookie Tins

“A tin of heartfelt season’s sweets”

Best for: Any customer

Price: $-$$

Where to find it: Cookie Bouquets

Holiday cookie tins are festive customer appreciation gifts that people can indulge in.
53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 41

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like a delicious cookie and a glass of milk. Send out decorative tins filled with a variety of cookies, possibly even including a few recipes if baking is related to your brand. If you work for a smaller company with local clientele, you might even bake and package the cookies yourself. You’ll save money while adding a personal touch to each gift.

Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

“Bringing an enjoyable tradition indoors”

Best for: Loyal customers

Price: $$$

Where to find it: Uncommon Goods

Who doesn’t love a good s’more? For many of your customers, it may bring back memories of sitting around a campfire, indulging in sweet treats and laughter with the ones they love.

Bring that joy indoors with a tabletop s’mores-making kit. Since this kit is a little pricier, you might reserve this customer appreciation gift idea for loyal customers!

Wrapping Up: The Impact of Thoughtful Gifting

As you can see, there are plenty of creative customer appreciation gifts that can help your business thrive. Once you’ve chosen the best options for your business, determine the most appropriate time to send surprise gifts. Use our tips and ideas to help you decide, and don’t forget to ask for feedback on every gift.

Remember, eCards are one of the most versatile gifts, whether you want to send them to valued customers or enable your clients to send them. You can even pair them with other gifts to share a personal message!

While you make your decision, check out these additional resources to learn more about using eCards to reward customers and employees alike:

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53 Customer Appreciation Gifts That Go Beyond Discounts 42