Invitations for your website and app is an innovative way to add ecards to your website, app, bulletin or anywhere else so you can share invitations via email and social media

Okay, how does it work?

1. Create an invitation or ecard

Choose from our ecard templates or upload your own design. The ecards can be embedded or linked to from your website or app.

2. Personalize it and send it

Simply pick from sending options like Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Then add recipients and a personal message. After that just click send!

3. Recipients receive the ecard

The recipients receive your custom ecard which can also include your organization's logo, directions, and links back to your website.

Sign ups

Ecards sent

Designs uploaded

Quick and Easy

Before it would take a web developer weeks to create an ecard widget for your. But now with our system you can simply sign up, choose your ecards, and share the invite widget on your website or anywhere else. Your members will be inviting people in no time!

Make it yours

Take advantage of the vast array of options available for customizing your invites, widget and more. Adding your logo, changing layout colors, and switching themes has never been easier. And we’re making it better all the time.

Send with ease

Your members will be able to send an invitation in a few quick-n-easy steps. They just choose an invite, how to send it, then personalize and send. Now that’s easy. Plus, with the social media features there is no limit to the amount of people that can be reached on Facebook and Twitter!

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