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Spring is nature’s wake-up call. It fills our days with sunshine and gets us excited for summer. Valentine’s Day is in our rearview mirror, and it’s time to shake off the cold and get into the swing of warmer days. What better way to ride this wave of good vibes than by doing something awesome for others?

Enter Easter fundraisers! They’re the perfect mix of fun, happiness, and helping out, all set against the beautiful backdrop of spring. Let’s explore these Easter fundraising ideas that get donors excited to spring into action:

Easter is a time of renewal, hope, and community spirit for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of a church looking to make Easter extra meaningful or a school that loves the idea of bringing families together. Let’s dive into ways to make this Easter fun and more meaningful by bringing everyone together to support your cause.

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15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 8

Our Favorite Easter Fundraising Idea: Donation eCards

Holidays like Easter are the perfect time to reach out to loved ones with a personalized greeting card. Sell these spring-themed cards to supporters, and you’ve got a creative and easy Easter fundraiser!

Even better, take them into the virtual space with eCards. Donation eCards are electronic greeting cards that supporters purchase to send to loved ones. The proceeds of the card go to the cause, so buyers get to support a charity by sending holiday greetings. Plus, you can create eCards for occasions beyond Easter.

These two eCards say “Happy Spring!” and “Christ the Lord is risen today! Happy Easter!”
15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 9

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create Easter-themed designs filled with eggs, bunnies, and flowers. If possible, tie the designs to your cause. For instance, an animal shelter might feature a picture of a rescued bunny alongside the phrase “Hoppy Easter!” Our eCard creation tools provide plenty of templates, fonts, colors, animations, and graphics to help you customize your design. Create a variety of options that supporters can choose from.
  2. Embed our widget into your website or Shopify storefront. Sell eCards in exchange for a custom donation or a set price. You can even enable tribute donations and set suggested giving amounts.
  3. Donors pick their favorite eCards to send to loved ones. They’ll add the recipient’s contact details, provide payment details, and write a personalized message to say, “Happy Easter!” If they purchase the eCard in advance, they can schedule it to be delivered on the holiday.

From here, your organization receives the donations to fund your mission. It’s that easy! If you’re curious about how the platform works, check out this overview video which shows how simple it is to create and sell Easter eCards:

Not only are eCards incredibly cost-effective, but they provide a global reach, expanding your fundraising potential beyond the local community. Put a modern twist on traditional giving this Easter, so you can inspire people to connect during the holidays, knowing their gesture of goodwill can support a meaningful cause.

Click here to see an example eCard campaign that you can model your Easter fundraiser after.
15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 10

Classic Easter Fundraising Ideas

Celebrate traditional holiday activities while supporting your cause with classic Easter fundraisers. From egg hunts to brunches, these ideas offer accessible events that people of all ages can participate in. With some thought, your Easter fundraiser can become a cherished community tradition people look forward to each spring.

Easter Egg Hunt

We all remember frantically searching high and low for candy-filled Easter eggs as kids, laughing and making memories along the way. Continue that tradition with an Easter egg hunt fundraiser!

Best Fundraising Ideas’ guide to Easter egg hunts explains that you can charge a small registration fee and encourage additional donations during the event. Invite community members of all ages to join you at a park, schoolyard, or other outdoor space. Before everyone arrives, scatter these eggs throughout the area, with some containing special prizes or coupons donated by local businesses to add excitement.

Combine your egg hunt with another Easter-themed activity, such as a bake sale, a raffle, or photo ops with the Easter Bunny.

Easter Raffle

An Easter fundraising raffle is a great way to raise funds while capitalizing on the festive spirit of the holiday. Participants purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win prizes, such as:

  • Easter baskets filled with chocolates, sweets, and toys
  • Gift cards to local shops or restaurants
  • Larger prizes like a spa treatment or weekend getaway

This type of spring fundraiser not only generates excitement among participants but also provides an opportunity for local sponsors to donate prizes and gain visibility.

Pancake Breakfast With The Easter Bunny

This heartwarming, family-friendly event combines a delicious meal with the joy of Easter. Host a pancake breakfast at a local community hall, church, or school cafeteria. Have a volunteer dress up as the Easter Bunny, and recruit other volunteers to whip up pancakes. Be sure to have toppings and sides ready including syrup, fruit, and bacon. To create a festive atmosphere, decorate the venue with Easter-themed decorations.

The highlight of the event will be the Easter Bunny who can interact with guests, pose for photos, and participate in activities with the children. Try including other Easter fundraising ideas like face painting, a raffle, or crafts for an extra fee. Fun events like this can even help retain volunteers since they’ll have a blast interacting with others and supporting your cause in a new way.

Old-Fashioned Egg Toss

Add playful competition to your Easter fundraising efforts with an egg toss. This lively event involves pairs of participants tossing an egg back and forth, gradually increasing the distance between them with each successful catch. The objective is simple yet challenging: catch the egg without letting it break. As the game progresses, the task becomes increasingly difficult, leading to suspenseful and humorous moments.

To turn the egg toss into a fundraiser, charge a small entry fee. Additional funds can be raised through sponsorships, concession sales, and betting pools where spectators can wager on their favorite teams (where legal, of course). Award prizes to the last team standing with their egg intact.

To maximize your fundraising potential, your event can be part of a larger Easter festival, complete with other activities like egg hunts, face painting, and Easter Bunny photos.

Bunny Bingo

Put an inventive twist on bingo by incorporating Easter-themed elements to create a festive event for all ages. Instead of numbers, customize your bingo cards with Easter-themed images, such as bunnies, eggs, baskets, and flowers.

People can pay $5 per round or $30 for an entire night of bingo fun. Prizes can range from Easter baskets to gift certificates donated by local businesses. Generate additional revenue by selling refreshments and Easter treats.

Bunny Hop 5K

Organize a themed 5K run or walk where participants are encouraged to wear bunny ears, pastel colors, or full bunny costumes. Entry fees contribute to your spring fundraising goal. Spice up the atmosphere with music, refreshment stands, and photo ops with Easter-themed backdrops to make it a memorable event.

You can even offer prizes for the fastest time and best costume. Be sure to provide all participants with a fun t-shirt or an egg- or bunny-shaped medal.

For inspiration, check out the example from Youth Horizons below. The faith-based nonprofit supports 200 local youth and has hosted its Easter Sun Run for the past 30 years!

For this Easter fundraising idea, check out this example fun run from Youth Horizons.
15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 11

Craft-Based Easter Fundraisers

Encourage your team and supporters to get hands-on with your cause. These Easter fundraising ideas require some effort but can raise additional funds for your mission.

Easter Egg Decorating

Invite community members to show off their creativity by participating in an egg-decorating contest. To turn this into an Easter fundraiser, charge a small entry fee for plain eggs to decorate using paint, dye, stickers, and other craft materials. Set up categories for different age groups, skill level, or theme, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to win.

Once completed, a panel of community members and volunteers will judge the eggs and announce a winner for each category. Alternatively, post pictures of each egg on social media where people can vote for their favorites. Offer small prizes for the winners, donated by local businesses.

Bunny Matching Challenge

Collaborate with a major donor or local business to create a “Bunny Matching Challenge.” For every donation made, the donor or business will match it, doubling the impact.

This is also known as a matching donation challenge, and by promoting it as a limited-time offer leading up to Easter, you can inspire donors to take action.

A matching gift challenge is an Easter fundraiser in which a sponsor will match the donations your nonprofit raises.
15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 12

Easter Bake Sale

An Easter bake sale is a delightful, delicious way to raise funds. You’ll capitalize on the festive spirit and a universal love for sweet treats. Volunteers and local bakers will contribute homemade Easter and spring-themed goodies, like:

  • Cookies shaped like eggs and bunnies
  • Carrot cake cupcakes
  • Hot cross buns
  • Lemon drizzle cake

Offering a mix of treats can cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, making your Easter bake sale a hit with your community.

Easter Crafternoon

Combine the joy of crafting with the Easter spirit. Ideally a fundraiser for kids, an Easter Crafternoon involves setting up various crafting stations where children can make Easter-themed crafts, such as:

  • Easter eggs
  • Bunny masks
  • Spring flower garlands
  • Foam bunnies

Each station should offer a different activity, allowing kids to choose what interests them the most and move freely among the options. You can also incorporate an educational element by teaching children about Easter traditions or the significance of symbols like eggs and rabbits.

Easter Basket Auction

Put together themed Easter baskets filled with goodies, such as chocolates, toys, books, and gift cards. These baskets can be donated by local businesses or assembled by volunteers. They should also be themed or tailored to different interests.

Host an online auction for these baskets or auction them off in person. Either way, this spring fundraiser combines the seasonal charm of Easter with the competitive fun of an auction, making it an effective Easter fundraiser that captivates participants.

Easy Easter Fundraising Ideas

If you need a last-minute Easter fundraising idea, we’ve curated some that are easy to pull off. Some are great additions to other events, so get creative with how you use them!

Guessing Competition

Put a bunch of egg-shaped candies (like jelly beans or mini Cadbury eggs) into a container. Participants can pay a fee to guess how many candies are in the container. The closest guess wins a gift card or other prize!

Online Easter Challenge

Bloomerang’s peer-to-peer fundraising guide indicates that 39% of Americans say they’ve donated to a cause because a friend or family member encouraged them. So think of this as a peer-to-peer fundraiser with a twist.

39% of Americans have donated to a cause because of a recommendation, making peer-to-peer solicitations a great way to improve your Easter fundraisers.
15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 13

Create an Easter-themed challenge, such as:

  • Decorate an Easter egg or complete another craft
  • Do 20 bunny hops
  • Dress up in a creative Easter-themed costume

People will record themselves completing the challenge, donate, and then tag their friends to do the same!

Spring Closet Clean-Out

Get a jumpstart on spring cleaning with this Easter fundraiser. Participants can declutter their homes and gather gently used clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and home decor they no longer need. Then, you’ll sell them at a yard sale or to a consignment store with proceeds going toward your mission. You can even use a clothing drive company to run a fundraiser like this.

This also ties in perfectly with the theme of renewal that comes with the Easter season. Give these items a second life and engage your community in a spring closet clean-out.

Easter Flower Sale

Spring holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day are perfect opportunities for a flower sale. Partner with a local nursery or flower shop to sell Easter lilies, daffodils, and other spring flowers. A portion of each sale will go to your cause. This is a great way to brighten up homes with spring colors while supporting your cause.

You can spread the word about your sale by posting flyers around your community! Then, set up a booth at a local market, church, or school, or even take orders online.

Final Thoughts: Spring Into Action With Your Favorite Idea

Easter is a time when the spirit of giving blossoms just like the flowers around us. This holiday offers a unique canvas for spring fundraisers, allowing us to weave renewal and hope into our efforts.

Hop into fundraising success this Easter and try out one of the ideas we shared! Remember, charity eCards capture the spirit of the season and work well even if you’re under a time crunch.

As you put your favorite Easter fundraising idea into action, check out these helpful resources to elevate your campaign further:

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15+ EGG-cellent Easter Fundraising Ideas To Try This Spring 14