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Members are the lifeblood of any membership-based organization, from nonprofits to trade associations. They participate in lively discussions at events, provide personal and professional support to other members, and pay their dues. Thus, it’s important to develop an appreciation strategy to retain their involvement.

Fortunately, there are many ways to show your members just how much you value them. In this guide, we’ll discuss top member appreciation ideas, tips for success, and more:

By implementing these appreciation ideas, you’ll be able to increase member loyalty and even enhance your recruitment efforts. First, let’s explore exactly why member appreciation should be a priority at your organization.

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16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 11

Why You Need a Member Appreciation Strategy

Do you thank your members for attending an event or suggesting webinar topics? If so, you’re off to a good start. Establishing a structured plan for appreciating members in thoughtful and meaningful ways can boost your:

The benefits of having a dedicated member appreciation strategy, discussed below.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 12
  • Retention rate. Members are more likely to renew their membership if they feel recognized and valued. Thanking individual members ensures that they understand just how important they are to your organization. 
  • Engagement levels. By frequently reaching out with a personalized thank-you note or gift, you can keep your organization at the top of members’ minds and encourage further engagement over time.
  • Fundraising results. Consistent appreciation can strengthen your relationships with members and make them feel more invested in your organization’s success. As a result, they may be more willing to support your fundraising efforts with a donation.
  • Recruitment success. Satisfied members will often spread the word about their experiences and recommend your organization to their personal networks. Plus, you can highlight especially engaged members in your marketing materials to inspire prospective members to join.

You can reap all of these benefits by investing more time into communicating with your members. A dedicated member appreciation strategy is a necessary step toward building a culture of gratitude at your organization and a tight-knit community around your mission.

16 Proven Member Appreciation Ideas

When crafting your strategy, employ a combination of member appreciation tactics. Not every idea will resonate with all of your members, so take note of individual preferences and record them in your member database. When an idea makes a big splash with most of your community—lean into it!

Explore these top member appreciation ideas to jumpstart your efforts: 

1. Member Appreciation eCards

You can’t go wrong with a classic thank-you card, but you can take it a step further by going digital. Online greeting cards, or eCards, make thanking your members quick and easy without sacrificing any personalization.

With eCardWidget’s intuitive platform, you can design your own set of branded eCards and send them to members. There are countless ways you can leverage eCards to engage with your members, including:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Thanking event, webinar, or conference attendees
  • Congratulating members for their achievements
  • Celebrating member milestones, such as five years of membership
  • Expressing gratitude after a member donates
  • Sending holiday wishes

You can even turn eCards into a community-building tool by allowing members to access and send them to their peers. All you need to do is add a sending widget to your website or member portal. Then, members can choose from your pre-made nonprofit eCards to encourage one another, send congratulations, or even just say Merry Christmas.

To get a better sense of how your organization can apply eCards to its member appreciation strategy, check out our short video overview:

As the video demonstrates, your organization has complete creative freedom over its eCard designs. This means you can add your logo, incorporate your colors, and tailor your messaging to resonate with your audience.

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at how Harbor, an online community of veterinary professionals and students, celebrates its members:

A veterinary community’s example of a member appreciation eCard.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 13

Harbor’s eCards are specific to its members and visually appealing. Plus, to encourage more members to participate in these appreciation opportunities, Harbor adds that, for every eCard sent, it will donate to organizations supporting veterinary mental health. By allowing your members to send eCards like these, you’ll plant the seeds for lasting, peer-to-peer appreciation that lifts up everyone in your community.

Explore real examples of how organizations use eCards, one of the top member appreciation ideas, to engage their communities.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 14

2. Welcome Packages

Effective member appreciation starts on day one. Set the stage for strong, enduring relationships by surprising members with a welcome package when they join. Consider including:

  • A heartfelt welcome letter
  • A list of member benefits
  • Branded items, such as a t-shirt or mug
  • Gift cards
  • Discount codes and coupons

Depending on your goals and resources, you can even make these welcome packages virtual by sending new members a personalized letter, relevant member information, virtual gift cards, and branded Zoom backgrounds.

3. Gifts

Make your most committed, long-term members feel especially valued by sending a gift! The possibilities are endless when it comes to compelling gift ideas, so consider the specific interests and preferences of your member base to determine which gifts will work best.

A few tried-and-true gift ideas are:

  • Branded t-shirts, water bottles, or notebooks
  • Gift cards
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Gift baskets

When in doubt, choose gifts that align with your sector or area of focus. For example, if your members are veterinary professionals like Harbor, they’re bound to appreciate animal-themed scrubs or a set of pet accessories.

4. Discounted Services or Products

Relationships are the backbone of your organization’s success. By partnering with local businesses, you can provide your members with coupons and discounts in exchange for promoting their services or products.

Determine which discounts will appeal most to your members by focusing on their needs and interests. If they travel often because of their career or to attend conferences, consider securing hotel or rental car deals. If many of them are interested in the arts, you could partner with a local theater to provide discounted ticket prices.

5. Members-Only Resources

Providing members-only content can make your members feel like they’re part of an exclusive, valued community. Add a gated section to your website, if you don’t have one already, and use it to share resources such as:

  • Webinars
  • Certification opportunities
  • Job listings
  • Discussion forums

A members-only section can increase member engagement on your website and make it easy for them to find important information on opportunities to get involved with your organization.

6. Handwritten Notes

While eCards are a cost-effective, efficient, and engaging tool for member appreciation, there are occasions when a handwritten thank-you note can have a major impact on a member’s decision to renew their membership.

For example, you could compose sincere, personalized appreciation letters to members on their tenth anniversary with your organization. Or, if a member makes an especially large gift, take the time to handwrite a thank-you card to acknowledge the significant impact of their contribution. Remember to include the recipient’s preferred name and reference specific details of their involvement to make them feel individually valued by your organization.

7. Member Appreciation Events

Bring your members closer together by hosting dedicated member appreciation events. Consider these popular event ideas to inspire your planning:

  • Appreciation dinner
  • Holiday party
  • Award ceremony
  • Happy hour

If many of your members reside outside of your local area, you can organize these events in a virtual or hybrid format.

8. Member Appreciation Day or Week

Ensure that no member goes unappreciated by establishing a member appreciation day or week at your organization. During this day or week, you can celebrate your members by:

  • Providing one-day or one-week discounts
  • Hosting raffles or giveaways
  • Sending treats and branded merchandise
  • Holding Q&A and networking sessions
An example eCard invitation that you can send before a member appreciation day.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 15

Maximize participation during your appreciation day or week by sending out eye-catching eCards and creating a series of social media posts ahead of time. We’ll get into more tips on hosting a successful member appreciation day later in this article.

9. Social Media Shoutouts

For many people, social media has become a preferred means of staying in touch, interacting with brands, and sharing their opinions. In fact, people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on these platforms every day. Meet your members where they are and spotlight them on your social media accounts.

Social media shoutouts especially resonate with members who enjoy public recognition. Furthermore, they can serve as powerful recruitment tools by highlighting why members love being a part of your organization. Just be sure to ask for permission before sharing a member’s name, photo, or other personal details.

10. Newsletter Spotlights

recent survey found that 95% of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X in the U.S. are subscribed to email newsletters. Member spotlights in your newsletter provide opportunities to create more in-depth profiles, allowing you to:

  • Share long-standing members’ histories with your organization.
  • Celebrate member accomplishments, such as winning an award or speaking at a conference.
  • Recognize major commitments and service to your member community.

If you send out printed newsletters, these spotlights can become a physical token of your organization’s appreciation that members can cherish for years to come.

11. Appreciation Videos

Make a lasting impression on your members by recording appreciation videos, either as an individual thank-you or a message to send out to everyone on special occasions, like the anniversary of your organization’s founding.

In your video, remember to emphasize the impact of your members’ involvement. For example, a hunger relief nonprofit might specify the number of meals it was able to provide thanks to member support. A professional association might share how many of its members were able to find new employment thanks to member participation in networking events and job boards.

According to Wyzowl, video is the most “shareable” type of online content, with 51% of people more likely to share videos with their friends than any other type of content. Therefore, a well-produced video has the potential to both appreciate your members and increase your organization’s online reach.

12. Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are perfect opportunities to reach out to your members and make them feel special. Plus, by reaching out every year, you can maintain a close, meaningful connection with each individual. Several ways you can brighten up your members’ birthdays include:

  • Sending a personalized eCard that references specific details of their relationship with your organization.
  • Providing a birthday discount tailored to their interests.
  • Celebrating them in a social media post, with their permission.

For those of your members who are interested in creating more impact with their special day, invite them to start a birthday fundraiser on your behalf. This way, their friends and family can celebrate them while supporting a community that they care deeply about.

13. Mentorship Programs

Member appreciation is all about acknowledging your members’ important contributions and providing them with value in return. A mentorship program is a highly impactful and appealing member benefit that your organization can offer, whether you’re connecting members with career professionals or skill-based mentors.

Additionally, these types of programs are wonderful opportunities for your more established members to deepen their involvement and give back to their community in a highly personal way.

14. Flexible Engagement Options

Many of your members may want to engage in more of your activities and events, but they may have time or budget constraints. Make these members feel seen and included by adding more flexibility to your engagement opportunities.

Your organization can increase accessibility by:

  • Planning a variety of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.
  • Adding captions to all the videos in your resource library.
  • Providing transcripts alongside your webinars.
  • Including a field on your event registration page for special accommodations.

Remind your busy members that there are still plenty of ways they can stay involved without having to set aside several hours to attend an event, such as participating in your discussion boards or subscribing to your newsletter.

15. Feedback Surveys

Another clear way to appreciate members and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to their membership experience is to ask for their feedback. Send out regular surveys related to your programs, resources, events, and communications. For example, you might include questions such as:

  • Which types of events or activities do you most enjoy participating in?
  • Which member benefits do you value the most?
  • How often do you prefer to receive messages and updates from us?
  • What improvements, if any, can we make to improve your membership experience?

Use their responses to identify improvements that you can make to your member program and appreciation strategy, then communicate these changes so members know that you’re actually listening to their input.

16. Member-to-Member Appreciation Opportunities

Research indicates that practicing gratitude can increase mood and improve relationships. Make it easy for your members to promote their mental well-being and strengthen their connections by providing them with opportunities to show their appreciation.

As mentioned earlier, eCards are a particularly useful tool for peer-to-peer recognition, since members can fill in pre-existing templates on your website and send personal messages with just a few clicks. In addition to eCards, encourage members to recognize one another in discussion groups and consider creating member-nominated awards to bring your community closer together.

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16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 16

Tips for Hosting a Member Appreciation Day

Member appreciation days are an incredibly popular way to celebrate your members and remind them of the value of being a part of your organization’s community. Throughout this special day, you can host various engaging activities such as member award ceremonies, trivia competitions, and meet and greets.

Before you start planning your own member appreciation day, evaluate whether in-person or virtual events would be a better fit for your community. Then, follow these basic steps to prepare for an exceptional turnout:

Steps for hosting a successful member appreciation day, explained in more detail below.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 17
  1. Plan your appreciation day’s schedule of events. Choose a date, time, and location for the day, then look back at our list of member appreciation ideas to start building out a robust and engaging schedule.
  2. Send invitations to all members. Generate excitement by creating special eCard invitations for your member appreciation day. Send your eCards to all members and encourage them to spread the word by sharing their invitations on their social media pages.
  3. Promote the event across multiple channels. Start marketing early to give members plenty of time to make any necessary travel plans. Share content about the day via social media, email, direct mail, and your website to widen your reach. Make sure to include the online registration link in all promotional materials so members can sign up with ease.
  4. Host your member appreciation day! Focus on celebrating your members and building relationships. At the event, consider presenting small appreciation gifts or member recognition awards to make a larger impact on members.
  5. Thank everyone for attending the event. Keeping up with the spirit of your member appreciation day, don’t forget to thank your attendees after the event. Send thank-you eCards to all the members who participated and add personalized notes for those who won awards.
An event invitation eCard example to inspire your member appreciation day invitations.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 18

After your member appreciation day, take stock of what went well. Which marketing channels led to the most registrations? Which activities were members most excited to participate in? Discuss these questions with your team so you can identify how to make each year’s member appreciation day even better than the last.

How eCard Software Can Enhance the Member Experience

While member engagement and appreciation are important, your staff members still have to juggle many other responsibilities vying for their attention. Anything you can do to streamline the member appreciation process will take some of the weight off their shoulders and make your members feel more valued in the long run.

eCards are a versatile tool that you can leverage at your organization to thank members and so much more. For example, you can design eCards for:

Several ways you can use eCards beyond member appreciation to enhance the member experience, listed below.
16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 19

These use cases just scratch the surface. Explore more real examples to find more creative ways to incorporate eCards into your day-to-day operations and member appreciation strategy.

Wrapping Up: Making Your Member Appreciation Ideas Count

By implementing various member appreciation ideas into your strategy, you’ll be able to boost member engagement and commitment to your organization’s success. Remember to track key metrics such as your member retention rate and event attendance to assess the efficacy of your efforts and refine your approach as needed. Doing so ensures that you continue to stay tuned into your members’ specific interests and preferences throughout their engagement.

For more tips and ideas on how to cultivate a culture of gratitude at your organization, check out these additional resources:

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16 Easy Member Appreciation Ideas to Build a Loyal Community 20