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A little appreciation goes a long way toward keeping employees engaged, satisfied, and productive. The financial services and technology leader Fexco knows this well and has made good use of eCards to recognize outstanding employees. 

Let’s take a look at how it works. 

How it Works

With the power of eCardWidget, Fexco’s employees and leadership alike can send eCards to call out stellar performances right when they happen. Here’s the process broken down into three easy steps: 

  1. Employees choose an eCard. When an employee notices one of their colleagues doing a great job, they can call out their exceptional work with a fast and memorable eCard. Each of Fexco’s eCards depicts one of their company values. This helps guide employees when considering what actions they should call out for going above and beyond. If someone showed professionalism, was a team player, demonstrated their reliability, or came a long way, they deserve to be recognized through an eCard!
Four eCard designs from Fexco that employees can choose from.
  1. Employees write a message. After picking their design, employees fill out the eCard by addressing it to the individual or team of recipients. Then, they have the option to write a personal message. This can be an extra thank you for a job well done or provide extra detail about what their colleague is being recognized for. 
An eCard from Fexco being filled out.
  1. The card is sent. With just a few entry fields filled out, the card is ready to send. In addition to email, employees also have the option to share their eCards via SMS or various social media sites, including LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Facebook. They can even print the eCard out to deliver a physical copy in person!

Anyone who sends an eCard at Fexco can set it to be sent out immediately or schedule a later delivery. That means great actions can be acknowledged in the moment, or senders can wait for specific times for their cards to arrive. For instance, leadership can schedule eCards celebrating employees’ work anniversaries far in advance without worrying about forgetting on the actual day. 


When designing eCards for your workplace, make them accessible to employees. A little peer-to-peer recognition can go a long way toward establishing a positive workplace where employees are connected and supported. And when employees feel that way, they’re more likely to do their best work and strive to continue getting recognized. 

Everyone deserves a thank you. With eCards, everyone can get one! Explore how to incorporate eCards into your appreciation strategy. Request a demo.
Employee Recognition eCards in Action: Fexco 4