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94% of entrepreneurs agree that great company culture is essential for business growth and the bottom line. But more importantly, culture drives personal results for employees, such as reduced burnout and increased satisfaction at their jobs.

As the leader in social determinants of health, Modivcare’s leadership recognized the importance of showing their team members the same level of care they provide their customers. However, with employees spread across multiple locations, creating a unified platform for employee recognition was a challenge. That’s why they chose to work with eCardWidget.

In this employee recognition case study, we’ll explore how Modivcare partnered with eCardWidget to implement their first formal recognition program, enhancing their overall company culture and employee experience.

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Employee Recognition Case Study: How Modivcare Used eCards 6

The Challenge: Modivcare’s Goals

To successfully enhance employee recognition, Modivcare had several goals in mind. Their ideal recognition solution would address several needs:

  1. Celebrating milestones: To make recognition more personal, Modivacre wanted to acknowledge team members’ birthdays and work anniversaries.
  2. Promoting company values: Targeted recognition would allow Modivcare to reinforce its company values, aligning employees’ work with the company’s overall mission.
  3. Providing support: Understanding that recognition is far more than celebration, Modivcare also wanted to offer messages of support during challenging times, such as illness or loss.

Modivcare needed a comprehensive recognition program to achieve these goals—that’s where eCardWidget came in!

The Solution: Employee Recognition with eCardWidget

To tackle these challenges, Modivcare turned to eCardWidget’s versatile eCard platform offering customizable solutions for businesses. With eCardWidget, Modivcare was able to accomplish the following initiatives:

1. Design diverse eCards

A Happy Birthday eCard created by Modivcare to improve employee recognition.

eCardWidget offers the customizability to design eCards for any occasion, from personal to professional achievements. Modivcare designed a variety of eCards for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Thank you messages
  • Get well soon cards
  • Sympathy cards

With eCardWidget’s flexible but easy-to-use platform, Modivcare built a robust portfolio of unique, branded eCards. Having multiple eCards with different messages allowed employee recognition to take place frequently and in diverse ways to help each team member feel individually noticed and appreciated.

2. Streamline communication

An employee recognition eCard created by Modivcare to thank employees for committing to the company's values.

With a variety of eCards, Modivcare could deliver important messages and celebrate company-wide achievements, ensuring all employees feel connected and engaged.

For example, Modivcare created special recognition cards to thank employees for exhibiting specific company values. Not only did this show employees that their hard work mattered, but these eCards can help reinforce company values and remind all team members what your organization stands for.

3. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

employee recognition case study supplementary 3

eCardWidget’s user-friendly interface enabled Modivcare’s employees to send and receive personalized eCards to one another, fostering a culture of appreciation and support. This way, messages of appreciation extend beyond leadership recognition, enabling peers to encourage and support one another.

Modivcare’s Results: An Employee Recognition Case Study

With eCardWidget’s seamless platform, Modivcare developed an engaging recognition program that fostered a strong sense of community among employees. As a result, the company realized the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced company culture: Implementing a formal recognition program reinforced Modivcare’s commitment to their team members’ well-being and satisfaction.
  2. Improved employee engagement: The eCardWidget platform encouraged Modivcare employees to actively participate in peer-to-peer recognition, boosting engagement and morale.
  3. Strengthened connections: Our easy-to-use platform facilitated communication across multiple locations, fostering a sense of unity among employees. With over 6,500 eCards sent, all members of Modivcare’s team were empowered to strengthen connections with superiors and colleagues.

About the company’s partnership with eCardWidget, Donte Fears, the Director of Culture and Team Member Experience at Modivcare, said, “We have been able to create birthday cards, anniversary cards, company value cards, as well as get well soon, thank you, and sympathy cards. This program has enhanced our overall culture, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you for offering a way to make connections to team members.” (★★★★★)

What Can eCardWidget Do For You?

Modivcare’s successful partnership with eCardWidget showcases the potential of a well-designed, customizable eCard platform in transforming employee recognition and company culture. By leveraging eCardWidget’s features, various types of organizations can create a comprehensive recognition program that resonates with their team members.

This employee recognition case study is just one example out of over 3,500 organizations that trust eCardWidget to make a difference in their company culture. For more information on how your organization can similarly benefit from this solution, check out the video below:

Key Takeaways From This Employee Recognition Case Study

When it comes to easily unlocking creative employee engagement, eCardWidget is the perfect tool for any organization. Modivcare’s journey is a prime example of enhanced company culture as a result of this powerful platform, by streamlining recognition, encouraging peer-to-peer engagement, and strengthening communications across the company as a whole.

If your organization is looking for a solution to enhance and simplify employee recognition, look no further! Reach out to eCardWidget for a demo today.

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Employee Recognition Case Study: How Modivcare Used eCards 7