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Create customizable eCards to impress your audience! Choose a design, add your logo and message, and let your audience share them with their friends.

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Show your supporters how much you appreciate them with our heartfelt eCards. Our platform allows you to collect donations directly through the eCard, making fundraising easy and effective.

Celebrate Your Employees with eCards

Empower peer-to-peer recognition with customizable eCards that enable employees to appreciate and recognize each other’s hard work. Foster a culture of appreciation.

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Recognize and thank your donors with heartfelt eCards that also streamline the giving process by collecting donations directly through the eCard. Show your gratitude and make a meaningful impact with our convenient solution.

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Employee Recognition eCard Software

Create Custom eCards to Boost Morale

Branded, personalized digital greeting cards offer more than just HR tools. Employees can also send appreciations to each other, fostering a positive, motivating workplace.

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Successful Employee Recognition Card Examples

We’ve empowered all sorts of companies and nonprofits to launch employee engagement programs. To inspire your recognition program’s design, here are some of our favorite examples.

More Employee Recognition eCards

Why Create Employee Recognition eCards?

Your employees work day in and day out to push your initiatives forward and keep operations running smoothly. Make sure you’re recognizing employees for their contributions. Acknowledge hard work and empower everyone to shout out peers to boost employee morale and reduce attrition. You can even celebrate special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries to show you care.

Around 46% of people have left a job because they felt unappreciated.

Organizations with employee recognition programs see employee performance, engagement, and productivity increase by 14% more than those without. 

Strong employee recognition programs reduce turnover rates by 31%.

Our software makes it easy to design standout employee appreciation cards branded to your company.

How Our Employee Recognition Card Tools Can Help

Office recognition eCards are a great way to celebrate little wins. With our simple tool, make branded digital greeting cards for any occasion. They’re great for manager-to-team and peer-to-peer recognition to create a culture of employee appreciation and boost retention. Plus, they’re branded to reinforce your company values and mission!

Making Your Employee Recognition Cards

eCardWidget empowers you to launch an employee recognition program within minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add your branding to our office recognition cards and create designs for custom imagery for all occasions.
  2. Sort the digital greeting cards by holidays, internal goals & targets, company values, and team milestones to foster a recognition culture internally.
  3. Embed them into your internal company portal so they’re easy to access and send!
  4. From here, start sending eCards. Senders can customize the messages sent along with each eCard and pair it with an employee appreciation gift.

Peer-to-Peer eCard Software

Sending notes of encouragement isn’t just for HR and managers; it’s for everyone in your organization! Enable employees to recognize their colleagues for exceptional contributions. That way, you’ll infuse an appreciative atmosphere throughout your entire organization.

Empower employees to send employee recognition cards to their peers.

Why Use eCardWidget For Your Employee Appreciation Cards?

We’re trusted! We’ve helped thousands of organizations make a difference in their company culture, retain top talent, and foster a welcoming environment through employee recognition cards.


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When to Use Employee Recognition eCards

Call out top performers and reward teamwork to inspire others.

Reward those who embody company values.

Celebrate work anniversaries, project completions, and other milestones.

Call out professional development milestones like mentoring or earning certifications.

Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions to show you care.

Celebrate personal accomplishments like having a baby.

Say farewell to retirees by acknowledging their contributions.

Express condolences when an employee experiences a personal loss.

Peer-to-Peer eCard Software

Our widget works on all major platforms and seamlessly plugs into any website, employee portal, or intranet. Incorporating employee recognition cards into your organization has never been easier!

Our employee appreciation card creation platform integrates with several websites, employee portals, and intranets.

What People Say About Our Employee Recognition Cards

You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from other HR Directors, EVPs, and people professionals about how our employee appreciation cards helped them.

This year, we had the opportunity to partner with eCardWidget to implement our first formal recognition within our organization. As the leader in social determinants of health, it’s important that we show our internal team members that we care as much as we do our external members. We have been able to create birthday cards, anniversary cards, company value cards as well as get well soon, thank you, and sympathy. This program has enhanced our overall culture, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you for offering a way to make connections to team members.

Donte Fears

Director, Culture and Team Member Experience, Modivcare

Amazing customer service! Customer service was great and super efficient! Great service! We had to add a language to the app, and it was done in just a few hours. The widget works perfectly and really user friendly. Really happy with it! 


Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

A+ customer service and plugin! Loved the plugin/widget from the beginning, and Tim made it even better by being super helpful and responsive to ensure it worked well for our organization of about 7,000 staff. It’s easy to upload your own graphics or make cards on your own and place on our website. Definitely recommend!


St. Joseph's Healthcare

Employee Recognition Card FAQ

What are the benefits of employee recognition cards?

Companies send appreciation eCards to boost morale and retention. When you pair your eCard with a personal message, it’ll stand out as genuine. Plus, digital greeting cards are sustainable and easy to send when you’re backed by a convenient tool like eCardWidget. Create collections for different business initiatives, like employee appreciation. Then, when you want to send a token of your gratitude, you can select the appropriate design, customize it with a message, and deliver it directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Bonus: eCardWidget makes employee appreciation even easier with scheduled sending. That means you’ll never forget another employee’s birthday or work anniversary again!

What should I write in employee appreciation eCards?

It depends on the occasion, but typically, you’ll want to greet them by name, specify what you’re recognizing them for, and close with your name. Be sure your note conveys your genuine appreciation! You can also attach a gift like a gift card redemption information if you’re feeling extra appreciative.

When should I send employee appreciation cards to have the most impact?

What’s great about employee recognition cards is that you can send them whenever someone goes above and beyond in their role. However, there are also specific occasions where you’ll want to send these eCards, like Employee Appreciation Day, holidays, work anniversaries, and retirement.

What gifts can I pair with employee recognition cards?

By combining an employee recognition eCard with a thoughtful company gift, you can create a memorable and meaningful eCard. First, you’ll want to know your employees pretty well. What are their interests outside of work? Then, pick gifts that align with those interests, like a digital gift card or a redemption code to order a specific gift. You can also hand-deliver or ship items, such as company swag, relaxation products, or tech to enhance the work-from-home experience.

Create Your Employee Recognition Cards with eCardWidget

We make launching an effective employee engagement program quick and simple.

Easy – Sign up, create standout designs, and share your cards in minutes.
Personal – Infuse your company’s branding by changing colors and adding your logo to your online employee appreciation cards.
Fast – Empower leadership and employees to send employee recognition cards via email or other social platforms instantly.