Custom Vanity Sender Email Address

We use [email protected] to send emails by default.

However you can change the address to something that fits your brand better, for example, [email protected].

If the recipient replies to the email, it will go to the original sender’s email address, NOT to your vanity email address. For instance:

F2Zu CfLt9
Custom Vanity Sender Email Address 2

How to setup your custom vanity email address

We use and for email delivery.

To allow Sendgrid and Postmark to send email on behalf of your custom email address, you will need to update your DNS records to verify that you won the domain used in your email address.

To get started login and click the top right menu. Then click “Settings”.Then set your Vanity Email address and click save. The DNS records will be displayed. Make sure you add the new DNS records and make sure that your DNS status is Verified.