Do you store email addresses? How do you secure the data?

Emails are only used for sending the ecard. We don’t store them unless you turn on sender/recipient email tracking then it can be stored for up to 90 days. By default it is off.

Our email providers Sendgrid and Postmark both keep a log of emails but they are only used for sending.

Postmark deletes email addresses after 45 days and Sendgrid deletes them after 30 days.

Here is Sendgrid’s privacy policy:

And here is Postmark’s privacy policy:

Feel free to reach out to them with any questions specific to their service.

In regard to how we protect the emails and names we store. We follow industry standards to secure our servers. We use Digital Ocean to host our infrastructure. They have strict security protocols that you can read about on their website:

“DigitalOcean is committed to working with third-party data center providers that maintain industry-leading access control, including video surveillance, security, access lists, and exit procedures. We regularly audit our data centers to meet our regulatory requirements and validate proper implementation of our security requirements.”

Of course, while we do our best we leave the decision to store email addresses on our servers up to you. You can enable it or disable it at anytime.