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With volunteers making up a third of the nonprofit workforce, recognizing those who donate their time and energy is key to keeping your nonprofit running. Organizations like the Girl Scouts are fully aware of how vital their volunteers are, so they make sure to appreciate them efficiently and meaningfully through eCards. 

Volunteer Recognition eCard Strategy

When you first hear the words “volunteer recognition,” you may just think of it as something your nonprofit shows to volunteers. However, for organizations like the Girl Scouts, individual scouts spend a lot of time and can form strong bonds with the volunteers who help lead and assist their troops. 

As such, Girl Scouts made sure they chose a platform like eCardWidget that allows anyone to show their thanks through eCards. Even very young scouts can fill one out with just a little help!

An eCard from the Girl Scouts being filled out.

For instance, let’s look at the Girl Scouts of Alaska’s eCards for Volunteer Appreciation Month. Their website provides helpful instructions for how parents can guide scouts through the simple process:

If your Girl Scout would like to write an appreciation card to her Girl Scout volunteers, choose from these cards. She can fill it in and give it directly to her favorite volunteers. Maybe the troop cookie parent was super helpful or one of the troop co-leaders made your Girl Scout feel confident enough to try something new. These fill-in cards will help your Girl Scout say thank you!

With a little inspiration about who scouts might want to thank, they can then choose from a selection of colorful eCards. 

Several eCards from the Girl Scouts that each depict relevant imagery.

eCards Impact

Through eCardWidget’s platform, the Girl Scouts could make custom, detailed, and memorable designs. Imagine being a volunteer for a Girl Scouts cookie fundraiser and receiving an eCard depicting the iconic cookies you helped sell! 

An eCard from the Girl Scouts that depicts a signature Girl Scout cookie.

Girl Scout troops nationwide have several methods of thanking volunteers, including basket drawings and formal recognition awards. These approaches ensure stand-out volunteers get the appreciation they deserve, but eCards help troops go the extra mile and make sure no one goes unrecognized. Plus, with recognition eCards, each scout can share her own appreciation and send a heartfelt thank-you message about their experiences. 


eCards make it easy for everyone at your organization to say thanks. For the Girl Scouts, eCardWidget enables them to thank as many volunteers as possible and give everyone involved a chance to send a personalized thank-you message.

At your nonprofit, consider how you can use eCards to make volunteer recognition more accessible. Our platform makes it easy to embed custom eCards into your website and invite beneficiaries and staff to send them to any of your hard-working volunteers. By doing so, you can build a culture of appreciation and lay the foundation for volunteers returning to help out again for years to come. 

Shout our the volunteers who deserve a thank you the most instantly. Start using eCards in your appreciation strategy. Request a demo.
Volunteer Recognition eCards in Action: Girl Scouts 5