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How Digital Cards Can Help You Retain Employees

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We’re in the middle of one of the biggest workplace shifts in history, with millions of employees around the globe quietly quitting or changing their jobs. A big contributing factor for this isn’t money, as you might expect, it’s happiness – and feeling appreciated plays a huge role in how happy employees feel.

The statistics tell the tale, with recent Zippia  research finding that 80% of employees would work harder if they felt more appreciated, while figures from techjury reveal that for 37% of all employees, recognition is the most important factor in feeling engaged.

So what do you do?


The little card that’s connecting up the workplace

Sometimes it’s the small  things that help employees to feel more connected, like a thank you card or note. ecardWidget is a simple digital card tool that takes this concept further, allowing employers to encourage employee cooperation by letting them thank each other with personalised cards.

Having a high level of employee wellbeing in your organization is the key to building loyalty and getting the best out of people – when staff feel appreciated for their contribution, they’re motivated to be more productive. Providing a personal touch can make that all-important difference – ecardWidget is a great way to boost employee morale and help people feel recognized and appreciated.

It’s the perfect way to promote mutual collaboration throughout the entire workforce, as it lets employees take the initiative themselves, by sending cards of appreciation to their colleagues.

How does eCardWidget work?

Using eCardWidget is easy and setup is simple – employers simply upload their ecard design, customize and add their branding, then add their widget to their internal system, so employers can send cards to each other. Alternatively, they can publish their ecard widget to their website, or anywhere else by linking or embedding it. This allows anyone who has access to send cards via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

There are multiple customization features available, including email tracking, opt-ins, analytics to review performance, and social media sharing. Available cards can be offered for free, or for a fee and there are built-in ecommerce options, as well as a Shopify App.

It’s not just businesses who can benefit from ecardWidget – it’s perfect for nonprofits too, as they can use their widgets to take donations and raise awareness by letting donors send ecards out to their friends. In fact, as it has so many personalization options, causes, churches, and anyone wanting to offer digital cards for free or at cost, can use it to offer a unique way of sending a message.


Take a look at his example from our customer, Circa Logica

Example Showcase eCardWidget

Users can speedily create themed cards to support a cause, event, or national holiday, like Father’s Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, through the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and customizable email templates. eCardWidget has multi-language support, read receipts, and scheduling, so people can send cards on schedule, plus email deliverability, to ensure sent cards don’t wind up in the spam folder.

In a time where so much is in turmoil, we think bringing a little kindness back is necessary and eCardWidget can play a vital role in helping people to pay it forward. If you’d like to spread a little more positivity around you can try out a free demo of eCardWidget, or why not preview some of the many ingenious ways that this versatile tool can be used here

A few of our happy customers

A+ customer service and plugin! Loved the plugin/widget from the beginning, and Tim made it even better by being super helpful and responsive to ensure it worked well for our organization of about 7,000 staff. It’s easy to upload your own graphics or make cards on your own and place on our website. Definitely recommend!


St. Joseph's Healthcare

Happy customer! I am very impressed by this plugin as it is absolutely user-friendly. I really love the ease of adding cards and how they will be automatically formatted to the perfect layout on my website. The after-sale support surpassed my expectation as I received all the help I needed promptly and effectively. I am truly a happy and satisfied customer. Five stars from me.


Lynn Tan

Nuts About Arts

Well-Featured, Hassle Free, Flexible! WP E-Cards is a well-featured ecard sender enabling your users to send all kinds of ecards from your site. It’s an easy way to add site functionality as well as generating potential eyeballs from the recipients of the cards. From our experience this plugin is well set up and comes with good service. Anyone with technical capabilities above those of a blethering idiot could install and operate it. If you want to send ecards and invitations from your site you are not likely to be disappointed with either the product or the support.

Toby Doyle


Good feature set and great support! The image uploading and editing process for the cards is nice and simple, and sending works well without getting to Spam folders. I had an issue with the front-end texts not being available Brazilian Portuguese, but with a quick exchange with the developer, the translations were added and the problem’s solved.

Yuri Fideli

Wagalume Marketing

Perfect app for adding E-cards to your website! I wanted to use my own designs as I am an artist and this option was very easy to use. It didn't take much time at all to upload them and Tim helped me with a specific feature I needed for my website too. Excellent customer service and easy to use app. Highly recommend!


Owner, Emily Shepherd Art

Very easy way to embed your ecards in your website. The support is also great: fast, helpful and focused on solving your question. Usually I get a response within the hour. And also nice to see that you are helped quickly, regardless of the type of account you have. The easiest way for me to offer ecards!

Jorrit Spruijt

Spruijt & Co

This year we had the opportunity to partner with ecardwidget to implement our first formal recognition within our organization. As the leader in social determinants of health, it’s important that we show our internal team members that we care as much as we do our external members. We have been able to create birthday cards, anniversary cards, company value cards as well as get well soon, thank you and sympathy. This program has enhanced our overall culture and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you for offering a way to make connections to team members.

Donte Fears

Director, Culture and Team Member Experience, Modivcare

Amazing customer service! Customer service was great and super efficient! Great service! We had to add a language to the app, and it was done in just a few hours. The widget works perfectly and really user friendly. Really happy with it! 


Brain Tumour Founation of Canada

This app is a great addition to our store. We are using it for charity donation gifts for Christmas. It is easy to use and Tim has been super responsive and helpful with all our requests to get it set up exactly as we want to use it. Would highly recommend.



The Fred Hollows Foundation

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