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The team at One Tail at a Time is dedicated to helping animals find their forever homes, providing pet owners with necessary resources, and ending pet homelessness. To power these efforts, One Tail at a Time capitalizes on holiday giving seasons with charity eCards

Let’s take a look at how they leveraged the eCardWidget platform to do just that. 

Fundraising eCard Strategy

During the holidays, people want to support worthwhile causes and send greeting cards to friends and family. Charity eCards combine these desires to help nonprofits fundraise during holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and other life events supporters want to celebrate. 

One Tail at a Time uses eCardWidget to make puppygrams for major card-giving holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine's Day eCard from One Tail at a Time featuring two puppies in a festive background.

These puppygrams also live up to their name, featuring a range of adorable puppies and other animals posed in festive backgrounds. Plus, supporters who live near One Tail at a Time’s headquarters get another special bonus when they purchase an eCard: the chance to send not just virtual puppy snuggles but an actual real-life puppy visit to their card’s recipient!

Members of the One Tail at a Time team holding puppies as part of the puppygram program.

eCards Impact

One Tail at a Time sold out their 2024 Valentine’s Day time slots for in-person puppy visits far in advance, funding support for over 300 foster families and spreading the joy of puppies to as many supporters as possible. 

But this isn’t the only successful charity eCard fundraiser One Tail at a Time has run! For the 2023 winter holiday season, supporters could choose not just what eCard designs they wanted to send to family and friends but what specific programs to support with their cards. 

Three Christmas eCards from One Tail at a Time, each supporting a different issue related to animals.

This twist on a classic eCard fundraiser allowed One Tail at a Time to share more about their good work and invite supporters to give more by ensuring their donations are going toward the issues they care about the most.


For your nonprofit organization’s next eCard fundraiser, use eCardWidget as your base platform to create and send eCards. Then, decide what twist you can put on your fundraiser to make it your own and give your donation eCards that extra spark. 

With One Tail at a Time’s example in mind, consider how these strategies can elevate your fundraiser: 

  • Attaching in-person deliveries to select eCards
  • Matching specific eCard designs to specific campaigns 
  • Featuring impactful photos on your eCards that supporters will want to hold onto

While not every nonprofit has an army of adorable puppies, charity eCards are still an opportunity to show off what makes your organization unique. Give your supporters holiday cards they will not only want to buy to support your cause but save for years to come.

Ready to put your new eCard fundraising strategy in action? eCardWidget enables nonprofits to create and sell eCards that donors will love.
Charity eCard Fundraising in Action: One Tail at a Time 5