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Spending on customer and employee appreciation has skyrocketed. According to a corporate gifting study, the market’s risen to be a $242 billion industry, which is up from $217 billion just 4 years ago. Companies are putting more money into customer and employee engagement than ever before.

Whether you want to show appreciation for a hardworking employee or let one of your most loyal customers know you value them, corporate gifting gets the job done. After all, who doesn’t love getting a surprise gift in their inbox or on their doorstep?

To cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships, you need to give the right gifts that you know will resonate with your recipients. If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of 170+ corporate gift ideas that will make an impact on any employee, member, customer, or corporate partner. We’ve broken our ideas down into these categories:

At eCardWidget, we empower businesses everywhere to send thoughtful corporate gifts with our digital greeting card tools. Over the years, we’ve seen which gifts resonate and which don’t elicit responses companies need. We’re happy to share our insight into what we’ve learned.

Now, let’s dive right into some best practices for choosing the best gifts. Then, we’ll explore these top corporate gift ideas that you can use to motivate employees and appreciate customers

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170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 29

Choosing The Right Corporate Gift Ideas

As a business leader, you’re always striving to be a step above the competition. That goes for your corporate gifts, too!

You want to stand out from the crowd with your gifts. Luckily, there are several ways you can choose the best ideas and then make them even more memorable to the recipient.

Follow these best practices to choose the right corporate gift ideas for your constituents.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 30

Personalize Your Corporate Gifts.

Ideally, you’ll know some personal details about whoever you want to send a gift — whether it’s an employee, customer, or partner. If not, do some research about them. Then, pick a corporate gift that’s relevant, practical, and enjoyable!

Even after choosing an item or experience, personalize it further by including a customized letter. Write a thoughtful note or send an eCard addressed to the recipient that explains why you’re sending the gift, what value you hope it provides, and your plan for continuing your relationship with them.

Brand Gifts To Your Company When Possible.

Not every gift will lend itself well to branding, but when you can, make sure to infuse recognizable elements. Here are a few examples of ways to make your brand shine through:

  • Logo Imprints: Add your company’s logo or name to your gifts. Depending on the item, you can use methods like screen printing, embroidery, or engraving. Aim to display it prominently but tastefully integrate it into the design.
  • Custom Packaging: Design unique packaging that features your company’s colors and logo. This adds a touch of professionalism that reinforces your brand before they even open the gift.
  • Digital Branding: If you’re going with a digital gift, customize the email templates or digital delivery messages. For example, eCardWidget’s business marketing tools empower you to deliver eCards that fully embody your brand with custom colors, graphics, and messages.

Your goal should be to strike a balance between showcasing your brand and providing a thoughtful gift. By infusing your brand tastefully, you can create a positive association between the recipient and your company.

Develop Goals For Your Corporate Gifts.

The best gifts will be mutually beneficial. In other words, each one you send should help your organization achieve a specific goal. What’s your call to action? Do you want to spread brand awareness, encourage sales, or promote employee engagement?

Particularly for customers and partners, determine how to drive the most ROI with each gift. To do this, start by considering where your recipient falls in the sales cycle. What communicates that your company genuinely cares about them and took the time to send a thoughtful corporate gift?

You want to elicit a positive response with your gift. Make them interact with your gift somehow, whether that’s opening an interactive eCard, eating snacks from a food basket, or redeeming a code on your website. Something that encourages them to interact will make your corporate gifts much more memorable than something they can toss in a drawer and forget about.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas

The best corporate gift ideas fall under several popular categories. We’ll explore plenty of presents for different recipients, but let’s first explore some of the best corporate gift ideas for any occasion.

1. eCards

Throughout the year, send thoughtful greeting cards as corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 31

eCards are unique, thoughtful corporate gifts with unlimited uses. Once you create a set of branded digital cards, you can send them at any time for any occasion. Send eCards to celebrate customers’ birthdays, recognize employees, or accompany another corporate gift for an added personal touch. For example, you can easily add custom discount codes or a link to a digital gift card.

These work as memorable gifts for a handful of reasons, including:

  • Affordability: All you’ll really need to pay for is the cards or the platform you’re using. For example, you can pay a flat fee for eCardWidget’s eCard creation platform and design as many eCards as you want. No need to pay for printing or shipping costs!
  • Customizability: Infuse your brand into every design. Start from scratch or customize one of our templates with your company’s logo, images, fonts, and more!
  • Versatility: Create designs for every occasion. From holiday and birthday cards to thank-you and Employee Appreciation Day notes, you can create collections that work year-round.
  • Quick Deliverability: Send digital greeting cards instantly! That way, you can let someone know your company’s thinking of them even if you forgot a special occasion.

Curious about how it works? Here’s an overview of eCardWidget’s easy-to-use platform:

You can easily infuse your company’s branding into any design. Choose from templates to get started or start from scratch for a design that’s entirely your own. From celebrating birthdays to simply saying “thanks,” greeting cards are the perfect gift anyone will love.

Overall, eCards are inexpensive, heartfelt, and easy to send whenever you want as a quick gift of appreciation. Start brainstorming how you’ll transform them into a regular part of your customer and employee appreciation practices.

2. Gift boxes

These are some of the most common corporate gift ideas because they’re so flexible. You can order premade gift boxes or create your own, and you can fill them with anything you want, from food to branded items to candles. 

3. Branded merchandise

Both employees and loyal customers love to receive items with your logo on them. New team members will feel proud to wear branded t-shirts, and long-time customers will enjoy showing off their exclusive bags or stickers featuring your brand name. Plus, you’ll benefit from increased brand recognition when recipients wear or use their items in public.

4. Personalized gifts

Ultimately, the best corporate gifts are ones that appeal to the individual recipient’s likes and interests, so aim to personalize gifts whenever possible. If you’re not sure what an employee or customer would appreciate most, consider sending out a survey or even using AI to select personalized gift ideas based on an analysis of the recipient’s online presence.

5. Choose their own gift

Not sure what kind of gift a certain employee might like? Let them choose their own! Many gifting companies allow recipients to choose their own gift from a list of pre-selected items in your company’s price range. 

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Your employees work on the ground level every day to keep your doors open. Show your appreciation for your hardworking employees with compelling gift ideas. These employee gift ideas can help you boost engagement and create a more positive work culture that boosts employee retention. 

6. Employee recognition eCards

These employee recognition eCards are examples of one of our favorite corporate gift ideas for employees.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 32

Our favorite way to recognize employees is to use eCards like these! Create a set of branded eCards to celebrate milestones, acknowledge accomplishments, or highlight your company’s values. Then, make the eCards available to everyone so that managers can recognize hardworking employees and peers can recognize each other. These corporate gifts are small and simple, but they can make a big impact on your day-to-day operations. 

7. Personalized mugs

Personalizing mugs for each of your employees can be a nice gesture at the end of a successful project or at an employee appreciation event. Brand the mugs with your logo, then add each employee’s name or an image that you know they’ll like. Ask managers and supervisors for input on employee preferences if needed.

8. Work-from-home accessories

It can be hard to engage employees who you don’t see face-to-face every day. One common solution is to send frequent gifts to let remote employees know you care about them. Work-from-home accessories like charging stations, desk organizers, and wireless phone chargers make great options for these employees. 

9. Swag boxes

As we mentioned earlier, any merchandise branded with your company name and logo can be a popular gift, especially for new team members. You can add even more excitement to this gift idea by turning it into a box full of branded swag. Add in t-shirts, notebooks, hats, stickers, and anything else you think your employees would appreciate.

10. Starbucks gift cards

Don’t doubt the power of a simple, classic gift card for something almost everyone needs more of—coffee. When asked to choose between a Starbucks gift card and a free lunch or bottle of wine, you may be surprised how many people choose the gift card. These are great gifts to give employees for small achievements or milestones. Let them celebrate their hard work with free coffee!

11. Blue light glasses

Anyone who works in an office spends most of their day staring at a screen. This is not only hard on employees’ eyes, but it can also drain their energy and make it harder to complete tasks. Blue light glasses that filter harsh screen lights can help fix this issue and show your employees that you’re dedicated to improving their work experience.

12. Professional development books

With this corporate gift idea for employees, you can show you care about your employees' professional development.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 33

Encourage your employees and other professionals to continue enhancing their skills with professional development books. These corporate gifts provide knowledge and insights that can launch someone’s career forward, and they’d have you to thank!

Choose a book or let the recipient choose one that addresses topics like leadership, communication, and productivity. Choose one that shares practical advice and inspiration that empowers the reader to continue developing their career.

13. Professional development courses

Give a hands-on corporate gift that inspires employees to grow specific skills or knowledge relevant to your field. Courses can be online classes, in-person workshops, or self-paced learning modules. Your workers will value opportunities that expand their expertise like this. In fact, one employee retention survey found that individuals with access to professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged and have 34% higher retention than those without.

14. Audiobook subscriptions

Have a lot of avid readers in the office? Give away six-month or even year-long audiobook subscriptions that let employees access thousands of books. 

15. Laptop cases

You have a few options for turning laptop cases into fun employee gifts. You could add your company’s branding, let employees choose their favorite from a few options, or personalize the cases for each employee. Laptop cases can work especially well as onboarding gifts for new team members. 

16. High-quality pens

Try sending your customers, partners, and employees high-quality pens. These make for classic and elegant corporate gifts. Not to mention, they’re practical and will convey your company’s appreciation for craftsmanship. You can also engrave them with your company logo, transforming them into a subtle marketing tool.

17. Personalized leather portfolios

Leather portfolios are sophisticated corporate gifts that exude professionalism. Typically, they include compartments for documents, pens, notepads, and business cards, making them perfect for employees and partners who value professionalism.

Be sure to imprint your company’s logo and the recipient’s name or initials. Doing so will level up this gift and make it more personal.

18. Business cardholders

This corporate gift is great for individuals who own business cards. They’re practical items that help professionals organize their cards and keep them accessible. You can go with metal or leather. Either way, be sure to engrave your company logo on the cardholder, turning it into a subtle branding opportunity whenever the recipient gives someone their business card.

19. Customized planners

Want to encourage your recipient to stay organized in their daily life? Give them a personalized planner. To brand it to your company, you can feature the following:

  • Your company logo
  • Your official colors
  • Custom pages with important reminders related to your business

Whoever you give this corporate gift to will be able to stay on top of their schedule and set goals throughout the year.

20. Customized desk nameplates

Nameplates are professional corporate gifts for any of your constituents. However, they’re ideal for employees, executives, and valued clients. They add a touch of professionalism to any workspace and should include details like the recipient’s name or job title. They also come in various materials like wood, metal, and acrylic. Customize the font to make it fully personalized.

No matter your design, desk nameplates make thoughtful corporate gifts that create a sense of ownership and pride among recipients.

21. Company t-shirts and hoodies

With these corporate gift ideas for employees, they can show off their pride for your company by wearing branded apparel.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 34

Create branded apparel items to give away to loyal customers, partners, and employees. Your design should clearly represent your company by featuring your logo or a custom design. When you go with high-quality materials and vibrant colors, recipients will be proud to sport your company’s apparel around town. For employees in particular, company t-shirts and hoodies create a sense of unity while also promoting your brand outside of the workplace.

22. Company hats

As another form of branded apparel, company hats make excellent, practical corporate gifts. Feature your company logo or name embroidered on the hat. In turn, people can show off their affiliation with your company each time they wear it. Great for style and practicality, hats can protect people from the harsh sun while adding a stylish accessory to any outfit.

23. Desk lamps

Give employees, clients, and corporate partners a functional and stylish lamp that enhances their work environment. Light up their workspace to create a pleasant aesthetic for their office. Consider which design would best fit the recipient’s preferences. You might go with a modern, minimalist, or adjustable option.

24. Branded notebooks

Send employees custom notebooks with your company logo and colors. You can also go for a premium, leatherbound notebook imprinted with your company logo. Great for daily use, recipients can use their notebooks for note-taking, brainstorming, and organizing their thoughts.

25. Desk clocks

Add style and functionality to any workspace by giving clients, employees, and other constituents a stylish desk clock. From classic analog clocks to modern digital displays, this corporate gift idea can serve as a powerful reminder of your company’s appreciation.

26. Professional photo sessions

Provide professional photography sessions if you want unique corporate gifts employees and customers will remember.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 35

This corporate gift can help recipients either capture important moments or create professional headshots. Whether for personal or business use, professional photography sessions can deliver cherished keepsakes.

27. Desk puzzle or brain teaser

A desk puzzle or brain teaser is an interactive corporate gift that encourages the recipient to enjoy a quick break from work. You have plenty of options, from wooden brain teasers to 3D puzzles. These types of puzzles are compact and provide recipients with a mental challenge that doubles as a welcomed break from work.

28. Ergonomic chairs

You want your employees to be comfortable while working, so gift them ergonomic chairs. This practical gift is designed to provide optimal comfort during long hours of sitting. A high-quality one will promote proper posture with adjustable settings for height, seat depth, and lumbar support.

This can make a great gift for new employees you’ve recruited, so you can help them set up their office or at-home work environment. Consider providing guidance on adjusting the chair properly, so recipients won’t have any trouble getting it into the perfect position.

Unique Corporate Gifts People Will Remember

It’s easy to fall into the routine of giving the same old gifts. Freshen your approach with these unique corporate gifts that work for anyone in your network, whether they’re an employee, customer, or business partner!

29. Birthday eCards

This is an example of a birthday eCard, one of our favorite unique corporate gift ideas for employees and customers.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 36

Imagine getting a bunch of interactive eCards with personal messages from each of your colleagues on your birthday. Or, what if you got a personalized birthday eCard with a 50% off coupon code from your favorite brand? Both of these options and more are possible through eCardWidget. Create branded birthday eCards that both your leadership and team members can send to celebrate each other on their special days.

30. Insulated lunch bags

Help employees and clients keep their meals fresh while on the go with insulated lunch bags. These bags are designed to keep food at the desired temperature. Not only are these helpful, but they’re eco-friendly, too! Look for ones that are made of durable and sustainable materials. That way, you can communicate your company’s commitment to sustainability.

31. Puzzles

Puzzles have gained popularity in recent years and can make for a pretty unique gift option. You can customize them with a design that’s relevant to your business and encourage customers to share photos of their finished puzzles on social media.

32. Hammocks

If your audience is full of outdoor enthusiasts or those who live in an area with plenty of popular hiking spots, hammocks are the perfect corporate gift idea. Just make sure you include straps to hang them up with, too!

33. Charcuterie boards

Charcuterie boards can be a long-lasting, useful gift for those who love hosting parties or getting creative in the kitchen. Make this corporate gift even more appealing by turning it into a gift basket and including a selection of cheeses, crackers, and fruits.

34. Personalized travel accessories

Travel accessories make an excellent corporate gift for professionals who travel for work. For example, you can send them to your corporate partners who frequently travel for your meetings.

Try sending travel kits with the following:

  • Luggage tags
  • Passport holders
  • Travel wallets
  • Luggage scales

Add a personal touch such as your company logo or the recipient’s initials. This transforms the accessories into a unique, tailored gift. They’re practical, reflect the recipient’s sophisticated travel style, and promote your company in one fell swoop.

35. Potted succulents

Liven up people's workspaces with succulents, which make unique corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 37

Give loyal customers and employees potted succulents. They’re great decorations for the house and are fairly low maintenance. While they require minimal care, their greenery can light up an otherwise bland home or office space. Known for their unique styles and unwavering resilience, succulents are a great way to liven up someone’s atmosphere.

Small plants like these are some of the most widely-appealing unique gifts for employees or customers. You can easily add your logo and branding to planters through companies like Lula’s Garden.

36. Logo keychains

Everyone has a set of keys they carry with them. Help make theirs more stylish with a company logo keychain. They’re simple corporate gifts that serve as a constant reminder of your brand whenever the recipient uses their keys.

You can either go for a sleek look with a metal keychain, a sophisticated look with a leather one, or a fun look with a silicone one. These work great for anyone who loves your company!

37. Personalized wine or whiskey glasses

Want to add a touch of elegance to your corporate gifts? Try personalized wine or whiskey glasses. You can customize them with the recipient’s initials, making them unique and thoughtful. Doing so will transform this gift into a special part of their home barware collection.

Wine and whiskey glasses suit a variety of occasions, such as milestones or celebrations. Pinpoint the wine and whiskey enthusiasts in your midst to make sure these corporate gifts go to recipients who will value them. Also note that you’ll need to check if this is an appropriate gift since some people abstain from drinking for personal or religious reasons.

38. High-end wallets

Choose high-end wallets as your next corporate gift to exude sophistication and style. We recommend going with premium materials like leather. Choosing high-quality wallets will communicate that your company values impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. You’ll give recipients a durable corporate gift that offers functionality and makes a fashion statement. Every time they pull out this practical accessory, your employees and clients will think of your company.

39. Stickers or car decals

Go with stickers for an incredibly versatile corporate gift. Customize the design with your logo, slogan, or another unique design connected to your company. We recommend going with adhesive vinyl for a higher-quality, longer-lasting product. Employees, customers, and partners alike can apply the stickers to anything they want, such as:

  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Water bottles
  • Cars

Much like branded apparel, branded stickers offer a subtle marketing opportunity when placed on personal belongings that’ll be visible to others.

40. Personalized coasters

Coasters are practical corporate gift ideas that can be customized to show off your company’s brand. Either engrave or print your company logo or a custom design on them. People can use their personalized coasters to protect surfaces from drink spills and condensation, making them perfect for daily use. These thoughtful gifts will remind recipients of their connection to your company every time they use them.

41. Kitchen gadgets

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen will love kitchen gadgets. You might send them multi-functional utensils, measuring cups, or small kitchen appliances. There are so many fun options out there, allowing you to get creative with this corporate gift idea.

42. Mini indoor gardens

Help people bring a touch of nature to their homes and workspaces with mini indoor gardens. Great for enhancing the work environment, these are compact gardens that are ideal for small plants like succulents and herbs. They’re often housed in stylish containers or terrariums, providing the perfect touch to any atmosphere. Mini indoor gardens can contribute a calming element to the environment and provide the recipient with a connection to nature, even when stuck inside.

43. Standing desk converters

Constituents who work from home will appreciate a standing desk converter. Instead of sitting all day, they can transform their regular desks into an ergonomic workspace. These adjustable platforms can be placed on top of existing desks, giving recipients the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday. By sending this corporate gift, companies can enhance recipients’ posture, energy levels, and comfort.

44. Fragrance diffusers

Diffusers can enhance the atmosphere and create an inviting environment. They release a continuous fragrance into the air, improving the ambiance and keeping the air smelling fresh. Diffusers come in different scents, so be sure to pick one your recipient will love.

45. Smart water bottle

Help people stay hydrated with a high-quality smart water bottle, which are some of our favorite unique corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 38

Help loyal employees and customers stay hydrated throughout the day with smart water bottles. Turn hydration into a game by picking bottles with built-in hydration tracking, reminders to drink water, and integration with popular fitness apps. People will enjoy tracking their water intake and maintaining health and proper hydration levels. You can also brand the water bottles with your company’s logo and colors.

46. Self-heating smart mug

We’ve all made a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and been disappointed when it’s lukewarm after a few minutes. Resolve that issue by giving people self-heating smart mugs. This corporate gift keeps beverages at the ideal temperature by using advanced technology to heat drinks. They often come equipped with temperature control settings and may even be controlled via a mobile app. You simply charge yours up. Then, when you’re ready to use it, take it off the charger, fill it up, and enjoy a hot beverage throughout the day. No need to reheat your drink in the microwave!

47. Monogrammed luggage tags

Anyone who travels will appreciate a monogrammed luggage tag. If you want a personalized corporate gift idea, this is the way to go! Customize the luggage tags with the individual’s name or initials, making it easy to identify their luggage at the airport and showcase a sense of style while traveling.

48. Engraved pocket watches

Pocket watches are timeless, sophisticated corporate gifts that serve as stylish fashion accessories. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and brass, pocket watches can be customized with engraved initials or a special message. They exude charm and serve as sentimental keepsakes. By giving this to your constituents, your company will communicate that it values craftsmanship.

49. Engraved glass paperweights

A glass paperweight is a personalized corporate gift that can help decorate an office space. When you choose a glass one, you can easily engrave it, which means you can customize it with your company’s logo, the recipient’s name, or a special message of appreciation.

50. Portable air purifiers

Help your loyal employees and customers improve their indoor air quality with portable air purifiers. These compact devices filter out pollutants, allergens, and odors, making the air fresher and more breathable. These are thoughtful corporate gifts for recipients who work in offices, travel frequently, or require fresher air due to health conditions like asthma. Sending portable air purifiers will communicate that your company cares about recipients’ well-being and work or environments.

51. Engraved bottle openers

Send a practical corporate gift that combines functionality with personalization. Bottle openers are often made from durable materials like stainless steel that can include custom engravings, such as your company logo. Customers and employees will enjoy having a handy tool that also serves as a memento of your company’s appreciation.

Meaningful Corporate Gift Sets

Sometimes you can’t decide on a single gift, and that’s okay! Explore the following corporate gift set ideas that’ll deliver the joy of multiple gifts in one.

52. French press coffee gift sets

Here’s the ideal corporate gift idea for coffee enthusiasts who prefer making a cup of joe each morning: a French press coffee gift set. In your set, you can include items like:

  • A high-quality French press
  • Premium coffee beans
  • A branded mug

Anyone who appreciates the rich flavor of freshly brewed coffee will love this thoughtful gift! It’ll bring a touch of refinement to their typical coffee routine.

53. Skincare sets

Promote self-care and well-being by sending your customers, employees, and partners skincare sets. These sets commonly include high-quality skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers, and masks. Note that different products cater to different skin types and concerns, so ask your recipients to indicate which ones they’d like if possible. Recipients will enjoy pampering themselves and having an at-home spa day thanks to your company!

54. At-home cocktail sets

Give your at-home bartenders this sophisticated and stylish corporate gift. Anyone who enjoys mixing and experimenting with cocktails will enjoy a cocktail set that includes items like:

  • High-quality bar tools
  • Premium spirits or mixers
  • Recipe guides

Using these items, people can create their favorite cocktails in the comfort of their homes. They’ll feel inspired to get creative and learn new mixes. If you send a branded cocktail set, this can help showcase your company’s commitment to refinement.

55. Movie night gift boxes

Send curated gift sets that include everything needed for a cozy movie night at home. In your box, you might include:

  • Popcorn and gourmet snacks
  • Beverages
  • DVDs or a streaming gift card

With this corporate gift idea, you’ll provide a relaxing experience for recipients and their families, allowing them to unwind and enjoy quality time with those they love.

56. High-end toolkits

Anyone who appreciates craftsmanship and DIY projects will love this corporate gift idea. High-end toolkits can include a curated selection of tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, hammers, and more. Designed to provide reliable performance, high-end toolkits are valuable gifts that recipients can use for home improvement projects and personal hobbies.

57. Premium coffee sets

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, so send premium coffee beans or grounds as unique corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 39

Coffee enthusiasts will love receiving a hand-curated set of premium coffee. Using a corporate gifting company, you can choose sets with high-quality coffee beans from specialty roasters along with a stylish coffee mug. Anyone who appreciates a good cup of joe will love this corporate gift! If given the option, you may want to personalize the set with your company logo.

58. Premium herbal tea sets

Not everyone loves coffee, and that’s okay! For tea drinkers, send premium herbal tea sets. These sets commonly include a selection of herbal teas, infusers, and maybe a sophisticated tea cup. You might choose a themed set, such as a holiday-themed box with peppermint, cranberry, or gingerbread tea. Like with the coffee set, you may want to customize the tea set with your company’s branding, making it a relaxing yet memorable corporate gift.

59. Stationery sets

Looking for the ideal corporate gift for someone who likes to stay organized? Send stationery sets! Pair your stationery with other items to transform it into a fun organizational package. You can neatly package items like the following together:

  • Notepads
  • Sticky notes
  • Fun-colored paper clips
  • Pencils, highlighters, and other writing utensils

For an added touch, try designing stationery and other supplies with your company logo, so the recipient will think of your company every time they use them. You’ll promote productivity while providing recipients with practical tools for daily note-taking and brainstorming.

60. Self-care boxes

Give your employees a break by sending self-care boxes. These curated boxes can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. Throw in a few bags of tea, some comfy socks, and a nice journal, or go all out with a certificate for a spa treatment and a nice bottle of wine.

61. Artisanal olive oil and vinegar sets

Great for at-home chefs, artisanal olive oil and vinegar sets can elevate the cooking experience. These culinary-inspired corporate gift sets often include locally-sourced bottles of vinegar and olive oil, carefully selected for their exceptional quality. Encourage recipients to experiment with gourmet recipes and improve their culinary creations.

62. Keyboard and mouse sets

Keyboard and mouse sets are functional corporate gifts that work great for employees and clients who work extensively on computers. Choose a set that offers ergonomically designed keyboards and mice to enhance comfort during work hours. By gifting one of these sets, companies can communicate that they care about recipients’ well-being.

63. Gardening kits

Customers and employees with green thumbs might enjoy a gardening kit. This corporate gift idea encourages people to relax and get outdoors. In these kits, you’ll find essential tools, seeds, and instructions to grow plants.

64. BBQ rub set

A BBQ rub set is a gourmet corporate gift that adds some flavor to recipients’ cookouts. Great for those who enjoy grilling, these sets include various seasoning blends catered to outdoor cooking. By gifting this to your valued customers and employees, you can add a sizzle to their grilling endeavors.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Need a more seasonally-appropriate gift to give employees or customers? These corporate gift ideas will get anyone in the holiday spirit and inspire gratitude for your company’s thoughtfulness. 

65. Holiday eCards

This is an example of a Christmas eCard you can send as thoughtful corporate holiday gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 40

Holiday greeting cards are always appreciated this time of year. Save time and money this year by sending holiday eCards instead of physical cards to all your customers and employees. Using an eCard site, you can create multiple custom designs and add a personal message to each eCard to retain that heartfelt, personal touch. 

66. Candles

Candles can work well as corporate gifts any time of the year, but there are plenty of popular scents for the holidays that can brighten up the season for recipients. Choose from large or small candles, classic wick or wood wick, and a wide variety of holiday scents. Or, create a candle gift box!

67. Hot chocolate

If you often give coffee or tea as gifts, spice it up around the holidays by sending hot chocolate instead. You can send a variety of hot chocolate flavors and even pair the gift with candy canes and a nice mug. 

68. Blankets

Don’t want to align your corporate holiday gifts with a specific holiday? Opt for cozy blankets instead. Consider pairing a blanket with a hat and gloves if your recipients live in an especially cold place. 

69. Champagne

Around New Year’s, you can’t go wrong with a classic champagne gift. Give bottles out to employees at New Year’s work parties or to customers at any brand events. 

70. Baking gift set

Many people bake around the holidays, so gift sets of baking supplies are another good seasonally-appropriate option. Along with the baking supplies, add a cookbook and a branded apron to round out the gift set.

71. Drinkware

The holidays also mean plenty of events, parties, and family gatherings. Help your audience out by sending sets of quality drinkware that they can use right away. Or, send out exclusive branded glasses instead. 

72. Cocktail recipe book

This example shows how one company offered a cocktail recipe cookbook as corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 41

In the example above, California Wines created a branded cocktail recipe book as a corporate holiday gift for customers and paired it with their eCard campaign. This is a unique twist on traditional recipe books that works well for the season. 

73. Photo frames

Encourage recipients to display cherished memories on their desks or around their homes by sending them photo frames. These are timeless gifts that can be personalized with custom engravings.

Depending on your budget and the look you’re going for, you can choose from a variety of materials, like wood, glass, or sterling silver. No matter what, frames make thoughtful corporate gifts that add a personal touch to someone’s environment and will create a positive connection with your brand.

74. Comfy socks

Anyone loves a soft pair of socks. Comfy socks make for a practical corporate gift for valued employees, customers, and business partners alike. They’re perfect for chilly offices or relaxing at home. Choose ones that are made from software and breathable materials, ensuring a comfortable fit. If you want to infuse your branding, you can even customize the design with your company’s logo or choose designs associated with your business.

75. Customized holiday gift baskets

Create beautifully curated holiday gift baskets filled with an assortment of festive treats and thoughtful items. Customize the baskets with the recipient’s logo or company name to add a personal touch. Include a variety of holiday-themed items such as:

  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Homemade cookies
  • Specialty teas or coffees
  • Scented candles

These delightful gift baskets are sure to spread cheer and appreciation to clients, partners, and employees during the holiday season.

76. Branded Christmas ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are wonderfully festive corporate holiday gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 42

Another fun corporate holiday gift idea is to create Christmas tree ornaments with your company’s branding. Make sure the design is creative and appealing so customers will want to add them to their trees year after year!

77. Gingerbread house kits

Encourage people to unleash their creativity with a gingerbread house kit. Be sure to include sprinkles, candy canes, Christmas M&Ms, and other festive decorations. That way, they can make the ultimate festive gingerbread house.

78. Calendar

The end of the year is the perfect time to gift a calendar and help people look ahead to the new year. Send calendars for the upcoming year, and customize them with your company’s logo, inspirational quotes, and important dates.

79. Cozy winter accessories

Help everyone stay warm during the cold winter months with cozy winter accessories. Your company can send them plush blankets, scarves, gloves, or knit beanies. Double-check that recipients live in areas where it gets cool enough to enjoy these corporate gifts, though!

Socially-Conscious Corporate Gift Ideas

Did you know you can align your gifting strategy with your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility? Customers and employees alike want to support companies that align with their values. In fact, sources estimate that 90% of consumers worldwide are likely to switch to brands supporting good causes, while 66% would pay more to CSR-focused businesses. These gifts can help you make it clear that you’re focused on being socially responsible.

80. Charitable donations

The best socially-conscious corporate gift idea is simply to donate in your employee or customer’s honor. Reach out to the recipient to ask which nonprofit they’d like you to donate to on their behalf, or choose a nonprofit that you already know aligns with their giving preferences. 

81. Volunteer grants

You can start a volunteer grant program at your company as a long-lasting corporate gift for employees. Essentially, when an employee volunteers, they can submit a request for your business to donate to the nonprofit based on the number of hours they’ve volunteered. 

Here’s a breakdown of the three steps that go into receiving and processing a volunteer grant request:

  1. The employee volunteers at an eligible nonprofit. To ensure employees can volunteer at the organizations they care about, keep your eligibility guidelines broad. Most businesses usually only exclude religious and political nonprofits from their volunteer grant programs. 
  2. The employee submits a volunteer grant request. The employee fills out your volunteer grant request form. These forms usually ask for basic information about the nonprofit, such as its name, contact information, and mission, as well as how long the employee volunteered, who their volunteer manager was, and what tasks they completed. 
  3. Your business reviews and approves requests. Review all volunteer grant requests received by your annual deadline. If needed, reach out to nonprofits to confirm hours volunteered, nonprofit status, and any other information you may need to approve the grant request. Then, use your CSR software to allocate funding to approved nonprofits.  

When you approve a volunteer grant request, be sure to let employees know and give them a timeframe of when funds will be sent out to nonprofits. This extra step lets them know their efforts were worthwhile and will encourage them to think positively of your business. 

82. Gift cards to local businesses

For a more traditional corporate gift that’s still socially-conscious, consider giving employees or customers gift cards to local small businesses. These gift cards will bring attention to up-and-coming businesses and show that you support your community’s growth.

83. Gifts made from recycled materials

You can turn many of the corporate gift ideas we’ve already covered into more environmentally-conscious gifts by choosing options made out of recycled materials, such as candles and blankets.

84. Sustainable items

Similarly, you can gift items that promote sustainability in your recipients’ daily lives. Consider sending reusable water bottles, tumblers, bags, lunch boxes, or metal straws. Alternatively, research companies that sell sustainable corporate gifts so that every item you send makes an impact. 

85. Stainless steel water bottles

To show your company’s eco-conscious, gift your constituents stainless steel water bottles. These practical gifts promote sustainability and are durable, reusable, and often insulated. That way, recipients can keep their beverages cold throughout the day.

86. Tote bags

Tote bags are popular corporate gift ideas for younger employees. This is an example of an eCard you can send with one.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 43

Tote bags are useful, easy to personalize or add your company’s branding to, and popular with younger generations. Make your tote bag gift even more exciting by sending an eCard along with it!

87. Organic bath and body products

Encourage people to relax while being environmentally conscious with organic bath and body products. These socially-responsible corporate gifts should be cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals. Be sure to source these products from brands committed to environmental sustainability.

88. Plantable seed paper products

This is a two-for-one corporate gift. Plantable seed paper products like notepads, greeting cards, and bookmarks are made from biodegradable paper embedded with wildflower seeds or other plants’ seeds. Your eco-conscious employees, customers, and partners will enjoy reducing their carbon footprint and growing beautiful plants.

89. Solar-powered chargers

This corporate gift is perfect for tech enthusiasts who also care about the environment. These portable chargers harness solar emerging, allowing users to charge their devices sustainably while out and about. They can stay connected without harming the environment.

90. Tree-planting kits

Encourage sustainability by gifting tree-planting kits to your constituents. These kits should include essentials for growing their own trees, like saplings and instructions. Sending this as your next corporate gift will help communicate your commitment to reforestation.

91. Donation matching program

Show your employees you care about the same causes they do by launching a corporate philanthropy program. To engage employees, try experimenting with a donation matching program. 

In a donation matching program, your business will match employees’ donations to nonprofit organizations. These programs are designed to increase the impact of an individual’s initial gift. By increasing an employee’s contributions, you provide them with a sense of purpose and pride in their company, strengthening their workplace engagement. 

Additionally, by publicizing your commitment to social good, you can also aid your recruitment efforts. In fact, two-thirds of young employees won’t take a job at a company with poor CSR practices.

Note that these types of programs require forethought. You’ll need to establish matching gift guidelines for:

  • Match ratio. Most companies match at a 1:1 rate, but you can be extra generous and match at a 2:1 rate. Or, if you’re on a budget, stick to a 0.5:1 rate. 
  • Minimum and maximum match amounts. What are the minimum and maximum donation amounts your business will match for each employee per year? These limits help set your donation matching programs’ budget. 
  • Who’s eligible to participate. Are all of your employees eligible or only full-time team members? Additionally, can team members immediately get their donations matched after joining, or is there a waiting period, such as a required year of employment?

To encourage participation in your donation matching program, make your guidelines as accessible and employee-friendly as possible.

Subscription-Based Corporate Gift Ideas

These days, there’s a subscription option for everything. Whether it’s for a streaming service, personalized coffee selection, or a local bookshop, you can find a subscription that just about anyone will like. Plus, these corporate gifts keep on giving for months, keeping your company in the recipient’s mind for an extended period of time.

92. Premium tea subscription

A premium tea subscription is one of the best corporate gifts for all tea lovers on your contact list. By gifting a subscription, recipients will receive high-quality loose-leaf teas or tea bags from reliable suppliers. With each shipment, they’ll receive a range of flavors, allowing them to embark on a journey of tea exploration and indulge in a moment of relaxation.

93. Book subscription

Readers will love a monthly book subscription as a gift from your company.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 44

Perfect for bookworms, a book-of-the-month subscription box delivers a carefully curated selection of books to a recipient’s doorstep each month. They can enjoy new literary genres, emerging authors, and the latest bestsellers. Book subscriptions provide an escape into the world of literature, encouraging people to indulge in their joy of reading.

94. Coffee subscription

Gift coffee lovers a subscription to a coffee company, ensuring they have a steady supply of freshly roasted coffee delivered to their doorstep. This indulgent corporate gift encourages people to savor different flavors from around the globe. It makes staying energized a fun experience and results in the perfect cup of joe every morning.

95. Pet treat subscription

A subscription to a pet treat or toy company is a thoughtful gift for people who have furry friends. Companies like Chewy and BarkBox deliver monthly assortments of nutritious treats and fun toys to keep pets happy and healthy. When your company gives this to loyal customers or employees, you’ll communicate that you care about their beloved companions.

This corporate gift is especially fitting for pet businesses like veterinary offices, grooming parlors, dog daycare, and animal boarding.

96. Music streaming subscription

A subscription to a music streaming service is one of the best corporate gift ideas for music lovers.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 45

Music lovers will enjoy having a music streaming subscription courtesy of your company. A subscription to a service like Spotify or Apple Music makes a great corporate gift for employees or clients who appreciate music. Grant them access to a vast library of music, podcasts, and audiobooks to stream anytime, anywhere.

When your company offers the gift of entertainment, recipients will discover new artists, create personalized playlists, and enhance their overall listening experience. No matter their musical preferences, this corporate gift idea works for anyone and everyone!

97. Monthly wine subscription

Bring the world of fine wine to recipients’ doorsteps with a monthly wine subscription. These subscription services deliver carefully curated bottles from vineyards around the world. This thoughtful corporate gift allows recipients to expand their wine knowledge and discover new varieties. Wine enthusiasts will love this gift if they’re looking to explore the world of wine and expand their palettes.

98. Meal delivery services

Send ready-to-eat or pre-portioned meals directly to valued employees’ and customers’ homes. Whether they want them for convenience or portion management, recipients will enjoy the convenience of experimenting with new cuisines and consuming restaurant-quality meals. You can remove the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping from their schedules, offering a convenient experience for busy lifestyles.

99. Beauty box subscription

A beauty product subscription box is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their self-care. When you send this corporate gift, a subscription box will be delivered with a curated assortment of skincare, haircare, makeup, or other self-care products the recipient might want. Be sure to choose a company that allows the recipient to cater the products to match their self-care needs. After all, not everyone has the same skin or hair type. What works for one person might not work for another.

100. Magazine subscription

Provide recipients with regular issues of their favorite magazines. By letting them choose the magazine, you won’t have to guess whether they’d prefer ones for fashion, lifestyle, travel, or technology. They can stay informed and relax while enjoying the latest edition of their favorite publications.

101. Language learning app subscription

Enable people to learn a new language at their own pace by gifting them a language-learning app subscription. With this subscription-based corporate gift, recipients will gain access to an interactive app filled with engaging lessons, vocabulary exercises, and pronunciation practice. Be sure to go with a reputable app like Duolingo.

Learning a new language has never been more enjoyable, and by gifting this to your constituents, you’ll open the door to new opportunities for personal growth.

102. Year of Amazon Prime

Online shoppers will love this corporate gift! By gifting a year of Amazon Prime, your company will grant recipients access to benefits such as:

  • Fast and free shipping on eligible orders
  • Access to streaming services
  • Exclusive deals and discounts

Amazon Prime memberships offer convenience to anyone who enjoys a convenient online shopping experience and access to a vast selection of products.

103. Candle subscription

Candles make great corporate holiday gifts, and you can even purchase candle subscriptions for employees and customers.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 46

Deliver a selection of artisanal candles with unique scents to your loyal customers and employees. With this corporate gift idea, you can help recipients create cozy ambiances in their homes catered to their sensory preferences. This type of subscription can be a luxurious and relaxing corporate gift that recipients enjoy.

104. Sock of the month

Deliver a new pair of stylish and comfortable socks to recipients’ doorsteps each month with a sock-of-the-month subscription. This corporate gift allows recipients to showcase their personality through fun sock designs. Sock subscriptions offer a playful addition to people’s wardrobes.

Corporate Gift Ideas For Foodies

If you have some home chefs in the mix, send them presents tailored to suit their tastes. These food-themed corporate gift ideas are perfect for anyone who’s adventurous in the kitchen or enjoys a good snack!

105. Cooking classes

This is an example of a birthday eCard, one of our favorite unique corporate gift ideas for employees and customers.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 47

If you’re looking for a skill-building experience gift, you can’t go wrong with an in-person or virtual cooking class. Get creative and build excitement by sending out eCard invitations like the example above. 

106. Luxury chocolate assortments

For all the chocolate lovers in your contacts list, send luxury chocolate assortments. There are plenty of options out there, so take some time to find candy that’s high-quality, crafted from premium ingredients, and presented in elegant packaging.

107. Premium cutting board

Someone who enjoys cooking or wants to enhance their kitchen’s atmosphere will love a premium cutting board. These corporate gifts are typically made from bamboo or wood and feature elegant designs. Choose one that’s durable and provides plenty of space for food preparation. They can also double as a cheese board or serving platter. When you customize the design, branded premium cutting boards can showcase your company’s attention to style and sophistication.

108. Whiskey decanters

Engraved whiskey decanters make elegant corporate gift ideas for whiskey enthusiasts. Typically made from high-quality glass or crystal, decanters can be personalized with engravings of the company’s logo, the recipient’s initials, or a special message. They add refinement to any home bar, serving as a conversation starter when displayed prominently. They make fantastic customer appreciation gifts that show your company’s appreciation for the finer things in life.

109. Grilling utensils

Grilling utensils are practical corporate gift ideas for people who enjoy barbecuing. Choose sets that are complete with essential grilling tools like spatulas, tongs, and grill brushes. They should be made from durable materials and come in a convenient carrying case. By gifting grilling sets, your company can encourage recipients to get outside and spend time with friends and family.

110. Gourmet popcorn gift sets

Gourmet popcorn is one of the best corporate gift ideas for people who enjoy elevating their snacking.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 48

Bring a touch of luxury to snacktime by giving constituents gourmet popcorn gift sets. These delicious gifts include a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors that range from sweet to savory. That makes them perfect for anyone’s taste buds. When selecting a vendor, choose one that creates its popcorn with high-quality ingredients and offers unique flavor combinations.

111. Premium cutlery sets

Cutlery sets are elegant and functional corporate gifts for elevating the dining experience. These sets are usually crafted from durable materials and make for thoughtful gifts. They’re suitable for any employee or client, especially those who appreciate refined table settings.

112. Gourmet spices

Help individuals elevate their culinary experiments with gourmet spices. These high-quality sets include an array of premium spices and seasonings sourced from reputable artisans. You can source them from different regions of the world, providing the recipient with spices that match their flavor preferences and add depth to their favorite dishes.

113. Artisanal honey or jam gift boxes

Encourage constituents to enjoy the sweetness of life with artisanal honey or jam boxes as your next corporate gift. These gift boxes feature locally-sourced honey or jam. Every time they top off their toast, pastries, and other baked goods with jam or honey, they’ll think of your company.

114. Fruit baskets

Send baskets with a variety of fresh and seasonal fruits to your employees and clients. These baskets are beautifully arranged and make for a healthy snack option around the office or at home!

115. Boxes of baked goods

A basket of baked goods is a tasty corporate gift idea.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 49

Perfect for cool fall and winter days, baked goods are comforting corporate gifts that bring a touch of warmth and sweetness. In these boxes, you’ll find an assortment of freshly baked cookies and pastries, depending on which type you purchase. By gifting boxes of baked goods, your company can provide recipients with delectable treats for a moment of indulgence during their week.

116. Hot sauce sets

Cater to those who enjoy bold flavors with a hot sauce set. These fiery corporate gifts typically come in sets of hot sauces with varying heat levels. By gifting hot sauce sets, your company can add excitement and spice to recipients’ culinary adventures.

117. Personalized apron

Encourage home chefs to level up their kitchen attire with a personalized apron. An apron customized with their name or a cooking-related phrase will add a touch of personality to their time in the kitchen.

Fun Corporate Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

These days, you’re bound to run into people who enjoy technology. People are actively on the hunt for the latest and greatest technology, and your company can deliver those gadgets right to their doorsteps. Explore some of the most popular tech that makes memorable corporate gifts.

118. Noise-cancelling headphones

We all know how hard it is to get important work done in a noisy office or when there’s loud construction happening outside the building. Particularly for your staff, the inability to focus can impact employee retention.

Provide high-end headphones to give recipients a superior audio experience. This premium corporate gift can be wireless or noise-canceling, offering high-quality sound and comfort. They’re perfect for anyone who values music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Whether they’re traveling, working from home, or lounging on the couch, anyone will love receiving a solid pair of headphones.

If you want to take this gift up a level, customize the headphones with your company logo. This will help enhance brand visibility whenever someone wears theirs in public.

119. Smartwatches

Looking for a stylish and functional corporate gift? Combine technology with fashion by giving your valued employees, customers, or business partners smartwatches.

From Apple Watches to Fitbits, these modern watches offer features like notification alerts, fitness tracking, and music storage. They’re great for keeping people connected while providing a sleek fashion accessory.

120. Personalized phone or tablet cases

These days, almost everyone has a smart device. Help them protect their devices with personalized phone or tablet cases.

Cases are practical corporate gifts that can be customized with the recipient’s initials or your company logo, making them reflective of your brand identity and the individual’s personality. With plenty of designs out there, you can choose (or let the recipient choose) a case that suits their style.

121. Portable chargers

Also known as power banks, portable chargers are handy devices that allow people to keep their devices charged on the go. They’re lightweight, convenient, and brandable. Easily add your company logo with a decal to transform this simple gift into a constant reminder of your brand. Perfect for anyone who relies heavily on their smartphones and other electronic devices, this corporate gift ensures recipients can stay connected and powered up constantly.

122. Smart speakers

Send smart speakers to anyone who values modern technology. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest offer integrated voice-controlled virtual assistants, allowing users to listen to music, control smart home devices, manage their schedules, and access information hands-free.

With their widespread adoption, some options for smart speakers are surprisingly affordable. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, providing options for both home and work environments. We recommend choosing them as your next corporate gift to provide convenience, entertainment, and productivity to recipients’ lives.

123. Wireless charging pads

Eliminate frustrating cords by giving people customized wireless charging pads. They make for convenient and efficient corporate gifts that clean up someone’s workspace. If you haven’t heard of this type of product, you simply place your smartphone or other compatible device on the pad, and it’ll charge it. Depending on which one you go with, you can even customize them with your company’s logo or a unique design.

124. Phone grips

Enhance recipients’ smartphone experience by giving them a phone grip. These handy accessories attach to the back of phone cases to provide a secure grip and prevent accidental drops. Easily customize the design with your company’s logo, transforming this corporate gift idea into a great promotional item. PopSocket is a popular manufacturer, but there are other brands out there, too.

125. Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

VR headsets are innovative corporate gifts that provide a unique entertainment experience. Transport users into immersive virtual worlds. Great for tech-savvy individuals, VR headsets offer a sense of adventure. Take the headset’s design up a notch by branding it with your company logo to provide a cutting-edge, memorable experience for recipients.

126. Bluetooth keyboards

This corporate gift idea is perfect for anyone who frequently uses a computer or mobile device. They enhance the typing experience, eliminating the need for cords and wires. Bluetooth keyboards are portable and can be a useful addition to the individual’s work setup.

127. Custom AirTags

Have you ever been in a rush, frantically searching for your keys or wallet? An AirTag or another tracker could’ve been a huge help! Custom AirTags are a practical corporate gift idea for tracking belongings. They’re small, Bluetooth-enabled devices that can be attached to personal items like keys, wallets, and bags. Using a mobile app, users can locate their belongings by seeing their locations and having the tracker play a pinging sound. You can even customize AirTags with your company logo or the recipient’s name.

128. Smart Tablets

Customers, employees, and business affiliates will appreciate receiving tablets as corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 50

Perfect for tech enthusiasts, tablets are versatile corporate gifts that offer a portable computing experience. Combining the functionality of a computer and the portability of a smartphone, tablets are great for work and entertainment. They make great corporate gifts for recognizing employees, clients, and partners alike.

129. Customized eReaders

Do you have some bookworms in your midst? An eReader might be the perfect corporate gift idea for them! Users can access a vast library of digital books and magazines from their eReader. There’s no need to lug around heavy books thanks to eReaders’ portability. A Kindle, Nook, or other eReader is a great way to promote the recipient’s love for reading while also showcasing your company’s commitment to intellectual pursuits.

130. Bluetooth picnic blankets

Want to give your constituents unique and innovative corporate gifts that combine comfort with technology? Try a Bluetooth picnic blanket. These blankets are designed with built-in Bluetooth speakers, enabling people to enjoy their favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts while at an outdoor gathering. Choose ones that are made from durable and waterproof materials, ensuring their longevity.

131. Digital picture frames

Put a modern twist on a classic corporate gift by giving your constituents digital picture frames. They can use their frames to showcase slideshows of their cherished memories in a sleek format. Choose a digital frame that offers a high-resolution display and user-friendly interface. Oftentimes, these frames come with mobile apps, making it easy for people to upload their images. If the gift is for your employees, you may even preload some company photos on each one, making it more sentimental.

132. Smart pillows

A smart pillow combines comfort with technology for a better night’s sleep. They typically feature advanced features such as:

  • Adjustable firmness
  • Colling properties
  • Smart sensors that monitor sleep patterns

By sending smart pillows to your constituents, you can help people improve their sleep quality and achieve more rejuvenating sleep.

133. Compact drones or mini quadcopters

Drones and quadcopters are high-tech corporate gifts that are perfect for anyone who’s interested in aerial exploration and photography. Look into drones that offer features like built-in cameras, precise maneuverability, and easy control. The tech lovers on your contact list will have a blast capturing stunning aerial shots and exploring new perspectives. Giving this will communicate your company’s creativity and love for cutting-edge technology.

134. Streaming devices

Give your loyal customers an endless source of entertainment at their fingertips with a streaming device. By gifting devices like Chromecasts or Amazon Firesticks, your company will give them a convenient way to enjoy their favorite movies, television shows, and music. These tiny devices will transform any TV into a complete entertainment hub. By gifting streaming devices, your company can offer people a gateway to a range of digital content that enhances their home entertainment experience.

135. Tablet or phone stands

Tablet and phone stands make for ergonomic corporate gifts that contribute to recipients’ comfort when using their devices. These stands provide an adjustable platform to hold devices at a comfortable angle, making them perfect for video calls, watching content, and following recipes while in the kitchen. Sending these to people demonstrates your appreciation for digital convenience and ergonomic workspaces.

136. Multi-device charging stations

These days, most people walk around with several smart devices. Help them cut down on charging cords by providing multi-device charging stations. These handy devices offer multiple charging ports for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other tech. Having one of these on hand allows users to keep their devices charged without cluttering their workspaces.

137. Smart sleep trackers

Sleep trackers enable users to monitor and optimize their sleep patterns. These wearable devices allow people to track sleep duration, quality, and other detailed insights into their sleep habits. Often, these devices integrate with mobile apps, allowing users to analyze their sleep data on their smartphones or tablets. By using this corporate gift idea, you can encourage recipients to prioritize restful sleep and make adjustments to enhance sleep quality.

Experiential Corporate Gift Ideas

Some people swear that the best gifts are always experiences rather than physical items. Depending on your budget, experience gifts can range from local classes to team-building escape rooms to full all-expenses-paid vacations.

138. Hot air balloon ride

Offer a unique and thrilling adventure in the sky with a hot air balloon ride. This experiential corporate gift allows recipients to soar above the ground and take in breathtaking views from higher perspectives.

139. Ziplining

For thrill-seekers who want a fast-paced experience, offer ziplining vouchers. They can glide through the air on a series of suspended cables while taking in stunning views. This adventurous corporate gift will help them create lasting memories and explore their adventurous side.

140. Wine tasting or brewery tours

Some of the best corporate gift ideas are experiential, such as wine tasting tours.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 51

Provide an immersive experience that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys the craft of wine or beer making. Wine tasting and brewery tours enable attendees to explore new flavors, learn about the production process, and indulge themselves in the art of crafting fine beverages.

141. Baking classes

Using this corporate gift idea, you can offer a hands-on experience for recipients to enhance their culinary skills. Whether it’s a specific cuisine or a beginner’s essential course, these classes provide valuable knowledge and techniques from professional bakers. They’ll gain valuable skills that transform their dishes and elevate their at-home baking experience.

142. Mixology classes

Those who are interested in mixology and crafting cocktails will appreciate a mixology class. This interactive experience will teach them the art of cocktail-making, from understanding different spirits to mastering advanced techniques. Thanks to your company, participants can enjoy a social atmosphere where they experiment with new flavors, elevate their bartending skills, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

143. Guided city tours

Travelers or anyone who’s fascinated by where they live will enjoy a guided city tour. This corporate gift idea allows recipients to learn about the history, culture, and landmarks of a particular city. Whether it’s a walking tour, bus tour, or bike tour, participants will learn all about the city and discover hidden gems. Make sure to pick a tour that’s led by a reputable company with knowledgeable guides for an informative experience that inspires a deeper appreciation for the city’s heritage.

144. Sailing or sunset cruises

Gift employees, customers, and business partners a relaxing and scenic experience they won’t soon forget. A sailing or sunset cruise enables people to unwind and enjoy unimaginable views of the open water. From leisurely sails along the coastline to a romantic sunset cruise, these experiential corporate gifts provide a peaceful escape and picturesque views. As they bask in the soothing ocean breeze, they’ll be reminded that your company was nice enough to gift them this unforgettable experience.

145. Tickets to sporting events

Tickets to sporting events are some of the best corporate gift ideas for sports fans.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 52

Sports fanatics can cheer on their favorite teams when you gift them tickets to sporting events. Whether it’s a professional team, a major tournament, or a local sports event, this corporate gift brings people together amidst a bustling atmosphere.

146. Art or pottery workshops

Pottery and art workshops offer hands-on creative experiences where participants can explore their artistic capabilities. Artists can learn advanced techniques, experiment with new mediums, and unleash their imagination. By giving your valued employees and other constituents an opportunity to attend an art workshop, you can promote self-expression and provide a therapeutic afternoon.

147. Yoga classes

Encourage people to find inner balance and recenter themselves at a yoga class. Whether they’re beginners or regulars at their local yoga studio, these classes offer plenty of physical and mental benefits, allowing participants to enhance their flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. This makes for a healthy corporate gift that encourages serenity and healthy lifestyle cultivation.

148. Private boat rentals

With a private board rental, individuals can enjoy a day of relaxation on the water. Whether they’re enjoying a serene lake, floating down the river, or sailing the open ocean, they can soak up the sun, go fishing, and enjoy any other water activities. With this experiential corporate gift, you’ll provide tranquility and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

149. Concert tickets

It’s hard to beat live music. Encourage your valued customers and employees to immerse themselves in the magic of live performances. They can see their favorite band or support local orchestras courtesy of your company!

150. Photography classes

Employees and customers who want to hone their photography skills will love this unique corporate gift.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 53

Provide a creative and educational experience for anyone who’s interested in honing their photography skills. These classes are typically offered for different experience levels. Expert instructors teach various photography techniques, composition principles, and editing skills, enabling attendees to capture the perfect picture. This corporate gift encourages artistic expression and enhances visual storytelling skills that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

151. Spa treatments

A spa treatment is a luxurious gift that allows people to pamper themselves and unwind. Whether they go for a full-body massage or a facial, spa experiences provide relaxation and rejuvenation. When you send this as a corporate gift, recipients can enjoy a tranquil environment and the opportunity to escape into a world of relaxation.

152. Golf lessons

Whether they’re just starting out or already spend every afternoon on the golf course, a professional lesson is a fantastic corporate gift for anyone who wants to improve their golfing skills. Taught by experts, these lessons provide one-on-one training to teach proper techniques and swing mechanics. Your company can provide a voucher for a local lesson or allow recipients to book their lesson through a corporate gifting company.

153. Helicopter tours

Enable people to explore new heights and gain a thrilling aerial perspective with helicopter tours. This corporate gift is perfect for thrill-seekers who enjoy breathtaking views and want to experience the sensation of flying. Helicopter tours offer a whole new vantage point, making it the perfect corporate gift idea for people who want to explore the world from above.

154. State park memberships

Ideal for nature lovers, a state park membership gives recipients access to beautiful parks and nature reserves where they can enjoy activities such as:

  • Hiking and camping
  • Picnicking at serene spots
  • Various recreational activities like boating and kayaking

Recipients will have the opportunity to connect with nature and immerse themselves in outdoor recreational activities all thanks to your company.

Corporate Gifts for Fitness Addicts

Anyone who’s health-conscious or enjoys a good workout will appreciate a thoughtful fitness gift from your business. Let’s explore several of our favorite ideas.

155. Personal training sessions

Motivate customers, employees, and business partners to elevate their fitness with personal training sessions. These corporate gifts offer people guidance, expertise, and tailored workout plans. That way, recipients can achieve their fitness goals, improve their technique, and stay on track with their fitness journeys. By gifting personal training sessions, your company is investing in recipients’ health success.

156. Recovery kits

Anyone who regularly exercises understands the importance of recovery. Encourage your athletic supporters to take the rest they need with a custom recovery kit. These kits typically include products like:

  • Foam rollers
  • Massage balls
  • Compression sleeves
  • Electric massagers
  • Gift cards to places that offer massages or cold plunges

Recovery kits with items like these help people alleviate soreness and promote faster recovery. By sending this corporate gift, companies show they care about recipients’ self-care.

157. Digital fitness memberships

Digital fitness memberships make great corporate gift ideas for anyone who enjoys exercising.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 54

Show your company’s commitment to healthy lifestyles and fitness by gifting people digital fitness memberships. These memberships provide recipients with access to online workout classes and fitness programs. They’re versatile gifts since you can choose ones that are tailored to different fitness preferences, like high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, or strength training. Digital fitness memberships make exercising incredibly convenient.

158. Jump ropes

Encourage cardiovascular fitness and agility by sending people jump ropes. These portable exercise tools can be used anywhere and make wonderful corporate gifts for anyone who enjoys working out. Jump ropes can provide a fun and challenging workout that improves coordination and endurance, so when companies send them, they encourage people to stay active and have fun while doing so.

159. Yoga sets

Chances are, you have a few yoga enthusiasts on your company’s contact list. If not, you might have a few individuals who’d enjoy getting into it but don’t want to invest their own money to test it out. Try sending yoga sets as corporate gifts. These sets typically include items like:

  • Yoga mats and towels
  • Resistance bands
  • Yoga blocks
  • Instructional guides

Yoga sets give recipients everything they need for a fulfilling yoga practice. Whether they’re at home or in a studio, they’ll have the essentials for promoting their flexibility and strength.

160. Branded workout towel

Make those heavy workouts more durable with a comfortable workout towel. Better yet, brand it to your company for the ultimate corporate gift for workout fanatics. A towel is perfect for any type of exercise. Plus, when someone uses theirs in the gym or yoga studio, others will see your company’s logo, doubling it as a marketing tool. Choose a high-quality towel that’s made of absorbent and quick-drying materials. In turn, your company can provide a comfortable, useful workout accessory that increases brand exposure.

161. Healthy snack boxes

Everyone loves a good snack, including people who are health-conscious! Make snacktime guiltless by sending healthy snack boxes. These boxes include curated selections of nutritious snacks. You’re able to choose from a variety of organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free snacks, catering to recipients’ dietary needs. This corporate gift idea demonstrates your company’s commitment to recipients’ wellness, providing wholesome snacking options.

162. Camping or hiking essentials

For anyone who enjoys the outdoors, you can send hiking essentials like backpacks and tents as thoughtful corporate gifts.
170 Corporate Gift Ideas to Impress Constituents in 2024 55

Outdoor essentials are a nature-inspired corporate gift for your adventurous employees and customers. Ideal for those who have an affinity for outdoor exploration, camping and hiking essentials can include:

  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Portable stoves and cooking utensils
  • Water bottles or mugs
  • Trekking poles

By sending these corporate gifts, your company will equip recipients for any outdoor adventure. You’ll help foster a sense of adventure and inspire them to get outdoors.

163. Branded golf balls

Golf balls are sporty corporate gifts that are suitable for anyone who enjoys golfing. You can even order custom ones with your company’s logo. Even if they lose a few of the balls on the course, someone else might pick them up and see your branding, helping to expose your company to new prospective customers. In any case, next time recipients play a round of golf, they’ll think of your company.

164. Smart scales

Help people stay on top of their health with a smart scale. These innovative and health-conscious corporate gifts enable recipients to track their weight and body composition. Plus, they integrate with mobile apps for advanced body analysis. They can keep a close eye on metrics like weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more. By gifting smart scales, your company can empower recipients with tools to monitor their health.

165. Gym bags

Make it easy to carry all their gym attire with a durable gym bag. Choose one that’s spacious enough to hold workout clothes, shoes, water bottles, headphones, and other essentials. This corporate gift will make it convenient for recipients to carry their belongings to the gym, studio, or wherever else they go to work out.

166. Fitness apparel

Gym clothes wear out fast when used consistently. Level up your employees’ and customers’ fitness wardrobes with branded fitness apparel. You can go with

  • Moisture-wicking t-shirts
  • Lightweight shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Baseball caps
  • Sweatbands

Next time they go to the gym or run, they’ll exercise in style thanks to your company. If the apparel is branded, that’ll also work as free word-of-mouth marketing!

167. Fitness planner

Anyone who exercises consistently may appreciate a fitness planner. These planners enable people to track their workouts, set goals, and monitor progress. In turn, they can stay organized during their fitness journey.

168. Inspiration fitness book

We all need a little motivation every now and then. Gift an inspirational fitness book filled with motivational stories and practical tips for proper fitness, health, and well-being. Recipients will gain valuable insights and stay motivated.

169. Mindfulness tools

Relaxation and mindfulness are an important part of your well-being. For your next fitness-inspired corporate gift, send mindfulness products, such as:

  • Guided meditation apps
  • Mindfulness coloring books
  • Wellness journals

By gifting mindfulness tools like these, you can promote mental well-being alongside physical fitness. These can be great reminders for recipients to take time for themselves.

170. Wellness retreat experience

A wellness retreat can be a thoughtful corporate gift idea for health enthusiasts. These weekend excursions offer a getaway to a serene and wellness-focused location where attendees can indulge in activities like:

  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Nature walks
  • Spa treatments
  • Healthy gourmet meals

These retreats offer the perfect opportunity for individuals to unwind, recharge, and focus on their well-being. Not only do these gifts show your company’s appreciation, but it also provides a rejuvenating experience that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate Gifting FAQ

Before making your final selections, evaluate your overall corporate gifting strategy. The answers to these frequently asked questions can help you make the best decisions for your audience. 

Why do companies send corporate gifts?

Companies send corporate gifts for a wide range of reasons. Sending gifts to employees shows that you appreciate them and improves your company culture, which can increase employee engagement, happiness, and retention. Companies that send gifts to customers aim to increase brand recognition and loyalty while creating stronger relationships with important customers.

How do you choose the best corporate gift ideas?

Always start by considering your audience. Use data on your audience’s preferences and values to determine what types of gifts they’d appreciate most, then ask for feedback after sending gifts to improve future selection. Other factors to consider include your company’s budget, brand voice, and gifting history. The best corporate gifts are relevant to both your business and your audience.

How should you send corporate gifts?

Evaluate the pros and cons of sending gifts via email, direct mail, or giving them out in person. It may make sense to hand out employee gifts individually at a party for a small company, for example, but sending digital gift cards to customers would be more effective for a larger business.

Wrapping Up Our Corporate Gift Ideas

Any of these gift ideas can help you build positive relationships with your customers and employees with the right personal touch. As you start sending out gifts, keep track of what works well and use that knowledge to send even better gifts in the future. 

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