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66% of employees would quit if they felt underappreciated by their peers and leadership according to employee recognition studies. Could work anniversary cards be the key to retention?

In today’s job market, retaining talent is more crucial than ever for companies and nonprofits alike. Work anniversary cards offer a simple and cost-efficient way to say thanks and inspire people to stick around. To help you celebrate your employees in style, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these tokens of appreciation, including:

When it comes to work anniversaries, a well-designed card is a testament to tenure and talent. Whether you’re a small nonprofit or a large corporation, understanding how to effectively acknowledge employees’ contributions each year can transform workplace dynamics and boost overall morale.

Explore how eCardWidget can help you create and send work anniversary cards online.
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 10

What Are Work Anniversary Cards?

Work anniversary cards are special greetings or messages given by an employer to employees to celebrate the anniversary of their start date with the organization. These greeting cards can be either physical or digital and should include personalized messages expressing appreciation for the employee’s contributions and dedication to the organization.

The purpose of work anniversary cards is to make employees feel valued for their ongoing commitment and hard work, which can enhance employee morale, foster loyalty, and potentially increase employee retention.

These cards can range from simple, heartfelt messages to elaborate designs with photos, interactive elements, and even gifts or bonuses attached. They serve as a tangible reminder of the employer’s gratitude toward the employee’s service over the years.

Some organizations will also send company anniversary cards to celebrate the formation of a partnership with another organization or the date an employee was promoted. If the anniversary falls on a weekend or holiday, it’s good practice to send the card on the last working day before the anniversary.

Why Give Employee Anniversary Cards?

Employee anniversary cards aren’t just a token of recognition; they’re a celebration of an employee’s journey within your organization. These cards, when designed thoughtfully and filled with genuine messages, can achieve the following:

An employee anniversary card next to a list of reasons why organizations should send greeting cards to celebrate employees.
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 11
  • Positive Workplace Culture: Sending work anniversary cards can reinforce an employee’s sense of belonging and achievement. Plus, a culture of recognition can make your organization a more attractive place to work.
  • Employee Loyalty and Retention: Our employee retention guide explains that employees are almost six times likelier to stick around when they feel recognized. That means you can reduce turnover rates and costs associated with recruiting and training new staff by simply saying thanks to staff. Work anniversary cards are a reliable way to make employees feel appreciated for their hard work over the past year.
  • Motivation to Continue Performing Well: Zippia’s employee recognition statistics states that 80% of employees are motivated to work harder when their superiors recognize them. Your work anniversary eCards can help leadership regularly show appreciation!

Also, work anniversary cards are a relatively inexpensive way to celebrate someone’s special day, especially when delivered online.

For elevated impact, you can even pair your employee anniversary cards with a Years of Service Award in which you give the recipient a plaque or other tangible reminder of their commitment to your organization. Our recognition awards guide explains that this type of award expresses that you’re grateful for those who stick around and will go the extra mile to show that appreciation.

Examples of Employee Anniversary Cards

Let’s explore some effective employee anniversary cards that organizations have created with our employee recognition eCard software. These organizations leveraged our free templates, graphics, and animations to create eye-catching eCards that fit their brand and communicate appreciation.


This healthcare services company has employees spread across multiple locations. To recognize all employees, they needed a solution that would work in a hybrid environment. That’s when they turned to eCardWidget.

Modivcare uses our eCard software to recognize employees year-round. Leadership and employees can share greeting cards for different occasions, such as:

  • Everyday workplace accomplishments tied to company values like reliability and compassion
  • Special occasions like work anniversaries and birthdays
An example of a work anniversary card that features confetti and the words "Thank You"
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 12

The above design features colorful confetti, banners, and the words “thank you” in marquee lights. It also has Modivcare’s logo in a corner of the graphic.

When creating your work anniversary cards, consider how you can infuse your branding and use fun design elements like confetti like Modivcare did! You can also read all about how this company uses eCards to fuel year-round recognition by clicking below.

Read about how Modivcare uses eCardWidget to manage its work anniversary cards and daily recognition cards.
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 13

Harbor Vet

Harbor Vet asked for beneficiaries to show appreciation for veterinary professionals by sending fun eCards, which they called WAVEs.

The campaign’s webpage highlighted that these professionals often don’t recognize their impact on their communities. This insight led Harbor Vet to initiate the campaign to both show appreciation and remind veterinarians of their motivations for entering the field. For each eCard sent, Harbor Vet donated to organizations supporting mental health within the veterinary industry.

Three examples of eCards that can be used as work anniversary eCards for veterinary professionals
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 14

You might emulate this approach with your work anniversary cards by asking your company’s clients or nonprofit’s beneficiaries for custom notes or a quote expressing their gratitude.

The eCards combined real animal photos with playful graphics, enhancing the design and making it more engaging and relevant to the recipients. Consider uploading personal images and combining them with lively graphics and animations to create a distinctive and memorable design. Also, consider how each design offered a thoughtful sentiment, such as “Your care and compassion make all the difference!” and “VetMed blooms because of you!”


Fexco, a financial services provider, is embracing the digital revolution with its own line of employee appreciation eCards to enhance its company culture. This innovation reflects the company’s commitment to fresh and forward-thinking approaches for clients and staff.

The company offers four distinct eCard designs, each celebrating different qualities such as exceptional professionalism, teamwork, progression, and reliability. These cards feature fun yet professional graphics set against bold backgrounds, and each card includes the company’s logo.

An example of a work anniversary eCard that says, "We can rely on you!"
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 15

While these aren’t strictly for work anniversaries, you can explore Fexco’s approach and borrow their design ideas. With your employee anniversary cards, don’t hesitate to use vibrant colors, fun illustrations, and thoughtful sentiments like “We can rely on you!”

Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital found a heartfelt way for patients to thank their healthcare staff. Working in healthcare is tough—it often leads to burnout, stress, and anxiety. That’s why showing gratitude at key times like work anniversaries is so important; it can actually make staff feel less stressed and more connected!

The hospital introduced 12 simple but meaningful gratitude eCards to help build a stronger community spirit.

Here are three appreciation eCards that Ottawa Hospital patients can send to staff, which are great examples of employee anniversary cards.
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 16

These cards use straightforward designs and stock photos, making them easy for anyone to use. Even if you’re not great with design, eCardWidget has lots of ready-made templates and photos to help you get your eCards set up quickly. A personal note in a work anniversary card can make it much more special, so consider reaching out to peers and people your employees have helped for a personal touch to your company anniversary cards.

Design Tips To Make Your Company Anniversary Cards Memorable

Visually appealing employee anniversary cards can help convey appreciation, create a lasting impression, and evoke positive emotions. This strategy can even help with employee recruitment if your employees feel compelled to share the cards with their networks!

A thoughtful design, aligned with your organization’s branding and the employee’s personality, enhances the sense of personal recognition and makes the gesture more memorable. Include these elements in your cards to create standout designs:

  • Organizational branding: Include your logo, colors, and fonts to reinforce your brand and create a professional look. You can even add the signatures of important people, like your CEO.
  • Images: Include a photo of the employee or a collage of moments throughout their time at the organization. Alternatively, choose fun illustrations that represent the employee’s role. Confetti, balloons, ribbons, and streamers can add a nice touch to your design!
  • Animations: If you’re going digital with your employee anniversary cards, include animated graphics like falling confetti, twinkling stars, or floating balloons. You can also embed video messages from key team members or leaders to make your card feel more heartfelt.
  • Layout: Use a clean layout that organizes information hierarchically, ensuring the main message is prominent.
  • Key Sentiment: Feature a concise, impactful saying, such as “Thanks for your dedication!” or “Cheers to five fantastic years!”
  • Typography: Choose legible fonts and ensure there is a good contrast between text and background colors. This will help people with visual impairments.

By incorporating these elements into your company anniversary cards, you’ll ensure that each message is meaningful. Take the opportunity to genuinely celebrate each employee’s contributions, making them feel truly valued on their special day.

What To Write in a Work Anniversary Card

Don’t just copy and paste the same generic message for everyone! A personalized and heartfelt message within each work anniversary card can make individuals feel genuinely valued for their hard work.

Here are the key elements you should include in your work anniversary cards to make them more meaningful:

The elements of an excellent work anniversary card, written below
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 17
  • Personalization: Address the employee by name and make the message specific to their contributions.
  • Acknowledgment of the Milestone: Clearly state the number of years the employee has been with the company.
  • Specific Contributions: Highlight specific accomplishments or qualities that have positively impacted the company.
  • Encouragement for the Future: Express enthusiasm about the employee’s future with the company.
  • Warm and Approachable Tone: Keep the tone friendly and appreciative.

For a larger expression of gratitude, you might include a gift like a gift card to the employee’s favorite restaurant or retailer. Alternatively, this can be a fun way to break the news of a bonus or an increase to the employee’s salary.

Example Message For A First Work Anniversary

“Happy 1st anniversary, Elizabeth! Your enthusiasm and fresh perspectives have been invaluable, especially in leading our successful social media campaign that boosted our engagement by 30% this past year. We look forward to our continued journey together. Thank you for your hard work and commitment!”

Example Message For A Mid-Milestone Work Anniversary

“Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary with us, Rachel! Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental, particularly in driving our recent project to record-breaking success, setting a new standard for excellence within our team. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment and are thrilled about the future milestones we’ll reach together.”

Example Message For A Decade or More Work Anniversary

“Happy 10th anniversary, Ethan! Over the last decade, your contributions have been pivotal, especially your leadership in transforming our approach to customer service. Your loyalty and expertise are immensely valued, and we’re so grateful to have you on our team. Here’s to many more years of achievements together!”

Example Message For Any Work Anniversary

“Congratulations on another remarkable year with us, Lucas! Your commitment and passion have not only been crucial in surpassing our annual sales goals by 20% but have also inspired your colleagues daily with your creativity and teamwork. Thank you for being such a vital part of our team. We eagerly anticipate what we will accomplish together in the coming years!”

How Work Anniversary Card Software Can Help

While you can purchase greeting cards from a retailer, you’ll wind up with more meaningful work anniversary cards by creating them yourself. Going digital provides even more benefits, so choose an employee recognition platform that can power your appreciation efforts!

More than 5,600 organizations have used our platform to send over 1.1 million eCards, and you saw examples from real organizations who designed their employee appreciation cards with eCardWidget. Here’s how our platform can help you create and send thoughtful work anniversary cards:

  • Ease of Use: eCardWidget offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the design process. Even those without graphic design experience can create professional work anniversary cards quickly and easily.
  • Customization Options: With a variety of templates, images, and design elements to choose from, you can customize cards to reflect your organization’s brand and each recipient’s personality. Use custom fonts, select your preferred colors, and liven up your design with fun animations like balloons, streamers, and confetti. This personal touch can make employees feel especially valued on their anniversary.
  • Easy Sending: Either send your cards instantly or schedule them to be sent on the individual’s work anniversary. This timely recognition is crucial in making employees feel appreciated on their special day and is perfect for hybrid and remote teams.
  • Cost-Effective: Sending employee anniversary cards through eCardWidget is more cost-effective than purchasing and mailing traditional paper cards. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations with several employees or those operating on tight budgets.
  • Tracking and Reporting: The platform allows you to track who has opened their work anniversary cards and who hasn’t, providing useful feedback for HR teams to ensure every employee feels recognized.

Watch this virtual tour of our platform, so you can picture how it’ll fit into your employee recognition efforts:

With our eCard platform, recognizing employees has never been easier. Create custom anniversary messages that show appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication today!

Next Steps

Work anniversary cards are a simple yet profoundly effective way to acknowledge and celebrate your employees’ milestones. By incorporating thoughtful messages, personalizing your designs, and using tools like eCardWidget, you can convey genuine appreciation that resonates with each employee.

The benefits of celebrating work anniversaries extend far beyond the immediate joy they bring; they foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation that is essential for any successful organization. So, whether you opt for a digital or traditional card, remember that the act of recognizing an employee’s service anniversary is a powerful gesture.

As you start designing your company anniversary cards, continue learning about the power of appreciation with these insightful resources:

Create and send your work anniversary cards with eCardWidget.
Work Anniversary Cards: How to Celebrate Employees In Style 18