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It’s a well-known fact that most dads love power tools, and Worx knew that Father’s Day was the perfect time to launch an eCard campaign promoting their power tools. Let’s dive into their strategy for using eCards to market their products and drive sales. 

Marketing eCard Strategy

Before Father’s Day, Worx invited customers to send eCards to the fathers and other male role models in their lives. Each card featured one of the company’s tools and a memorable pun that senders and recipients alike will appreciate. 

An eCard from Worx that features a power tool and a pun.

And just why would someone decide to send a power tool-themed eCard to their father? Simple. Anyone who received a card was entered into a drawing for a free WORX DRILL DRIVER COMBO. This means one lucky dad got a gift entirely for free while everyone else still gets the joy of a free, fun eCard. 

An eCard from WORX POWERTOOLS' Father's Day drawing contest.

But what does Worx get out of eCards? 

eCards Impact

One of the hardest parts of marketing is getting your foot in the door with new audiences. Worx’s eCard strategy gives them an edge in reaching new customers since each eCard comes from someone the potential customer knows and trusts. 

This approach is essentially a shortcut to referral and word-of-mouth marketing. Anyone researching Father’s Day gifts can stumble onto Worx and send an eCard for free. Then, a potential customer receives a promotion from Worx they’re highly likely to open since it comes from a family member, and the person who sent the eCard has a favorable impression of Worx from their time going through the eCard sending process. 

In other words, eCards help Worx spread its brand to new customers and get customers to help market their business! 


For your marketing strategy, consider what you want your eCards to accomplish. Are you promoting a specific product line? Looking to spread brand awareness? Or hoping to have customers generate new leads for you? 

Worx is a great model to learn from, no matter your goal. A few pointers to take from them include:

  • Fun and memorable designs 
  • Free sending options
  • eCards focused on a special occasion 
  • A giveaway attached to eCards

If it’s easy and free to participate, chances are that customers will be happy to give it a shot. In return, your business spreads your brand and connects with new customers through the ones they trust the most: their friends and family.

It's time for your marketing campaigns to stand out from the crowd. Connect with your audience through the power of eCards. Request a demo.