Tracking eCard sender and recipient email addresses sent through the widget

You can log email addresses that are sent through your widgets. You can configure it to log the sender email address and/or the recipient email addresses.

Not only that, but you can also add an opt-in checkbox and require users to check it in order to send the ecard. Alternatively, you can make the checkbox optional and if not checked, you can exclude their email address from being logged.

How to turn on email logging #

To enable the feature simply login and go the settings page. Scroll down to the “Email Logging Options” and configure the options there.

Accessing Logged Emails #

To access the logged emails go to the widget you’d like to see logged emails for and click the “Email Logs” tab. You can filter, sort, and download via CSV.

Using the API and Zapier #

You can also use our API to access the logged emails.

Alternatively you can use our Zapier integration to log emails directly to Google Sheets, MailChimp, your own API, and anywhere else.

Data storage and security #

For more information about how we store and use the data, please see this article.